Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Clothing Haul...

Hello you lovely bunch! Today I have a little clothing haul for you as my lovely Mumma took me out shopping and spoilt me rotten. I haven't done a haul for ageeees as being a student requires you to kind of get your priorities right and food becomes a bit more important than shopping... Ha! But, it makes me appreciate every new purchase just that little bit more. 

So, we hit Topshop and River Island... My mum has amazing taste so she picked out pretty much all of this! Winner...

First we popped into Topshop - this is definitely my favourite clothes shop and has been for a long ol' time. I wonder if that will change once I can't have a student card anymore... hmmm. So, I picked up these gorgeous things after having my eye on pairs very similar recently. I love these beige, high-wasted, cropped, trousers as I think you can wear them with pretty much anything and anywhere! I can't wait to dress these up with boot heels, a black high necked top and a statement necklace or a pair of sandals with a cropped white/ cream tee. Perfect! 

I'm mega in love with the waist on these as its ruffled effect is such a nice detailing especially if you want to tuck a shirt or top into them. The picture doesn't really do the fit of these any justice and they're super creased from being in the bag haha. I'll post a picture up when I've worn them :)

These weren't too expensive at £40 (£36 with student discount) as they will last and are super versatile. Love love love.

Next Mum spotted these gorgeous blouse vests in a load of different colours. She picked me out a blue one at first and I loved it in the dressing room so she popped and got me a black one too!! They fit so so well and feel fab on - I'm wearing the black one today! I got them in a size 6 purely so they don't hang too low on the neck line, they are perfect fit. At £16 each (£14.40 with student dis.) they are a must have!

I recently bought myself, back in London, a pair of Topshop's Ashley light blue denim shorts and have not been out of them since - they are so comfy, go with everything and have been perfect for the weather, I've been teaming them up with jumpers if I've got too cold too. Love them. Mum's seen me in them non stop since I've been back so she spotted a black pair, knowing I'll definitely where them! The fit of these is amazing as I find it so hard to find shorts and jeans/ any trousers for that matter, to fit perfectly without a gaping bit at my lower back. Love them!!

Next we popped into River Island on the hunt for some white jeans.. I'm convinced I do not suit white jeans however so I tried this pair on. I've already got a pair of River Island jeans as they are perfect fit for me. You know you always have that one shop that you finally find the perfect pair of jeans in... RI is my place! I've wanted some ripped jeans for a while too so these were perfect! However, they've put up their prices which I was a bit like GRR about and we don't get nooooooo student discount in there. But, hey ho Mario. You can pick these up for £42.

So there you have it you beauties... Little haul for you - updating you on what's new in my wardrobe! I fear we've had the best of our summer now so might be time to whack out the cardigans soon. The great thing about everything I got yesterday is they work with every season... WOO!

Love you all

x Abster x


  1. I love the Topshop trousers