Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#34 Nails...

It's been farrrr too long since I've done a new nail design! Awful! But. here, finally, is my 34th new nail design since I started this blog last July! 34 designs in 15 months isn't so bad hehe. So, this design I fancied, once again, being rather girly and sticking to my pastels! I know it's not very autumnal but I love my spring, bouncy, fun, pastel colours which always inspire a new design for me. Another love of mine, as you all know, is Cath Kidston, so combining pastels with a new Cathy K design is my faveeeee... Firstly, I must apologise for the hideous quality of the following photos in this tutorial as my camera has 100% bust and I am hoping I am going to be lucky enough to get a newbie for my birthday. Hopefully you can bare to keep reading ;)... Here we go!

For this design, I used my two FAVOURITE Models Own polishes in BlooBoo and Pastel Pink, along with four of my fabulous nail pens in pastel green, hot pink, pastel pink and white. These colours are used in so many Cath K designs as they compliment each other so well! So, start off with your base coat lovelies and let's begin with a BlooBoo block colour...

After you apply your block colour and this touch-dry and start to outline your white patches which will act as your blank canvas/ highlighter for your flower pattern later on. This can be pretty messy as you will later fill this in...

The next step is to fill these outlines in... For this, grab the thicker brush and carefully fill in so they look a little like clouds & let these dry!! Very important! The next step is fill the remaining nails with lines of 3 then 2 dots to give them an even, organised, yet funky look. Also, fill in the surrounding space around the "clouds" to give more texture and depth. Step 5 happens when your "clouds" are touch dry so the colours you are about to use don't blend in to the white - want these nice and defined. So, now add slightly random swipes of Pastel Pink to the insides of the white "clouds" leaving a little space before the edge to give it a backed look. 

 Here are the final few steps which are to add random swipes of darker pink to the edges of your pink flowers which gives each flower a textured look. Two toning the flowers makes them look so much more real and interesting! This step is a little tricky to get right and some of my flowers worked so much better than others - as you can see, haha. The last step is to add some leafy petals underneath the flower/ to the side. This just gives even more detail & colour! There you have it. Pop on a top coat when touch dry - don't do this too soon as all your hard work will smudge! 

Woo, another Cathy K design done and dusted! Give it a go xxxx

x Abster x