Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MORE Blogger Buys...

I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to shopping... Actually no, I just bloomin' love it. I've recently been vehicle-less as my license had just run out for my Vespa so I had to re-take my basic training last week. You have to do this every two years which is a bit of a bummer. But I finally have my beautiful pink Vespa back and I'm lovvvvving life again. It's really tough going to Uni and having independence and freedom and coming back home and feeling as though that has gone a bit. My Vespa gets me out and about without having to rely on my lovely parents as I always feel bad asking them constantly to take me places. This year is very much about me going to Drama School and moving to London hopefully after X-mas. Finding and keeping your independence is very tricky. Anyway, I popped into town on my Vespa to go and get myself a yoga mat and woooopsie... Of course I fell into Superdrug... It's like a magnet that I can't pull myself away from... hehe ;)

Let's start off with the thing I actually went to town for... Ha! I needed to get myself a yoga mat because I am now starting to get back into my pilates and dance after having 5 weeks of rest owing to my two torn ligaments in my ankle - I was given crutches but only used them for a day - most annoying things ever in the world. Anyway, I popped into every shop I could think of that would sell mats and Argos was the only one to do so! Thankfully they had a great choice & of course I went for the pink one ;). This mat also came with a free (normally £4.99) shaker - bargain! 

On my way out of town there is a very well places Superdrug store. Why couldn't they have hidden it away, out of site, out of mind?! Nope... I was drawn in there! I thought to myself 'Welll I do kind of need some more shampoo and conditioner...' So down the hair care isle I headed only to find that bloomin' Herbal Essences was on offer!! Save me! If you've read my blog before you will know I have a head of hair that lacks any sort of volume and getting this volume is tough!! So when I saw 'volumising' on these beautiful bottles, I snatched them up! I tried them last night and actually saw a major difference. Usually I'll pile on a load of VO5 products before blow drying but instead I tried it without any products. I noticed a real bounce in my hair and I had some volumeee!! Bingo.

And of course, Abbie wouldn't be Abbie if she didn't go and look at the Barry M stall... And perhaps purchase a few polishes... Oh and a new lipgloss. Wow - I have a problem. Anyway, 

You likey? I have needed a new white polish for absolute yonks because my other one I have had for years and has eventually glooped up. Re-purchasing colours actually hurts me, haha, because I would much rather spend the money on a new colour but nope... These things must be done! I also bought Mushroom as I have quite a light beige but needed a darker brown especially for the autumn as I love my neutral colours for my designs around this time of year - beautiful colour this one, very sophisticated. I also snapped up another of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes which I bloomin' adore. I love this colour, gorgeous foresty green. Superdrug have STILL got their 3 for 2 on all Barry M polishes. 

 I also thought I'd mix things up and try and add a pale pink lip gloss to my make up collection. If I'm totally honest - £4.49 was not worth it at all. I found the gloss really gloops on your lips and you get that nasty line between your mouth and lips... I do not recommend! If any of you lovely readers out there have a solution to this problem that would be so great; it's a beautiful colour it's just not great quality! 

Have you guys bought anything recently that has changed your routine or helped with a skin problem? 

Loads of love, as always!

x Abster x

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