Thursday, 24 October 2013

#36 Nails Special Edition...

So, Halloween is just around the corner (a week today in fact!!) and I decided to get creative and paint some festive nail designs! I really enjoyed designing and painting these designs as you can really only get away with them once a year, haha... What do you think?

I think my favourite of the three is the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired design at the top left hand corner. I love this design as it's so simple with the use of only black and white yet so effective with the one feature nail of the character of Jack. I also like the random Halloween doodle design in the orange, white and black design because it's a little out there and each nail is a different design. I love the Frankenstein design too though! The green isn't something I'd usually wear but for Halloween the Barry M Gelly Key Lime comes in very handy to get that effect! The stitching was really easy with my Models Own Nail Art Pen and just by following the whites of your nails you mix up a French Manicure into a Halloween-icure, hehe.

I hope you guys like these and this has given you some inspiration for your Halloween nail art - it's a must-have!

Happy Hallowwwwwwweeeeeeeeeen.

Loads of love

x Abster x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blogger's 20th Birthday...

Hey there, you beautiful lot! Sorry it's been a few weeks since I last posted but I've been rather busy turning the big ol' twenty! Yep, that's right I am officially out of my teens and into my twenties. Scary times but gosh did I celebrate in style! Time to catch you up on all things Birthday...

So, firstly my boyfriend completely spoilt me rotten to kick off the celebration. We started off by hopping on the London Eye - boy oh boy it's beautiful up there. I was kind of scared because I have a little bit of vertigo so at the top I was a bit shakey, haha, as you can tell by the picture ;). Next we popped to Yo! Sushi - one of my fave places and has a slap up lunch. We then went to see the Mummies at the British Museum - I flippin' am fascinated by them... They freak me out but are so cool - I'm a weird one, I know. Then Jack took me on the London Eye AGAIN to see it at night...... Oh my, it was breath-taking. I was, like, speechless the whole time. London at night is a heck of a sight to see. To top the day off, we then went for a beautiful wine and dine by the River Thames & London Bridge - one of my favourite places to just sit and read. What a day!! But, it didn't end there, oh no. Jack had one final surprise up his sleeve and enjoyed leading me down the garden path when it came to telling me what the surprise was. He marched me past Victoria station saying 'Oh woops, Abs, we've gone the wrong way, hang on.' and turned into the the Victoria Palace Theatre and surprised me with tickets to see Billy Elliot the musical. I was in total shock haha! It was an amazing two days! 

The birthday celebrations continued that weekend with my best friend. We got a cheeky spray tan and headed out on an amazing night out in Cambridge with two of our other closest girls joining us. I can honestly say it was the best night out I'd ever had. We just danced the night away and loved it! One of my most favourite things about a night out is dressing up and whacking my lashes on and my sparkly heels and taking countless pics. Oh dear ;). We had an amazing night though & I'll remember it forever. 

The next day we all went out for a lovely family meal and had a slap up Chinese  I was presented with a beautiful cake made by my lovely Dad.

The next day it was actually my birthday; I woke up early in the morning before everyone had to go to work and was sung a very tuneful Happy Birthday & was given all my lovely prezzies. I got everything from my wishlist that I had posted about a month ago on here and much much more - I was very lucky!! I also got a few joke presents including the Barbie and Army Ken doll (my boyfriend is in the Army) - which they all thought would be hilaaaarious ;). I got a beautiful Jack Wills coat which I haven't been able to take off since because it is so darn comfy. I also got tonnes of polished including new Rimmel Lasting Pro polishes and a whole set of Models Own Bettlejuice from my boyfriend. My amazing best friend got me tickets to the Clothes Show this year and Take Me Out live in December! So much to look forward to!

I also started my course at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama on my birthday which topped it off perfectly. I've got an exciting twenties ahead of me and I can't wait! Thank you to everyone who made it so special & thanks for sticking with me for another Blogger's Birthday you lovely lot!

Before I go, of course, you want to see what my nails were looking like for my birthday huh?... Check these out ;)

Loads of lovin' from this newly 20 year old...

x Abster x

P.s. I'll be back soon with some crazy Halloween nail designs!!