Saturday, 30 May 2015

Blogger's Favourite Apps...

Hey gorgeous ones. Blogging to you from a marvellous three day weekend that comes around only once in a blue moon and is appreciated just as much as a lover whose been absent for 3 months, a discontinued choccie biscuit back for just one week only, or the last Collection 2000 concealer in shade 1 in the whole of London. My life is just so hectic right now it's beyond joyous when I get time to actually have a day doing almost nothing. Today I headed into London to meet with two of my favourite people for Afternoon Tea in this beautiful bakery called BB Bakery in Covent Garden. Quite pricey but beautiful and we spent the whole time giggling about how embarrassingly awful our 'chopping tiny cakes into three pieces' act was. Turns out we aren't too upper class, not lady-like but pretending was fun! 

Update over... Time to get on with the main bulk of this post all about my favourite apps at the moment (some are my all time faves too)...


This app is absolutely life changing!! I found this little treasure through Pinterest a month ago and have fallen in love. It's such a nifty, organised, packed full of shizzle app that has helped my workouts beyond measure. Completely free, it offers you for options for workouts: Cardio, Strength, Yoga and Stretching. You then get the option of what type you'd like to do i.e. A full sun salutation in yoga, an upper body/ core/ lower body strength session, a full body cardio workout etc. The possibilities are endless. You can adjust how long you want to work out for and it will even give you water breaks and breathers along the way. Plus, at the end you are shown how many calories you burnt. WINNER! The tutorials are constant for every move during your workout with a lovely looking lady and fabulously fit fella to accompany you. What more do you want?! I recommend this to anyone... 


This wonderful little FREE app is a wonder and I could not live without out now. Being a newbie to London living back in September, this app taught me all I now know about zipping from one end of the city to the other, back to the middle, out to sussex, over the Waterloo Bridge and back home again. One of the best features about this app is the offline tube map which I constantly, still, look at when I make that wrong turn underground and panic owing to lack of 3G. Also, the time estimates are fab, live bus times save me and route planner is a total God send.  


Time for my all time fave. It has to be INSTA... Instagram is my favourite social media site without fail. Not only do I revel in the joy of following the lives of my favourite people, my best friends, favourite clothing brands, healthy lifestyle motivators and favourite famous ones, I love that I get to share little snaps of my life to my followers too. I love the photo editing software that comes with the apps and recently they've updated the app to offer even more awesome filters. I mostly just take pictures through the app, edit them, then screenshot them even if I don't want to put them on the app, just to have to crop in my photo album on my phone. Love love love. 
Check out my Instagram here.

Seriously recommend giving these apps a go and seeing how they help you out or add to your smile day to day. 

Be back soon with some new posts to help with self-love, break ups, health and Summer Must Haves.

Love you all

x Abster x

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