Sunday, 7 June 2015

Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara Review...

Hello beauties! The sun is shining on this beautiful Sunday morning. I love love love Sunday lie-ins, waking up to glorious sunshine. Happy Me!

Yesterday I popped into central as I was seeing a play in the evening so to pass the time what did I end up doing... SHOPPING. What else?! Hehe.

I've had my eye on Benefit's Roller Lash mascara since it was released this year. My 'They're Real' is on it's last legs now after a very sturdy 6 month run! Impressive. I wear that stuff every single day. So, I wondered into Peter Jones on the Kings Road and was strolling past the Benefit counter eyeing up the 'They're Real' and 'Roller Lash' counters... Contemplating this difficult decision... Do I risk a new purchase when I love my mascara so much or do I take the plunge... In my mist of confusion a lovely Bene-babe came over and asked if I needed some help. I asked her advice and she told me she is a total convert to Roller Lash. She said not only does it offer volume, separation, lengthening and curl it's also easier to get off! I told her she'd sold me... For her to then say it's 10% off today, I was one happy girl. So, I picked up this gorgeous thing at £17.55. YEAH!

So, this morning I woke up, did a workout, munched some porridge, checked my emails, cleaned my face and decided it was time to try this puppy out and what better way to do so than to share it with you lovely lot. Here goes...

First thing I did was prep my face with my Decleor Paris Aroma Cleanser which is sorting my skin right out at the moment. Then, popped on my Professional, Stay Don't Stray eye prep and then a bit of concealer. 

My first reaction to the brush was it's slight curve which They're Real doesn't have. Also, the head is much thinner too. So, on went the first coat. I was already so impressed. Straight away the length of my lashes was crazy different and the separation was prefect as well as a natural curl! I let this dry slightly and popped on a very light second coat... Well... You can SEE the difference... 

I love the length I immediately achieved with just such a little amount of the mascara. I have naturally very short, thin, barely there lashes and BOOM. 

Let's have a quick look back at what Benefit says Roller Lash gives you...
So it says that 97% say it visibly lifts lashes... I am definitely among that 97%. Also, 87% long lasting curl and 94% say eyes look more wide and open. I'd say that last one is SO true. I felt straight away that you can see such a visible difference. My eyes do look very small when they are bare, I don't care, I mean, they are my eyes haha but with the help of this beauty I can cheat them open!! 


It's safe to say this mascara is my new fave.

Thanks Benefit!

If any of you fancy trying this puppy out let me know how you get on in the comments below.

Love you all

x Abster x