Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Little Haul...

Hello again gorgeous-ness-es...

So, as you all know I've recently come back from sunny Las Vegas and had been saving up for that trip for ages! However, I didn't quite spend as much as I had provisioned for... This is a good thing, mind, because today I converted my dollars back and went on a little spree. Haul time!

From my previous 'wishlist' posts I think you can see a trend forming... Benefit's Professional has been on that list for a long ol' while now and guess what... She finally took the plunge!

I popped along to Debenhams in White City Westfield in London today and had done my research prior to my visit so, like a true woman on a mission, I rocked up to that Benefit stall and grabbed myself my long awaited Professional primer. HAPPY DAYS. However, recently I've had my eye on another priming product of Benefit's... The 'Stay Don't Stray' eye primer. This little beauty is said to make your concealer STOP creasing (mine does that allllllllll the time) and keep your eye shadow put for the whole day. I thought I'd test this little gem out. A review will be coming your way very soon my lovelies. Both of these products came to £45 together - a pretty big hit to the purse but, don't worry, I was prepared ;).

On my research mission prior to my Benefit purchases I came across this lovely looking product which has rave reviews... The facial range from Benefit is gorgeous - clean, glass, beautifully packaged skin care products new to their shelves. As most of you know I have quite bad dark under eye circles owing to my skin type and just facial setting to be honest. This product is the 'It's Potent' Eye Cream. I grabbed a tester to see if I could be sold on this little beauty... 

My next pit stop took my to a number of different shops in search for a denim jacket. I have been desparate to find a denim jacket I could fall in love with. It's been an impossible task for years... I came to the conclusion I just don't suit them... How awful!! Ha. Anywho... I stumbled across a gorgeous range of denim in TopShop and fell head over heels for this little beauty. TopShop's current collection is to die for. Love love love. They have a crazy range of blazers and jackets and I have been torn between the oversized Western jacket and the regular, fitted jacket in light, for a while now. I tried a load on today and has a fiasco when the TopShop in Knightsbridge didn't have an 8... They even called up a few other nearby stores and NO. So, I travelled to the opposite side of London for this puppy. Now she's all mine... WOO. £35.10 with my NUS discount. Bingo. At the moment the weather is starting to really pick up so it's too hot for coats but just a little too chilly to not have a jacket so this bad boy will be a staple item for a while methinks. 

 Another thing I feel my wardrobe is lacking is a nice collection of casual, summery, girly dresses I can wear with or without tights and with or without my new denim jacket :P. So, H&M it was! I tried on a few options but these two worked it most. H&M have a gorgeous range in at the moment for Coachella in America. Luckily, us Brits get the range too. I love both of these dresses and can't wait to whack them out when the sun peeps out even more soon. 

These two cost me £30 all together. Not too shabby.

And that, my friends, is all my left over dollars gone gone gone.

I hope you liked that little haul and are loving shopping for your Summer '15 wardrobe essentials.

Love you all 

x Abster x

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