Thursday, 4 September 2014

Nail Mail...

Hello you lovely lot!

I can't believe it's now the start of September! In 3 days I move to London... 3 days!! Where has that gone? I'm so ridiculously excited to get settled in, used to my surroundings and start my new adventure in the city. It's always so exciting when a dream you had when you were small starts to come true and it all starts falling into place. 

One thing I have been working on for the past year, however, if how I hope to continue to make a bit of money whilst I study & I created my own, little, business this time last year. 

Introducing to you...

"Nail Mail - Wearable Works of Art"

Bit of a mouthful but in short: 'NailMail'.

Basically, ever since I started this blog, as you all know, I have had a serious passion for nail art! I loved experimenting with new designs and bits and bobs so thought why not turn my passion into something productive?! 

So, I did my market research (Business AS Level helped out a lot there, hehe) and came up with the name and created a Facebook page and started uploading new designs. Each week I ended up getting more and more followers! I started offering false nail sets, tailored to your size of nails, hand-painted by me, completely original and one-of-a-kind as I can never repeat any design identically, for roughly £5-10.00 and the orders started pouring in. I was excited! My little business was taking off & I started gathering some fantastic reviews!

This summer I decided to broaden my horizons and head to some local fetes and fairs with NailMail where I offered manicures, children's nail art and also sold my fish bone nail sets. I loved it and really enjoyed getting NailMail out there! 

As I'm moving to London I wanted to take the next step. I love painting each and every set I do and was trying to think of a platform I could get all of my fish bone nail sets up for sale on. One of my best friends, Hannah (who I did a post on in February time after I'd done a shoot for her clothing brand) told me about Etsy which is a vintage and handmade online market place for people to sell their crafty bits and bob on! It's amazing & I've finally set my online shop up!
Here are a few of the sets I have up for sale on there...

Each set varies from only £3.50-£4.00!! Plus just £1.00 postage and £0.50 postage for every further item you buy together!

Head on over to my Etsy page or my Facebook page to take a look!


 Happy September beauties and the next time I write to you It'll be from the comfort of my new home!

Love you all,

x Abster x