Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rimmel NEW Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation & Stay Blushed Cheek Tint Review...

Well hello again gorgeous people of the blogasphere... Off I've been again, this time searching for the perfect foundation; recently I've stumbled across a few reviews of Rimmel's new 'cake no more' Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation along with their new Stay Blushed Cheek Tint. As soon as I saw this newbie on Rimmel's website & the gorgeous campaign which is previewing now along side it & I knew I needed to have a go at this stuff. Recently I've noticed my Lancome foundation making my skin far too oily; I find myself constantly applying my powder over the top else my coverage is too shiny and uneven. After paying £36.00 for this foundation I am rather annoyed... But anyway, Rimmel claims that this new foundation leaves a lightweight, shine control once applied and leaves the texture of 'baby smooth' skin. Hmmm... A bit 'too good to be true sounding' isn't it? Especially for just £5.99! Also, Rimmel claim their new cheek tint is lightweight and 'blends instantly & seamlessly'. What do we reckon ey...? Well, I'm here to show you what I found with the new products...

Recently, I've been suffering really badly with eczema (arrows show you where) so have been having a few days off  foundation. I want to see how well this foundation covers, moisturises and looks after my eczema during the time I wear it. Also, I have a quite patchy complexion, I mean, it's normal for girls my age to have a few scars from breakouts in their teen years so let's see if this supposed 'little jem' does what it says on the tin... I also bought myself a new Cosmopolitan Foundation Brush for £6.99 as I feel me using my fingers to apply foundation isn't allowing me the best coverage and may be putting my skin through unnecessary oiliness. Let's start this review...

Firstly, I cleaned my hands and cleansed and toned my face and let this touch dry to make sure no unnecessary gunk effected this review! Then, I put a very small blob of Ivory 100 on the back of my hand - I, firstly, noticed how light and airy the foundation is and it really is 'mousse'-like. I was never a fan of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse so I was a little worried this would be similar. The foundation was easy to swipe onto my foundation brush and away I went, blending in the foundation into my cheek and chin (just testing a small section of my face where my eczema is worst). I was honestly really happy with how only one small layer of the Stay Matte made my skin so soft and really well covered! You can hardly see my eczema red patch on my chin with just one small application. Another thing that really impressed me was the Matte texture and look of my skin after the application! I ALWAYS have to put powder on as well as liquid foundation but with this it would be silly to! The shade Ivory 100 also suits my skin perfectly and tide lines or streaks were non-existent! First impression = a great one!

To add to this, I then tested out Rimmel's Stay Blushed! I chose to try out the 004 Sunkissed Cherry shade as I felt it was more natural that 001 Pop of Pink but this shade would be perfect for a night out, I reckon. This is also really 'mousse' based - as you can see in the image above! You literally need a TINY bit of this blush mousse to create a lovely, even tint on your cheek. I also used my foundation brush to apply this as you definitely want an even coverage as the blush mousse really does apply instantly and blends in really easily! For £4.49 I am honestly so shocked at how good this product is! Not only does both the foundation & the blush leave a weightless, baby smooth finish, it also helps the appearance of my dark circles under my eyes as it reflect the light! I am one very happy blogger right now!

After testing this throughout the day today I've found the foundation AND the blush have lasted 7 hours so far without any change. This is awesome because, as you all well know, it is super hard to find beauty products which are durable. I honestly recommend this to you guys, especially eczema sufferers as you can see how well my patchy skin has evened out without even the use for concealer on top! Let me show you the range you have to chose from for both products...

There you have it foundation & blusher loversssss... My review & I hope this helps out anyone who has seen these products and wondered how good they truly are!

Loads of love, as always x

x Abster x


  1. Can't wait to read your column in Vogue!! <3

  2. That cheek tint looks really nice - can't wait to try it out :)

  3. So nice!
    How does it compare in shade to NC15? Is it darker?