Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beauty Products Exposed...

This is the kind of post I love; except when it's me exposing what's in my bathroom cabinet, shower and hair products! So this is kind of a spring clean out but half a year late... I am actually shocked at how much stuff I have collected. I even took all these pictures after having a major clear out of my cosmetics and products... Craziness. I really am a beauty product hoarder; there are a lot of us out there! I dread to think the amount of money I've spent in total on all this stuff haha! First of all I attacked my bathroom cabinet & couldn't get rid of the following...

So this is the bottom shelf of my bathroom cabinet.. First thing you may notice is the sheer crazy amount of make up wipes I have in preparation for a nuclear war.. Pah! I got the Garnier ones on an offer for buy one get one free and my mum also bought me some tea tree ones thinking I needed some. Basically I have a 75 day supply! What whaaaaat. Anyway, next you can see a load of cotton buds and pads - girl can never have enough of these ;) Also, you've got to have your Veet! I swear by this stuff - it's amazing & lasts so much longer than shaving! Another thing to note is baby oil - best moisturiser out there by far - I pop some of this on after I've showered and my skin is baby smooth the next day.

Next is my top shelf - a whole load of moisturisers live on this shelf, all Garnier I must add! I am addicted to Summer Body Light as it gives me such a nice glow & saves me from being pasty wastey in the winter. I've also got my Clinique cleansing routine which I found may be the cause of some of my spots at the moment. After spending a good £30 on the two big bottle I'm quite annoyed that it may be the cause of my breakouts... :( Has anyone else found this? I've also got a good stash of face packs for the emergency relaxation sessions!

Here you see my shower organiser! Lucky you, ey! So I am a serious addict when it comes to having two of the things you really only need one of... Classic Abbie. So here I have a Radox & a Dove shower gel. Ya know sometimes I just want to mix things up, okay!?  Also, you can see my colour condition bottle from my Garnier colouring set where I recently died my hair to top up it's blondness as I was going dull and a little yellow. Also, I've got MEGA Shampoo from Aussie - this stuff smells amaaaazing - tutti frutti and fabulous! Next to this I have a little bit of Straightening shampoo from Herbal Essences. On the bottom shelf you can see my new additions - my Volume Herbal Essences which are fabulous and orange scented! Yum! 

Ahh Hello! Well what a lot of pink I do see... Okay, yep I'm also a pink addict & once again you see the whole problem I have with buying two of things I only need one of... Well to be honest in this case I kind of have 7 products that may all do similar things... NO! They are all amazing and so worth the money. From left to right: My Elvive Conditioning Spray is one of the products I own where people actually notice a difference. My mum and my sister said to me last week 'Abbie how have you got your hair so shiny?' All because of few sprays of this amazing stuff on towel-dry hair! Next I bought this got2b plumping mousse from Savers for literally like £2. This shop is so underrated and you can get so many amazing products for so so little - Revlon lashes are going for like £3 in there. Anyway, this stuff is pretty good, sometimes it makes my hair a little sticky if I don't blow dry it to death but the stuff really does hold and gives me great volume. Give Me Texture is fantastic and works perfectly when I curl my hair to keep my curls tight! The middle product you see is MY FAVE! I use a few sprays of this every time my hair is wet from washing it. This Amplifying Blow Dry Spray does exactly what it says on the tin. I recommend it! This Plump it Up Back comb Spray is AMAZING also! I use a little of this every time I go out to add a little plump to the crown of my hair. The next product is new to my collection and is seriously lush - it adds real texture to my hair and kind of separates my layers to make it look more wavy and a little more messy with added texture. But of course, last but not least, the best hairspray at budget cost out there I reckon. This ultimate hold hairspray is fantastic and really does its job well on a night out! Most of these products I only use when getting ready for a night out because my hair lacks so much volume and texture. VO5 is amazing when it comes to real hair care on a budget!!

Gosh, that's a whole load of beauty in one post hehe!

Have you got a secret behind those bathroom cabinet doors ;)?

x Abster x

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