Thursday, 5 September 2013

Birthday Blogger Wishlist...

So, it's my 20th birthday in a months time now - scary how old I will be... Half way to 40 and all that... Oh joy! I thought I'd fill you in on what I have asked for to give my mumma some hinters for my big ol' two zero. This birthday I am kind of dreading for some reason; I guess I don't really like growing up too much! Then again, the independence and life you get to experience when you get older makes it all worth while. Let me show you what I'm asking for... 

Here you have it :)

It's quite sparse this year as I have asked for things that are kind of costly and don't want to look like a spoilt brat to my lovely folks! 

1) Panasonic DMC-SZ3EB-W 16MP 10x Zoom Camera - £99.99
I flippin' love this camera & seriously need a new one as mine is totally busted now. I need it for blogging, slipping in my handbag and taking with me everywhere I go just in case there is a piccy moment! Love the design and that it's white - very versatile for every season and every outfit and every handbag ;) Haha!

2) Jack Wills Gym Bag - £44.50
I really need a big ol' bag that I can take to London with me when I go to Pineapple or when I go to the gym (haha, if that everrrr happens). These bags are so sturdy and pack so much in them - exactly what I need! They do this also in pink but I prefer the navy as it goes with more and looks a little more classy I think. 

3) Authentic Black Vans - £45
Yep - I've officially thrown out my old black Vans and asked for a new pair - a good half a year too late should I say! I ran the other pair into the ground haha. At my old job my boss said to me 'Abbie, do you even own another pair of shoes?' because all I wore were my Vans. They are the comfy-est, most versatile pair of shoes I'd ever had and I NEED ANOTHER PAIR. 

No doubt my lovely parents will spoil me rotten with lots of other bits because they are so dang nice to me hehe but these things Abster needs in her life haha!

Is it any of your birthdays soon?

x Abster x


  1. Love the Jack Wills gym bag! You will be such a city girl arriving at Pineapple with your fabulously British holdall!