Saturday, 25 October 2014

London Living... Blogger Update!

Hello you lovely lot... My last post was the 4th of September?! I am horrified. All I can say is wow what a couple of manic months it has been. I am now writing to you from my new London home and I am loving life! I started at drama school on the 15th of Sept' and have just completed my first lot of assessments. I feel like I am studying at the best place on earth and finally feel I am truly on my way to living my dream every single day. Having worked so dang hard to get into drama school, it's an amazing feeling. Anyone out there who has a goal and feels like they are at a point where they need to give up, just give it that final push. I was ready to give up the day before my ALRA audition but I still went, poured my all in, and finally got in! Now, it's worth all the tears, rejection and doubt. I truly am loving it, if you couldn't tell ;).

Also, this girl is now 21!
I had an amazing birthday and was spoilt rotten by my wonderful family (writing to you on my new MacBook, eek!), lovely boyfriend and amazing friends who all made so much effort to make me feel so loved. Having only been at ALRA for 3 weeks I was willing to forget about it being my birthday but nope, I was sung happy birthday to 4 times and they even bought me a cake at lunch time in the green room - I felt quite emotional! I was so surprised that people had made so much effort for me in just 3 weeks of knowing them. So, what's it like to be 21 I hear you ask.. Well, I honestly couldn't tell you, haha. If people asked me my age I'd have to really think about it because I do not feel '21' or whatever that 'should' feel like. I feel very fortunate to have moved out to London, have passed my driving test, be in the thick of my professional training and be this content by the age of 21 - that was a definite goal of mine & I'm lucky to have achieved it. 

Another little piece of exciting news is that I have been signed to a commercial modelling agency so I can bump up my bank balance every so often with some fun modelling work whenever I can fit it in! I haven't had much time recently to really focus on that but now I'm in the swing of things I'm hoping to get cracking. I had a really fun portfolio shoot and here are some previews of the final shots!

Once again, I'm so sorry for abandoning you lot recently, I sometimes seem to have a month where my life just goes crazy but now I've really settled in, I've got some really exciting new posts to come and can't wait to catch up with you all.

Love you all

x Abster x 


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