Thursday, 27 February 2014

Modelling & Vintage Fun...

Howdy again beauties! Gosh, do I have an exciting post for you today, haha; well, for me at least! Now, I'm not calling myself fat before any of you pounce on me, but, I could never be a model. However, my unfulfilled dream of modelling came true recently! One of my best friends Hannah Abel is the founder of an incredible brand called Abel Clothing Co. She is super talented and so creative! She has created a line of gorgeous hand made dresses which she designs and creates herself. Her business is now growing exponentially & I couldn't be more proud of her, nor more delighted that she asked me to model in her Spring collection! Exciting stuff, right!?  

Let me walk you through some of the looks that we shot last week! Let's just say it was flippin' freezing and in short, sleeveless dresses that frosty wind wasn't kind! We had a number of passers-bye who commented on how cold we must be... One even said "You deserve a medal!" I felt rather chuffed by that - paha. Anyway, this first look is probably my favourite of them all... 

I'm so in love with this photo. Our amazing photographer, Kirsty from BeanFlavouredSoup, captured some amazing, fun, pictures throughout the shoot. Now, as you can see, I'm plonked in the middle there having a whale of a time! This vintage green dress is so beautiful and super comfy to wear. I love the length of the dress as it hides a multitude of sins. I felt so sassy and fabulous in this dress as you can probably tell, haha! Our 60's sunglasses also made us feel like we were in Vogue. Ya know, as you do... The beautiful Hannah herself is there on the left and the lovely Meg is also strutting her stuff on my right, each in Hannah's amazing garments and obviously loving life!

Now, Hans and I are such great friends and I met her almost 4 years ago now on my induction day at my new sixth form where she was so lovely and welcoming in my A Level Dance Taster Session. When I started in the September we hit it off straight away and she's always been there ever since. I love her to bits as you can see in these two shots above. I love that our friendship comes through in the pics; I love that Hannah's vision for the shoot was purely to be FUN and relaxed! We're not just great actresses - we really are that great friends haha! These two looks were super fun to model. Hannah looks stunning in her blue patterned tie-neck dress which is perfect for the up-coming (fingers-crossed) hot weather! My dress in the picture to the right was one of my favourites! I love the way it sits on me and is so flattering even though it isn't fitted. The colours are so fun and really compliment my blondness. LOVE IT!! 

 We had SUCH  a giggle taking this shot. We were walking up and down, up and down saying "this is so awkward", "this is not working" haha, but actually we got a great shot!! One thing Hannah really wanted for the shoot was a really run-down, rugged, vintage-looking background to contrast and exaggerate her gorgeous, colourful pieces. I think this worked so well! It's so effective & highlights the beauty of her dresses.

I couldn't have loved this shoot more & felt so privileged to be a part of it and get to model Hannah's incredible work. We're shooting again in June time for her Summer collection & I'm so excited! 

You can check out Hannah's amazing line here... 

Well done Hans!

Let me know what you think to the dresses and our fun shoot.

Love you all 

x Abster x


  1. I just checked out her line! It is absolutely stunning! You are right, she is extremely talented. Having the perfect vintage flare is hard to find now a days! Thumbs up :)

    xoxo- Becky

  2. Lovely blog! Maybe want folow each other? If yes, just folow me and i foloe you back :)

    1. Of course! I'll pop over now xox Thank you hun xox

  3. You could so be a model :) I love these looks

  4. Looks like you had a load of fun. The pieces look amazing, we'll have to check out Abel!!