Saturday, 28 May 2016

Going Gluten Free...

Hello gorgeous ones. This month has been pretty life-changing to say the least. I told you guys in my last post I was seeing a nutritionist at The Food Doctor in London for ongoing digestive problems and my adult acne and skin irritation. So, I've now got all my results back from my tests and it turns out this girl is severely gluten intolerant. I couldn't quite believe it at first, the fact I'm also lactose intolerant daunted me a bit about what on earth would I actually eat... Turns out, I can eat a lot of stuff with all of the alternatives to gluten now on the highstreet and I have managed to change my diet quite easily to something way more healthy and my-poor-body-friendly!!

I want to share a load of recipes I have come up with that are getting me through each busy day of drama school with a full tummy and big smile on my (hopefully, soon) acne free face, haha.


Breakfast is without a doubt my favourite meal of the day. I genuinely go to bed most nights excited to wake up to purely eat my brekkie... I know right... Wow. 
I was worried when I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance that my crazy addiction to porridge would come to an abrupt end BUT I found the miraculousness that is gluten free oats which you can now find in practically every high street food store. I've stocked up majorly on my oats... Happy girl! Something I've recently tested out is the combination of oats with almond milk, honey, goats yogurt, crushed walnuts, chopped apple and cinnamon... IT'S EXACTLY LIKE APPLE CRUMBLE. It's amazing and definitely worthy of those capital letters. Sorry not sorry. Also, I absolutely adore porridge with cacao. Cacao is one of natures most amazing things... It's cocoa before it's refined so has an abundance of fibre and antioxidants. I love love love it. It's 100% healthy chocolate. I also add in some Brown Rice Protein Powder for an extra bit of sustenance to keep me going through my crazy days. I pop on top some mixed seeds, blueberries and strawberries. Total heaven. Of course, I've also popped on my Banana Pancakes... These will forever be my favourite brekkie. You can find my recipe here

Lunch/ Dinner

In my opinion, anything I make for dinner, I can have the next day for lunch and vice versa hence why most of my recipes double up for the heartiest of lunches or the lightest of dinners etc. One thing I've found a challenge since cutting gluten completely out my diet is the lack of carbohydrates. However, such things as brown rice pasta and brown rice, itself, have filled the gap that bread, normal pasta, pitta breads etc. used to fill. I've really enjoyed creating new, yummy recipes! Here are three really quick, easy recipes that never disappoint. Firstly, baked sweet potato with a salmon fillet sprinkled with paprika on a bed of avocado, spinach, cucumber and feta with a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar. This ingredient is something I always cook with now as my nutritionist told me it's amazing for balancing acids in the stomach and speeding up the digestive process. The next recipe looks quite bizarre and is a slight mish-mash but an amazing result! I bakes half an aubergine along with butternut squash and a salmon fillet with a side of brown rice pasta with spinach wilted in. Yum yum yummmmmm - super food central! Lastly, one of my favourite dishes is Thai Green Curry. Here, I popped together chicken, chickpeas and tonnes of spinach cooked in coconut oil and a tsp of Thai Green Paste. I then had this with a good amount of brown rice. DELICIOUS. 

Snack/ Desserts/ Drinks

I'm a big dessert girl... Love finishing a meal and having a little sweet something-something to top it all off. Being a gluten AND lactose intolerant you'd think dessert was completely impossible... Yeah so did I but noooooooo... I've recently discovered an incredible recipe to make a raw cheesecake. This wonderful creation is made from soaked cashews which cream up which, along with coconut oil and a few other natural ingredients form the perfect textured cheesecake filling. I made the base from purely grinding mixed nuts and dates with some cacao powder. This keeps me going all week for a mid-afternoon sweet snack. It's so healthy too! Also, when you have as amazing a boyfriend as I do who is constantly on the hunt for treats I can eat, life is good. Recently he found Bouja-Bouja ice cream from Planet Organic and this stuff is to die for. It's also all completely raw so super good for you even though it feels so indulgent. I love me a cheeky cocktail too so am so glad I can still have one or two when I go out and about and enjoy the beautiful, electric city I am so fortunate to live in. 

I count my lucky stars I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance now rather than 5 or more years ago when the food industry just didn't have a clue these intolerances existed so eating out was so hard as well as finding any suitable alternatives to any gluten or dairy filled products. 

I am really enjoying getting back to health and finding exciting recipes to keep my food-obsessed side of me completely satisfied.

Love you all

x Abster x