Friday, 21 February 2014

Blogger's Bread...

At the moment I'm noticing a huge trend on the blogasphere to do with food; what's good for you, what's not, how to lose weight, how to gain weight, how to feel great, what us bloggers like to munch on... LOADS. Now, I love my food. When I say 'love' I mean ridiculously adore on the highest level possible. I'm a food addict. However, I have really changed my attitude towards food in the past few months with the help of my boyfriend who is a Personal Trainer in the Army (You can check out his blog here...). He's a clever sausage. The greatest myth there is in all this 'fad' and radical diet changes is the perception that you must eat less to lose more. WRONG WRONG WRONG. If you eat the right things and LOTS of it, you'll be on the road to your dream health and physique. But, you must never see your eating habits as a 'diet' but as a 'lifestyle'. The results, health and overall happiness I have found are incredible and as a beauty blogger, I want to make you all feel beautiful. Even though you already are, feeling and optimizing your beauty and confidence is what life is all about! I'm going to walk you through some of my favourite meals and snacks which are packed with nutrients and natural goodness and fill me up and keep my taste buds happy!!


This is beautiful, isn't it... And, would you believe, so ridiculously good for you. Here you see the beautiful banana omelette stack. No flour. Perfect pancakes. All I put in these are mashes bananas, eggs, a splash of almond milk, a few oats and drizzle honey on top. I can't even tell you how good they are, just make them and see. This sets me up perfectly for the day with a hit of protein and energy releasing carbs which wont cause me to store fat (no refined sugar like cereals bars or sugary breakfast cereals). Get your flippin' frying pan out and make these bad boys.


I'm a pretty active person in the day and teach dance at the moment so most days I put myself a lovely salad together. Now the word 'salad' is very often welcomed with a yawn... However!!! I now, sadly, find salads can be easily made more exciting. It's the attitude you have towards your food that makes it satisfying. My favourite salad is a Tuna Fish and Boiled Egg salad with cucumber, sweetcorn, carrots, peppers and lettuce. I also find that the more colourful your food is, the more you'll enjoy it. I love the process of making my food and enjoying it afterwards. The fantastic thing about natural foods is you can't really over size your portions, just go for it! Whack all those nutrients down you!   


Now, I have two choices here which I can't really decide between. I LOVE dinner. It's my favourite meal of the day and I genuinely get excited about it. It gets me through the toughest of days, haha. Wow, Abbie... Just, wow... Anyway, firstly I'll introduce you to the gorgeous Salmon and Bulgar Wheat Risotto. This dish is gorgeous and packed with protein rather than the carbohydrates you'd get in a rice risotto. Bulgar Wheat is an amazing ingredient to use in your cooking. It's a grain which fills you up without dumping a tonne of carbs on your system in the evening. Another meal I adore is steak and roasted veg. Oh heaven. I like my steak medium rare as I think this keeps in a load of flavour and texture. These roasted veg are honey glazed to satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthy way. Popped in that mix of veggies are Sweet Potato Wedges, Carrots, Mushrooms, Red Onion, Courgettes & Tomatoes. My boyfriend can't seem to function without the addition of broccoli, haha, so that's bunged on there too. I seasoned the steaks with a mix of sage, thyme, a splash of Worcester sauce, salt & pepper. De-freakin'-licious. Believe me. The fantastic thing about all of these meals is they are completely guilt-free and purely fuel for your body! 


During the day, in-between meals, it's actually really good for you to snack. Not bad stuff, but good food to keep fuelling your body. You must start to think of your body as a machine that needs fuel rather than a centre of cravings run on sugar... Just change the way you think. It's as simple as that. Snacking will help you do this, fight those hunger pangs! I snack on all sorts of food. My main snacks consist of Dried Mango, Nuts with dried fruit such as cranberries and I also love Nakd bars!! They are packed with cold-pressed fruit and nuts such as dates, cashews, raisins and flavoured with natural cocoa and flavourings from oranges, bananas, strawberries etc. So delicious and so nutritious. 

It's really not easy to drastically change your eating habits and you really don't need to. Try cutting out little things at a time and substituting them for other, yummy, alternatives like white bread to freshly-made wholegrain bread OR Coca Cola to Green Tea or Water with freshly-squeezed Lemon Juice. One thing to remember is nutrition and fitness is all about 70% the food you eat and 30% the activity/ exercise you do. It's so important to eat well! 

You can do this & you are beautiful.

Lots of love!!

x Abster x 

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