Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pre-Holiday Suitcase Essentials...

Hello again gorgeous ones!
So, about 3 and a half months ago I sat at my laptop, Jack on the other end of the phone, and clicked 'book my holiday'. Now I sit here and write to you whilst I have exactly 3 days and a few hours until Jack and I get on that 11:50am plane from Luton to Gran Canaria!!!!!!!
The time has FLOWN. I'm just hoping the holiday doesn't go as fast. I'm so looking forward to a week in the sunshine with me lover whilst we do nothing but chill the heck ouuuut.

I've been packing my suitcase today - our airline are tight buggers and are restricting us to 15kg each - stingy!!! I always have a pre-flight panic that my suitcase will be over the max allowance but never is. I get those palpitations when I'm about to put my case on those dreaded conveyor belt scale things (whatever they are called, pah!). However, there are some ESSENTIAL things in my suitcase... Things I cannot be on holiday without!

First things first, this, ladies and gentlemen, is my hand luggage/ beach bag/every day bag! I got this beauty from New Look for £19.99. I love that it's white and has gold fastenings and punctured detailing. It's a gorgeous thing and made of a waterproof plastic/leather effect material. The straps are big enough to pop it on my shoulder as I stroll down to the beach! It's got a popper fastening which I was umming and ahhing about as I don't rate the safety of it owing to it not fully closing but I'll just be careful. The thing that won it was it's big enough to fit mine and Jack's stuff in because yes, that's what girlfriend's are for...

Now these lovely things are also from New Look and cost me £12.99. I have to have at least one pair of sandals on holiday as they are sooo versatile, comfy and airy! I love popping them on to go down to the beach/ pool or even going out at night. You can work them with so many different looks. 

I chose the gold as it's more likely to go with more. White was also an option but I couldn't find any, style wise, that I liked. These sandals did the job perfectly and didn't break the bank.

Word to the wise - New Look have some amazing sandals in at the moment; gorgeous things you'd expect to see in Pacha Ibiza etc. Get on it!!!

The all important sun cream...

I'm quite a pasty wasty gal in the winter but get me in some sun and I do actually tan quite well - nothing deep and exotic but a nice golden coating does me nicely!

Jack's bringing some 'army issued' 30spf stuff (serious stuff!) so I thought I'd bring us some 'couple of days in' sun cream when our tans really start to come through. The boy tans just looking at the sun... I can't even... It's just unfair BUT I would never want to risk hurting my skin competing with him as my skin is just different and takes longer - it's important to remain safe in the sun. Sun cream it up people!

I really love this brand of suncream as you only need a tiny bit as it's so thick so the coverage you get is brilliant! I got this for only £5 in Savers!! RRP is roughly £12 ish... Go Abs!

These shorts absolutely saved me on holiday last year - you know that feeling where you just want something comfy, lightweight, not clingy and just right for whipping on and off over your bikini?! These were the jobby!

Topshop - £10 (still in stock)

I love the light denim appearance and the sporty feel they have. I teamed these with anything and everything last year and am planning to do the same again - they can be work high-waisted or on the hips. 

I just love them!!

Where would you be on your hols without the perfect bikini, ey? This gorgeous thing is another Topshop buy and I love it!! I love Hot Pink as I think you can pull it off no matter your skin tone, hair colour or shape as it's so flattering and bright. This strapless bikini means no annoying strap marks/ having to pull straps down when sun bathing!

I'm quite small chested so a shape of bikini like this is really flattering for girls like me.

I've been working DANG hard this year in prep for this holiday/ in prep for life! I've been exercising and eating right by purely changing my outlook on staying healthy and how I feel it best suits me! Lets hope the holiday pictures reflect my hard work!

Speaking of pictures... I must must must have my camera with me!

I got his lovely thing for my 20th and I've been inseperable with it from that day in October. It slips perfectly into my bag and helps me vlog and capture countless moments. 

I love taking cute videos and pictures on holidays so this is perfect for this year's vacay which I've been hoping to vlog for my YouTube channel (Abstermac).

I can't wait to share my holiday with you all!

So there you have it!
My Holiday Suitcase Essentials...

Are you going anywhere this year? If so, what do you NEED to take with you?

See you when I'm back <3

Love you all

x Abster x


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