Thursday, 24 October 2013

#36 Nails Special Edition...

So, Halloween is just around the corner (a week today in fact!!) and I decided to get creative and paint some festive nail designs! I really enjoyed designing and painting these designs as you can really only get away with them once a year, haha... What do you think?

I think my favourite of the three is the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired design at the top left hand corner. I love this design as it's so simple with the use of only black and white yet so effective with the one feature nail of the character of Jack. I also like the random Halloween doodle design in the orange, white and black design because it's a little out there and each nail is a different design. I love the Frankenstein design too though! The green isn't something I'd usually wear but for Halloween the Barry M Gelly Key Lime comes in very handy to get that effect! The stitching was really easy with my Models Own Nail Art Pen and just by following the whites of your nails you mix up a French Manicure into a Halloween-icure, hehe.

I hope you guys like these and this has given you some inspiration for your Halloween nail art - it's a must-have!

Happy Hallowwwwwwweeeeeeeeeen.

Loads of love

x Abster x

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