Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Models Own Spreeeee...

Hello all you beautiful, lovely people! Once again I am starting another blog post saying sorry... *frowny face*... I've abandoned my blog once again this month. However, the reason I've been a bit quiet is because I've been sorting some stuff out for a very exciting reason! I have something seriously awesome to tell you... I GOT INTO DRAMA SCHOOL!! She did it, the girl finally did it! After 3 years of auditioning and waiting, auditioning and waiting, procrastinating, auditioning and waiting I've finally got my butt into The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London to study Professional Acting for 3 years!!! Oh wowza, I'm just too excited to even write. 

So, instead of doing that I'm going to share with you my new Models Own purchases which I bought at the weekend at the beautiful, new, Stratford Westfield Bottle Shop! Jack and I went shopping (as we do a lot on Sundays) and he took me to where he'd seen the Bottle Shop the weekend before when he went without me. After sending me a pic over Facebook I got SO excited I knew I'd be booking in a visit the following week - EEK! At the mo, they have their 6 for £20 offer going - which is amazing! Let's crack on...

Say hello to the first polish I picked up, Apple Pie. Models Own's scented range was a bit too much for me, I thought, when it first came out. I'm not sure what my opinion is on scented things in general. However, they are THE most beautiful colours so I couldn't resist trying them out. After getting my mitts on Banana Split & Blueberry Muffin I had to add this gorgeous Apple Pie, pastel green to my collection! 

Next I got my hands on two of Models Own amazing HyperGel range. These polishes I couldn't rant more about. I flippin' love them. The sheen they give to your nail after just one coat is amazing. It's just like you've have a nice, expensive Gellish done. Love it! Here are Lilac Sheen & Red Lustre to add to my collection!

In the 6 for £20 offer you can also grab hold of Models Own's amazing nail art pens. These bad boys are all I use for my nail art work and I can never have enough in stock, haha. The 3 white pens I've already gone through have served me well. Here's to number 4!! (I must add, it's not at all that they don't last long, I just use the hell out of them).

Models Own are constantly bringing out exciting new ranges which is something I adore about their brand. A recent collection they brought out was the Polish For Tans range. I, finally, grabbed myself Beach Bag - a gorgeous pastel orange/ peach colour which is meant to enhance and compliment your tanned skin - which I will hopefully get on holiday soon, hehe. Perfect holiday polish!

The last polish I spotted was this gorgeous green which came with their Sticky Fingers petal stickers. Perfecto! This beautiful shade of green is a colour I've been looking for ages for! It's perfect when doing my Cath Kidston inspired mani's. This gorgeous shade is called Green Gladiola... And yep, the Sticky Fingers range are in the 6 for £20 offer!!

For being such an addict I also got a little mirror free :)

Happy Abbie...

So there you have it nail lovers... 6 new polishes to add to my rather ridiculous collection. I think that may be it for a while on the nail front especially now I know I've got a heck of a lot of saving to do to get my butt to London before I start at Drama School in September. But, I need your help in deciding which colour to whack on my nails this week... I'd like to try out one of my newbies. I've had a gorgeous French Mani on this week and it's just started to chip so now's the perfect chance!! 

Lots of love,

x Abster x

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