Friday, 30 May 2014

Beauty Shopping Haul...

Hello gorgeous ones! I'm just gonna get straight to it and say I'M SORRY I'VE BEEN SO DISTANT! My flippin' laptop has been broken for a month now and they guy who is trying to fix it is taking his sweet time... I'm am writing to you today on my Dad's laptop as I had such bad withdrawal symptoms from you lovely lot. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my laptop shall be returned to me by Monday.
A quick update for you: I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! Woooohoooo. Two weeks ago I finally took my dreaded test and, thank god, passed first time, yeeee! I've now got a pink license. This makes me so happy. I can't even...
Anywho, today I went to Cambridge with my lovely Mum and sister to do some much needed retail therapy. I adore shopping in Cambridge - everything you need in one place and you feel rather cultured after a day there; it is such a beautiful place & I'm incredibly lucky to live so close to it. Let me talk you through what I got:
The majority of stuff in this haul will be, as you will notice, beauty related as sadly I have been diagnosed with Adult Acne... I cried when I found out. It's just that flippin' word: 'acne'. To be honest, as a teen I was so fortunate with my skin and only got a spot here or there. Now I've turned 20 it's a whole other story. The doctor told me it's owing to my increase in exercise and loss of weight in the last 7 months-ish. I was gutted; trying and succeeding in being healthy has led to me gaining awful skin. Luckily I have a wonderful family and boyfriend who make me feel just as beautiful with these horrible things on my face. So, whislt being on a tonne of antibiotics for 2 months, I thought I'd try something new for 'Spot Prone Skin' and that would be the raved-about Freederm. I got the Exfoliating Daily Wash which I'm going to whack in my shower and use in there. I also got the Fast Track 3 Hour Treatment for Redness, Scaring and New Spots. I'm praying these work and as I've heard such great things about the brand they bloomin' should! I'll keep you posted on this one ;)
Next, on our raid of Superdrug I picked up my all time favourite make up wipes - Simples' Kind To Skin Cleansing Wipes. I would always reccomend these as they contain no chemicals or skin irritants and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Luckily these are on sale at £1.29 at the minute - total bargain. Love, love love!

On to the make up counter! Yeeee buddy. I picked up a few products here; recently I've found getting my hands on Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 'Fair' to be INCREDIBLY difficult. I've been into approx. 7 different Superdrug and Boots stores all over the place and every single time they have sold out of my shade in the concealer. Yeah it is amazing and yeah I'm not surprised every girl and their grandma have already gone and bought it but I need a concealer I can easily pick up when I am in need!! So this time I've gone for the Boujour 'Healthy Mix' concealer. My mum and I stood at the concealer section of about 5 different brands trying to find a concealer with as much blockage power as possible haha! As most of you know I have horrible dark circles and the consistency of the concealer is really important when it comes to blocking the little buggars out. This concealer seemed really promising so we're giving it a whirl! I also picked up my FAVOURITE ever power which is the 'healthy balance' mattifying powder in 52 Vanilla. This stuff is so amazing and gives my skin a photofinished look without any liquid foundation on underneath.
Another thing I've been dying to try recently is the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. Mum and I both got one of these to try out. Even though I'm 20 (almost 21, ahhh) I am seeing signs of my skin aging already just through things like small yet visible pore on the part of my cheeks closest to my eyes and nose. These are still quite evident with my make up on and just are not cute!! Hopefully this lovely product with cure these bad boys - I will let you know ;).
The next thing I'm super excited about finally having is the Real Techniques Powder Brush!!! I'm a terror for never having brushed to apply my make up with. I always use my fingers or the back of my hand :/ Maybe this is why my skin is so bad! Anyway, these brushes were highly recommended to me by, not onlt the entire blogasphere, but my sister who is a make up guru. She loves the softness of the brissles and said the application is flawless. I'm gonna stop using my little buff puff to put my powder on and start using this beauty! 
The last things I got my mits on in Superdug were these gorgeous polishes! Of course, I hear you say, Abbie cannot do a Haul without some polish ;) I adore these new Gelly shades Barry M has brought out for summer and the Aquarium range, this one being made of gold specs as though to look like scales on a fish. The application of these three polishes are gorgeous. I love the Gelly's as they are so shiny without having to use a top coat. I have the pink and blue on right now as I type along with a black feature nail with pink and blue hibiscus flowers, hehe! I got these three under the 3 for 2 offer so came to roughly £8. 
These next two, non beauty related, items I picked up I've had my eye on for a while. Firstly, these beauties are from River Island and are RRP-ing at £30 but no doubt they shall be in a mid season sale shortly. I adore these wedges and know they will be perfect for my holiday to Gran Canaria when Jack and I go out in the evenings. I wanted a summery, small heel that was elegent and would go with tonnes of things. I got these in a size 4 and they fit perfectly. I'd say, definitely try them on. Love, love, loveee!

 And then off I popped to TopShop - of course ;) But the other thing that caught my eye, really, was their awesome crop range of subtly striped tees. I routed around to find a pale blue colour in my size but nope. I went and tried on the black and loved it - can't wait to wear it with my chunky gold jewellery and high waisted jeans. I got this one in 2 sizes to big because I didn't really like the shortness/ tightness of the 8 or 10. I wanted it to be confortable and loose. This one only cost £8!! Perfect summer essential; you could wear these with anything!!

And following that, after shoppin' til droppin', we headed to Nando's and feasted on chicken before heading home. Loved it, quality time with the girls of my family & some retail therapy!
Let me know about any exciting purchases you have made recently. Anything you've been saving up for?
Loads of love
x Abster x




  1. You always buy such lovely things! x

  2. Great post! I love all the real techniques brushes and Barry M polishes!

    Gemma xx