Wednesday, 4 February 2015

February Must Haves...

Hello again gorgeous lot!

So, a belated Happy 2015 to you all... Christmas was amazing, so restful, full of love, family and food! Happy days. Getting back to drama school was a shock to the system and 4 weeks later I'm sat, tucked in bed, with a nasty stomach bug. Your body can only hold up under so much hard work. Whilst I've been half asleep, I started pondering on a long list of horribly materialistic things that would make me feel so much better right now. Recently, I've been really cutting down on my make up wearing... For school I now just pop on some concealer for my dark circles and a little mascara to make me look like I actually have eyes. Other than that, I'm starting to really give my skin a rest. The difference it's making is so incredible; less redness, spots, blemishes, oil etc. I'd really recommend having a few make up free days a week if possible. Let that skin breathe. If I can do it, trust me, you can too! However, we ALL love a great make up day and here are a few staple items I've had my eye and piggy bank focused on the past few weeks...

This beauty I've just run out of... Sad face. I MUST get another. It lasted me 3 months, daily application so a real winner in that department - no complaints there. I love the mineralise range from M.A.C. as they give your complexion a gorgeous matte effect with a natural highlighting. I recently popped into Westfield in Stratford (near the Olympic stadium in London) and the queue for M.A.C. was just too ridiculous I couldn't bare it. So, it has forced me this week to get on with my life minus any powder. A welcomed break for my poor skin I reckon. BUT, do not fear... This little beauty will be once again mine in no time.

I have had my eye on this product for absolutely ages. Why I haven't grabbed hold of one yet is beyond me... As my skin is starting to show signs of age (not joking... I may be 21 but TRUST) I am noticing more and more how large my pores are getting, mainly on my inner cheek area. This product is supposed to be amazing for reducing pore size and acting as a primer as well. Win win. Benefit do some fantastic stuff that really does last. I'm a totally addict to their They're Real Mascara ever since I reviewed it way back when. You can check that out here

This absolute beauty has also been on my wish list for a long ol' while. I love a smoky eye however also love just a neutral eye colour to act as a base for my lids. I have always had quite red eye lids and a nice covering of a nude shade has always done the trick. These palettes are certainly not for your pocket money at over £30 a pop BUT their long life span is always a bonus - think of is as an investment. Hehe. 

It's a short and sweet wish list today - no need to be greedy ;)

In other news - I'm off home this weekend and cannot wait!! I felt so ready to come back 5 weeks ago but slowly you start to miss all of your home comforts, dad's cooking, mum's hugs, puppy's slobbers, sister's gossip sessions... The list goes on and on! 

Have a fab February you beautiful bunch.

Love you all

x Abster x

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