Monday, 21 April 2014

OOTD & Bank Holiday Update...

Hello again lovely readers! I hope you've had a gorgeous, sunny, food & family-filled bank holiday weekend. I've had a great time with my friends, boyfriend, family & puppy. On a sad note, the past few days have been quite tough as tomorrow I say goodbye to my older brother & my sister-in-law as they jet off travelling for a whole year! I'm so proud of him though as it's been a dream of his since he was very young. Stay safe Tom & B and have an incredible time, make magical memories together & take tonnes of pictures - hehe! 

To brighten up my last day off before starting work again I thought I'd whack together an Outfit of the Day post which I haven't actually featured before in almost 2 years of blogging to you lovely lot. I may make it a regular feature now as I had lots of fun creating it!

Today I wanted to go for a chilled, up-do, comfortable yet a little boho themed look. I've been on a bike ride and long walk today but felt rather Spring/Summer-y in the process. 

What do you reckon?

I've popped together just 3 items:

River Island High-Rise Jeans - £25
Topshop Crop Khaki Over-Sized Tee - £10 (Sale)
New Look Chain & Metallic Feature Necklace - £5.99

This is the first time I've popped this combo together as I only just got these new jeans & top!

I am addicted to River Island jeans as they seem to fit me better than any other brand. I've now dropped down to a Size 8 in jeans which feels slightly crazy as I have (since about 14 years old) been a Size 10!? I've been increasingly active recently so blame that ;)! I love love love high-waisted jeans as they are so versatile & comfy. For just £25 I was instantly won over with these beauties. 

So, I picked up this croppy-tee no more than a week ago when I went shopping in Cambridge with Perri. Just £10 in the sale & after quickly trying it on (I try everything on, ha!) I was sold & new it would be such a great little addition to my summer wardrobe & is seriously comfy. I absolutely adore the colour Khaki as I feel it really compliments my pale skin-tone and blonde-ness. I love it so much I've started trying to creep it in to Jack's wardrobe too, being a blondie himself too, he looks amazing in it! Don't worry - I wont stoop as low as to get us both matching, hehe!! Or will I? Anyway, I teamed this top with my staple piece from New Look which, I am finding more and more, goes with everything. I have this necklace in both gold and silver and Perri's also got it in a darker metallic shade. It's the perfect shape, size & length to wear with anything. Love it love it love it. 

I also don't tend to wear my hair up a lot but have recently, as I told you in my last post, been experimenting tonnes more with my hair & have fallen in love with messy buns. My hair is so thin I use a multitude of pins to keep the bobble covered, ha! The great thing about up-do's is you can practically forget they are there all day & stay looking fresh and fabulous!

 So, there you have it my lovely ones - my OOTD. You shall be seeing a few more of these little features along the way so keep popping in.

Love you all

x Abster x

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Spring Favourites...


Hello again beauties & a happy happy easter to you all. I hope you are enjoying a day of stuffing your faces with chocolate and roast dinners. YOLO. 

This season I have accumulated quite a few favourite things & I want to share why I think each of these next bits and bobs are so fabulous...

Firstly, I'll start with my favourite face powder which I got for Christmas and have been repeat buying ever since. That is the beautiful smelling, perfect finish, Healthy Balance Matte Face Power from Bourjois! I love this stuff - it applies so nicely and feels so light. It also has a big ol' mirror under the lid so I use it as a compact mirror as well when I'm out and about. This face powder gives me a photo finish look which is hard to find on the high street. I definitely recommend this one & it wont break the bank at roughly £8 a pop. 

This season I've also been experimenting with new things I can do with my thin, fine, sometimes lack-lustre, hair! Through my experimentation I've found a new favourite of mine!! Check it out...

So here, I show you how I've achieved a MASSIVE pony tail which gives the illusion that my hair is very very long, hehe. With thicker hair you will achieve an even fuller look & be able to cover the top bobble with your hair pinned over it. Mine's too thin to do this but I adore this look anyway! 

Another thing I am LOVING is St. Moriz' amazing Instant Self Tanning Lotion in Medium. This stuff works miracles. My pasty wasty skin loves a good coating of this magnificent lotion. I pop this on, sometimes just on my arms or over my full body (depending what I'm planning to wear), let it dry for about 15 mins then pop to bed and in the morning I jump in the shower and I get an all over, gorgeous, bronzed, glow! For just £3 a 200ml bottle I get about 6/7 full body application which is INCREDIBLE. It basically costs me no more than 50p every time I get a full body tan which lasts for a good 5 days. Happy happy meeee :) You can pick up this amazing stuff anywhere from Tesco, Superdrug to Wilkinson and Savers!

Another thing I am adding to my Spring Favourites is my gorgeous new pink cropped knit from Topshop! I picked this up for £32 (got 10% Student Discount = £28.80) and have worn it tonnes since I bought it. I adore this top, mainly for the colour, hehe but also for the length of the sleeves and the fit of the jumper. I adore pastel colours not just in Spring but all year round so this is a perfect addition to my wardrobe. It's so nice and an 8 fit me perfectly as it's supposed to come up a little big. What do you think of this one? 

Now, my previous blog post is all about Benefit's 'They're Real!' Mascara which I am adding to this favourites post because... well... I flippin' love the stuff! You can check that post out here.  

My favourite thing about this product is the separation it gives to my lashes. I found many many drug store/ high street mascaras just clumped my lashes together. I don't think I have very thick lashes or many lashes at all to be honest so I didn't want any of the ones I dooo have sticking together!! The brush on this mascara is perfect and doesn't allow clumps to form. This mascara also gives such great lift, curl, definition and volume after a few coats. I love it!

 Last but by no means least is my favourite necklace this season. I was bought this gorgeous statement piece for Christmas by my best friend's parents. This piece is from Accessorize. I love the different colours as it goes with sooo much! I also like the different textures from the metal studs, material band & the gorgeous multi-effect gems. I have worn it recently on a night out with a black body con maxi & it just brought my plain outfit to life... 

What do you reckon? I love it!

So there you have it guys, my Spring Favourites! What has caught your eye this season? What can't you live without?

Love you all

x Abster x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara Review...

Hello again gorgeous people! Recently I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT mascara and have found tonnes that are almost perfect but not quite there. However, recently I was bought this beautiful thannng as a present... 

Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara!!!
I've been wanting to get my hands on this bad boy for ages now. I've seen countless reviews on this gorgeous product and thought it was about time I posted my own to share with you what I truly think of the product.

As a lot of you know, the packaging is just as gorgeous as the product itself... 

However, the packing promises a whole lot of stuff ranging from how the mascara 'lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts & separates'... Wow!! Also, Benefit introduce us to the specially designed brush which 'reveals lashes you never knew you had!' All of this sets us mascara lovers into a I-Want-It-Now trance but does it deliver all that it promises?

Well, I put this to the test...

Firstly, I started with my blank canvas of concealer and face powder (I don't tend to wear liquid foundation any more to allow my skin to breathe as my skin begins to mature into my twenties)... 

So yes, there is my bare eye to the left... Ha! The next step was to pop some liquid liner on my top lid and add a small flick from the corner of my eye. I do this almost every day just to widen my eye and make my tiny, thin lashes look fuller.

Next it was time to pop on my first coat of Benefit's 'They're Real' Mascara... With just one coat I achieved really separated, defined, curled, lengthened and lifted lashes!! 

That's already 5 of Benefit's promises fulfilled - I was dead impressed! The volume, however, did seem to be lacking so I popped on another coat...

With just one more coat on my top and bottom lashes I saw the mascara really come to life and give me even more curl, definition and thickness!

 The brush is probably my favourite bit of the mascara as it is designed to separate your lashes & this has been something I have been looking to find for a while now! 

When I put my mascara on I like to pulse the brush a few times right at the root of my lashes on my lid to make sure I have each lash covered before stroking over the length of the lash. This allows every lash to be completely covered. I have a real pet peeve about people who just apply their mascara to the lashes and forget the roots. Especially blondes like me as you see a massive contrast up close - not a good look ;). This brush makes it even easier to do this!! Happy days!

So, yeah! I really do think Benefit have every right to own the 'Number One Mascara in the UK' title with this mascara and for £19.50 I really do think it's worth it. I've spent countless money on trying out high-street store, cheap mascaras that just end up 90% full in my make-up draw never to be used again. This mascara has made its way into my make up bag and now has a permanent residence thank you very much!! An extra tip would be to curl your lashes before applying this mascara for an even bigger curl but to be honest, it's pretty darn sh-amazing even without. Well Done Benefit!!

Thank you for reading beauties & I hope this helped any potential 'They're Real'-ers!

Loads of love, as always

x Abster x