Saturday, 28 June 2014

Little Shopping Haul...

Hello again lovelies! I hope you're all smiling and not letting this rubbish rainy weather get to you the best you can - it's supposed to be Summer here in England but it doesn't quite resemble anything like it. After a long week working, my lovely mum, sis, pops wanted to spend out Saturday together and decided to go out on a little spree to perk ourselves up after what felt like quite a long week. After a good 3 hour shop we stopped and had a massive Nandos to re-fuel. We love our chicken! Let me show you what I got... 

First off, we love a good Superdrug spree, us girls. I went in there thinking 'face wipes' and that's it. Turned out I 'needed' a lot more, hehe. When you walk into Superdrug or any other beauty high street store you're hit with walls of make up! I hardly ever know where to start, especially when I know I'm looking for one particular thing. Recently, I've noticed something missing from my make up bag; a nude eye shadow. As I've said before in previous posts, I always like to have a neutral base on my eyelid to achieve a flawless and natural looking finish. This time I pranced my way over to the Barry M counter and picked up this gorgeous 'Cream' eye shadow for £2.99! Hopefully, this will do exactly what I'm looking for. 

The next purchase was indeed my all time favourite face wipes. They must be a lot of other people's favourite too as Superdrug seem to constantly have them reduced to half price or something awesome - makes me very happy! These wipes are so fab as they contain no anti-oxidants or skin irritants and are pure and gentle on my very sensitive, spot-prone skin. Simple is fantastic when it comes to sensitive skin care, I use so many of their products and always will!  

Recently, I've been lagging on the hair care front... Naughty me! I dyed my hair super bright blonde in April (I think) and now my roots are coming through with a vengeance. I'm naturally very blonde but this was just too blonde so my natural hair colour looks quite noticeably different as it grows through. Time to dye it back I think. I love Garnier hair colouring as I've never had an adverse reaction from a product nor had problems with the application or end result. They are fab! My mum got herself a colour too so we got 2 for £9. 
I haven't tried the Nutrisse Nourishing Foam before so I'm kind of nervous... I always get a bit fretful before I dye my hair out of fear it will go green. Completely irrational, oh I know. I'll let you know how it goes ;).

In the next few weeks I have another nail fair coming up where I'm going to be offering Adult/Teen manicures! I'm really excited to get myself back out there after a little knock from the last one. The turn out was awful and I hit the complete wrong demographic. When you have products you are super proud of, it's so hard to see people just walk on by. You want to shout at them like 'Do you know how long these took!!!!' but that would be unfair haha, they are just nails after all. Hopefully this time I have pitched myself much better and my prep will be thorough to ensure I get the best out of the day! I picked up some bits I needed today. I got myself a cuticle clipper which I've wanted for ages now but just haven't got round to buying! My own nails will be looking so much better with this thing too, hehe! I also grabbed a couple of emery boards to neaten up clients' nails. Also, nail clippers! I have no idea where my last pair got to... Hmmm... But I've been using scissors to cut down my long nails and this is BAD, very very bad as it fractures little bits of your nail and they eventually peel away and look hideous. It's not a good strategy, I have learnt! I also picked up my favourite nail varnish remover; this stuff is really gentle and effective whilst still smelling quite pleasant. Love it, and it's super cheap! 

So that was all I picked up in Superdrug and I didn't really do much more heavy shopping. You know when you set out to get loads and never find anything you want? However, H&M I always find have complete jems hidden away, you just have to search for them! I spotted this gorgeous dog-tooth body-con dress on the rail and picked it up to try on. This lovely thing was just £12.99! I'm glad I tried this on with my Vans still on because it showed me how versatile this little number can be! I can also see myself whacking this on for a night out with a statement black necklace and some killer heels! I love patterned dresses as they tend to accessorize themselves. What do you guys think to this one?

Thought a fitting room selfie might make you chuckle ;)

Thanks for reading guys & have a fab first week of July <3

Loads of love,

x Abster x


  1. Love this post, that dress looks lovely on you. xx

  2. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I like you dress, it's so cute!)

    will be happy if you'll find a minute to see my blog!

    1. Thank you so much hun! Sure thing, I'll pop on over xx