Saturday, 28 June 2014

Little Shopping Haul...

Hello again lovelies! I hope you're all smiling and not letting this rubbish rainy weather get to you the best you can - it's supposed to be Summer here in England but it doesn't quite resemble anything like it. After a long week working, my lovely mum, sis, pops wanted to spend out Saturday together and decided to go out on a little spree to perk ourselves up after what felt like quite a long week. After a good 3 hour shop we stopped and had a massive Nandos to re-fuel. We love our chicken! Let me show you what I got... 

First off, we love a good Superdrug spree, us girls. I went in there thinking 'face wipes' and that's it. Turned out I 'needed' a lot more, hehe. When you walk into Superdrug or any other beauty high street store you're hit with walls of make up! I hardly ever know where to start, especially when I know I'm looking for one particular thing. Recently, I've noticed something missing from my make up bag; a nude eye shadow. As I've said before in previous posts, I always like to have a neutral base on my eyelid to achieve a flawless and natural looking finish. This time I pranced my way over to the Barry M counter and picked up this gorgeous 'Cream' eye shadow for £2.99! Hopefully, this will do exactly what I'm looking for. 

The next purchase was indeed my all time favourite face wipes. They must be a lot of other people's favourite too as Superdrug seem to constantly have them reduced to half price or something awesome - makes me very happy! These wipes are so fab as they contain no anti-oxidants or skin irritants and are pure and gentle on my very sensitive, spot-prone skin. Simple is fantastic when it comes to sensitive skin care, I use so many of their products and always will!  

Recently, I've been lagging on the hair care front... Naughty me! I dyed my hair super bright blonde in April (I think) and now my roots are coming through with a vengeance. I'm naturally very blonde but this was just too blonde so my natural hair colour looks quite noticeably different as it grows through. Time to dye it back I think. I love Garnier hair colouring as I've never had an adverse reaction from a product nor had problems with the application or end result. They are fab! My mum got herself a colour too so we got 2 for £9. 
I haven't tried the Nutrisse Nourishing Foam before so I'm kind of nervous... I always get a bit fretful before I dye my hair out of fear it will go green. Completely irrational, oh I know. I'll let you know how it goes ;).

In the next few weeks I have another nail fair coming up where I'm going to be offering Adult/Teen manicures! I'm really excited to get myself back out there after a little knock from the last one. The turn out was awful and I hit the complete wrong demographic. When you have products you are super proud of, it's so hard to see people just walk on by. You want to shout at them like 'Do you know how long these took!!!!' but that would be unfair haha, they are just nails after all. Hopefully this time I have pitched myself much better and my prep will be thorough to ensure I get the best out of the day! I picked up some bits I needed today. I got myself a cuticle clipper which I've wanted for ages now but just haven't got round to buying! My own nails will be looking so much better with this thing too, hehe! I also grabbed a couple of emery boards to neaten up clients' nails. Also, nail clippers! I have no idea where my last pair got to... Hmmm... But I've been using scissors to cut down my long nails and this is BAD, very very bad as it fractures little bits of your nail and they eventually peel away and look hideous. It's not a good strategy, I have learnt! I also picked up my favourite nail varnish remover; this stuff is really gentle and effective whilst still smelling quite pleasant. Love it, and it's super cheap! 

So that was all I picked up in Superdrug and I didn't really do much more heavy shopping. You know when you set out to get loads and never find anything you want? However, H&M I always find have complete jems hidden away, you just have to search for them! I spotted this gorgeous dog-tooth body-con dress on the rail and picked it up to try on. This lovely thing was just £12.99! I'm glad I tried this on with my Vans still on because it showed me how versatile this little number can be! I can also see myself whacking this on for a night out with a statement black necklace and some killer heels! I love patterned dresses as they tend to accessorize themselves. What do you guys think to this one?

Thought a fitting room selfie might make you chuckle ;)

Thanks for reading guys & have a fab first week of July <3

Loads of love,

x Abster x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Moving Out Wishlist...

Hello beauties! After the majorly exciting news that I've got that space at drama school it is time for me to get organised and start looking at places to live in London. I need to sort out a lot of bits and pieces before that day comes though! So much to throw out, sell, donate, take and leave at home. However, moving out is always a fresh start so getting rid of anything you haven't used in a good 6 months my Mum always says 'throw it out!'. It's a good strategy I reckon, as painful as it seems sometimes. I'm such a hoarder and will keep everything from shopping bags to clothes tags. I just can't part with things, haha. Now is the time to change that!!

Something I'm excited about is picking up new little bits and bobs to decorate and help organize my new home in London. When I've been out and about recently I've seen some gorgeous little bits and bobs which have helped me decide on a theme for my living space when I move. My room at the moment at home is so girly, Cath Kidston-esque and all round Abster style. I want to carry this concept with me because I just love it, so girly and cute. I want to mature my style slightly and keep a minimal, calm surrounding.  

Recently, on a day out market wondering in London, I found this amazing stall with beautiful china cups for sale. But, inside the cups were candles. I instantly fell in love with the idea! Now, all I can do is imagine 3 gorgeous china cups, candles lit, on my window pane - how cute!? The stall was selling the authentic china cups with their matching saucers but also had 'orphan' cups which were missing their saucers. Personally, I like the cups on their own. They are sooo pretty and delicate. The different vintage designs you can get are endless and I can keep mixing and matching to my hearts content! 


A major part of this move is finding the right bed sheets, haha! Your bed is your pride and joy... It's mine anyway. I spend a third of my life cuddling up in it so it's pretty dang important!! It's got to look spiffin'. Now, BHS is an amazing place to get gorgeous bed sheets from. I've fallen in love with one of their designs recently when looking online for the perfect set! It's their Jeni Bedding Set which is now reduced to £28.00. Isn't it pretty!

Then again I'm not sure whether to go with a very plain bedding set and mix and match up my accessories like patterned pillows and the Jeni Bed Spread instead as this makes it less busy and easier to swap and change whenever I feel like a makeover! If I went for plain bedding  I'd probably go for an Ivory or Pastel Pink.

Another thing I want to grab hold of is a bedside lamp. I love reading in bed at night and when I start my course I'm going to have to be constantly reading. Even when I paint my nails I sometimes prefer the subtle light of my bedside lamp rather than the room lights. I've spotted a few I like the look of in BHS and John Lewis. What do you think? 

I really like the style of Vintage Stick lamps and I love the different design of the two. I prefer a plain shade but the shape of the calligraphic one is cute! 

The issue with renting accommodation is that you can't really do anything to the walls so no wallpaper or paint for me! But I'm not fretting because accessorizing the heck out of the place will make up for it. I'm going to try to get my hands on a really neutral shade painted room so that none of my stuff clashes drastically. I couldn't live with bright blue walls or a black feature wall or something awful - I know, it's sad but no, just no. 

A thing I'd really like in my new room (depending on the space allowance) is a full length mirror. I've never owned one of these but my best friend has one and whenever we get ready for a night out or something it's so handy haha, especially for selfies ;)!

I love the colour, shape and carving on this mirror however I've found one exactly like this, if not nicer, on eBay for just £60! It's massive and so gorgeous. I'd prop it up next to a wall near my dressing table; mirrors also help to increase the appearance of the size of a room so makes you feel like you have more space than you do - illusion, I love it!

I like the neutral cream colour of this mirror as it's not a harsh colour so can be mixed and matched with tonnes of colours if I ever fancied a re-decoration. 

 Another thing is the massive need for storage. I need all the storage I can get! For shoes, clothes, bits and bobs, make up, nail polishes (which I'll probably have on display anyway so...), things I can't bare to part with but don't use on a daily basis - you know the drill! Anyway, I really want some kind of cute, vintage, pleasant to look at, in theme with the decor, kind of storage boxes. On my hunt for these, I came across the idea to use storage crates; again, eBay is an amazing place! 


 I really like both of these crate sets: I love the 'flowers' crate set owing to the colour and the design but the different sizes of the other set really appeals to me. I did think though that I could paint these white and sandpaper them to create that vintage, used look. I know they may seem a bit mucky and old but that's the kind of thing I love. I can just imagine how useful these would be! 

So, there you have it. The little essentials I'm looking at to create a perfect home away from home. Moving out is actually really tough. I've done it before and I'm about to do it again, hopefully for the last time ;). Leaving behind your family is tough but when you feel ready it's really important to trust yourself to just go for it! You are stronger than you think. Surround yourself with supportive, willing people who believe in everything you are and more. Don't let people bring you down and compromise your joy and excitement, be confident and just go for it! The adventure awaits you.

Lots of love,

x Abster x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Models Own Spreeeee...

Hello all you beautiful, lovely people! Once again I am starting another blog post saying sorry... *frowny face*... I've abandoned my blog once again this month. However, the reason I've been a bit quiet is because I've been sorting some stuff out for a very exciting reason! I have something seriously awesome to tell you... I GOT INTO DRAMA SCHOOL!! She did it, the girl finally did it! After 3 years of auditioning and waiting, auditioning and waiting, procrastinating, auditioning and waiting I've finally got my butt into The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London to study Professional Acting for 3 years!!! Oh wowza, I'm just too excited to even write. 

So, instead of doing that I'm going to share with you my new Models Own purchases which I bought at the weekend at the beautiful, new, Stratford Westfield Bottle Shop! Jack and I went shopping (as we do a lot on Sundays) and he took me to where he'd seen the Bottle Shop the weekend before when he went without me. After sending me a pic over Facebook I got SO excited I knew I'd be booking in a visit the following week - EEK! At the mo, they have their 6 for £20 offer going - which is amazing! Let's crack on...

Say hello to the first polish I picked up, Apple Pie. Models Own's scented range was a bit too much for me, I thought, when it first came out. I'm not sure what my opinion is on scented things in general. However, they are THE most beautiful colours so I couldn't resist trying them out. After getting my mitts on Banana Split & Blueberry Muffin I had to add this gorgeous Apple Pie, pastel green to my collection! 

Next I got my hands on two of Models Own amazing HyperGel range. These polishes I couldn't rant more about. I flippin' love them. The sheen they give to your nail after just one coat is amazing. It's just like you've have a nice, expensive Gellish done. Love it! Here are Lilac Sheen & Red Lustre to add to my collection!

In the 6 for £20 offer you can also grab hold of Models Own's amazing nail art pens. These bad boys are all I use for my nail art work and I can never have enough in stock, haha. The 3 white pens I've already gone through have served me well. Here's to number 4!! (I must add, it's not at all that they don't last long, I just use the hell out of them).

Models Own are constantly bringing out exciting new ranges which is something I adore about their brand. A recent collection they brought out was the Polish For Tans range. I, finally, grabbed myself Beach Bag - a gorgeous pastel orange/ peach colour which is meant to enhance and compliment your tanned skin - which I will hopefully get on holiday soon, hehe. Perfect holiday polish!

The last polish I spotted was this gorgeous green which came with their Sticky Fingers petal stickers. Perfecto! This beautiful shade of green is a colour I've been looking for ages for! It's perfect when doing my Cath Kidston inspired mani's. This gorgeous shade is called Green Gladiola... And yep, the Sticky Fingers range are in the 6 for £20 offer!!

For being such an addict I also got a little mirror free :)

Happy Abbie...

So there you have it nail lovers... 6 new polishes to add to my rather ridiculous collection. I think that may be it for a while on the nail front especially now I know I've got a heck of a lot of saving to do to get my butt to London before I start at Drama School in September. But, I need your help in deciding which colour to whack on my nails this week... I'd like to try out one of my newbies. I've had a gorgeous French Mani on this week and it's just started to chip so now's the perfect chance!! 

Lots of love,

x Abster x