Friday, 27 September 2013

Fall Fashion Faves...

Hello again my lovely ones; this week I was lucky enough to be asked to do a guest post for the lovely Rebecca! I wanted to share it with you guys too <3...

So, for this guest post I want to show you all my fave outfits from 3 of the UK's biggest High Street stores and 3 of my personal favourites where I tend to spend far too much money; River Island, Topshop & New Look. I love these three stores as they all sell an amazing collection of clothes, accessories, shoes & bags.  These outfits are from each store's new A/W '13 range. As much as I am going to miss Summer, getting my jumpers, tights and boots out is very exciting...

Let's start with New Look: 
I love this look, I'd have to wear some Spanx with it though to tuck in the bits I don't want poking out haha! I love grey/silver & black in the Winter as they are so stylish and can be glammed up in an instant. I love love love these boots - the heel will extend your leg making for a tall, glamorous  sleek look! Also, you can tower over every one as they look at you 'jaw to the floor' walking down the High Street ;). Ok, back to reality... What do we think of this look? xx

Our next look is TopShop:
Now this one isn't a complete look as it can be sooo versatile. These three-must haves for Winter will go with practically anything. You can never go wrong with denim & light denim adds a bit of femininity to your look - I think. Check out those shoes - I'm in love. These kicks would look so cute with a pair of slacks, your fave shorts and tights, some knee high socks etc etc. This scarf is so so soft... I tried it on the other day and did not want to take it off. Whack on any Jersey or fluffy jumper with this combo & you've got the perfect Autumn/Winter look! xx

This next look is from River Island:
Okay, you're not supposed to have favourites but I can't help myself - I have a serious love for tartan at the moment. Ever since River Island have hosted their Rihanna collections, I really feel the whole style of the shop has changed - I quite like it! I like the rawness & a little bit dangerous attitude some of their clothes now have... I love love love this look! I have this t shirt and even in a Size 8 it's baggy and perfect with leggings and some heeled boots with a statement necklace. Although I'd love to whack on these tartan shorts with some tights and those gorgeous sandal heels. River Island's little hat is so cute too. Perfect addition to an already awesome look! xxx

If you've needed any inspiration on how to vamp up your Autumn/Winter wardrobe I hope this has helped you guys! Each look you can grab for under £100 - not too bad!! 

Thanks to the lovely Rebecca for having me!

Loads of love, as always.

x Abster x

Monday, 23 September 2013

#35 Nails...

Hello again gorgeous bloggers; I hope your weekend was full of fabulousness and the week ahead is equally as good! It's Christmas under 100 days away now and only 2 weeks today until I turn the big 20! Scary stuff but I'm majorly excited too, hehe. Today I've got my new nail design for the week to show you guys... 

I really am loving my girly, floral designs at the moment... I'll branch out a bit soon, I promise ;). I used my Barry M Peach Melba & Models Own Beth's Blue along with my Pastel Green and White Nail Art Pens by Models Own for this design. Amazingly, two hands took me only 30 minutes. Super speedy today!! Hope you like this one & more to come soon my lovelies. xxx

x Abster x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#34 Nails...

It's been farrrr too long since I've done a new nail design! Awful! But. here, finally, is my 34th new nail design since I started this blog last July! 34 designs in 15 months isn't so bad hehe. So, this design I fancied, once again, being rather girly and sticking to my pastels! I know it's not very autumnal but I love my spring, bouncy, fun, pastel colours which always inspire a new design for me. Another love of mine, as you all know, is Cath Kidston, so combining pastels with a new Cathy K design is my faveeeee... Firstly, I must apologise for the hideous quality of the following photos in this tutorial as my camera has 100% bust and I am hoping I am going to be lucky enough to get a newbie for my birthday. Hopefully you can bare to keep reading ;)... Here we go!

For this design, I used my two FAVOURITE Models Own polishes in BlooBoo and Pastel Pink, along with four of my fabulous nail pens in pastel green, hot pink, pastel pink and white. These colours are used in so many Cath K designs as they compliment each other so well! So, start off with your base coat lovelies and let's begin with a BlooBoo block colour...

After you apply your block colour and this touch-dry and start to outline your white patches which will act as your blank canvas/ highlighter for your flower pattern later on. This can be pretty messy as you will later fill this in...

The next step is to fill these outlines in... For this, grab the thicker brush and carefully fill in so they look a little like clouds & let these dry!! Very important! The next step is fill the remaining nails with lines of 3 then 2 dots to give them an even, organised, yet funky look. Also, fill in the surrounding space around the "clouds" to give more texture and depth. Step 5 happens when your "clouds" are touch dry so the colours you are about to use don't blend in to the white - want these nice and defined. So, now add slightly random swipes of Pastel Pink to the insides of the white "clouds" leaving a little space before the edge to give it a backed look. 

 Here are the final few steps which are to add random swipes of darker pink to the edges of your pink flowers which gives each flower a textured look. Two toning the flowers makes them look so much more real and interesting! This step is a little tricky to get right and some of my flowers worked so much better than others - as you can see, haha. The last step is to add some leafy petals underneath the flower/ to the side. This just gives even more detail & colour! There you have it. Pop on a top coat when touch dry - don't do this too soon as all your hard work will smudge! 

Woo, another Cathy K design done and dusted! Give it a go xxxx

x Abster x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rimmel NEW Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation & Stay Blushed Cheek Tint Review...

Well hello again gorgeous people of the blogasphere... Off I've been again, this time searching for the perfect foundation; recently I've stumbled across a few reviews of Rimmel's new 'cake no more' Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation along with their new Stay Blushed Cheek Tint. As soon as I saw this newbie on Rimmel's website & the gorgeous campaign which is previewing now along side it & I knew I needed to have a go at this stuff. Recently I've noticed my Lancome foundation making my skin far too oily; I find myself constantly applying my powder over the top else my coverage is too shiny and uneven. After paying £36.00 for this foundation I am rather annoyed... But anyway, Rimmel claims that this new foundation leaves a lightweight, shine control once applied and leaves the texture of 'baby smooth' skin. Hmmm... A bit 'too good to be true sounding' isn't it? Especially for just £5.99! Also, Rimmel claim their new cheek tint is lightweight and 'blends instantly & seamlessly'. What do we reckon ey...? Well, I'm here to show you what I found with the new products...

Recently, I've been suffering really badly with eczema (arrows show you where) so have been having a few days off  foundation. I want to see how well this foundation covers, moisturises and looks after my eczema during the time I wear it. Also, I have a quite patchy complexion, I mean, it's normal for girls my age to have a few scars from breakouts in their teen years so let's see if this supposed 'little jem' does what it says on the tin... I also bought myself a new Cosmopolitan Foundation Brush for £6.99 as I feel me using my fingers to apply foundation isn't allowing me the best coverage and may be putting my skin through unnecessary oiliness. Let's start this review...

Firstly, I cleaned my hands and cleansed and toned my face and let this touch dry to make sure no unnecessary gunk effected this review! Then, I put a very small blob of Ivory 100 on the back of my hand - I, firstly, noticed how light and airy the foundation is and it really is 'mousse'-like. I was never a fan of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse so I was a little worried this would be similar. The foundation was easy to swipe onto my foundation brush and away I went, blending in the foundation into my cheek and chin (just testing a small section of my face where my eczema is worst). I was honestly really happy with how only one small layer of the Stay Matte made my skin so soft and really well covered! You can hardly see my eczema red patch on my chin with just one small application. Another thing that really impressed me was the Matte texture and look of my skin after the application! I ALWAYS have to put powder on as well as liquid foundation but with this it would be silly to! The shade Ivory 100 also suits my skin perfectly and tide lines or streaks were non-existent! First impression = a great one!

To add to this, I then tested out Rimmel's Stay Blushed! I chose to try out the 004 Sunkissed Cherry shade as I felt it was more natural that 001 Pop of Pink but this shade would be perfect for a night out, I reckon. This is also really 'mousse' based - as you can see in the image above! You literally need a TINY bit of this blush mousse to create a lovely, even tint on your cheek. I also used my foundation brush to apply this as you definitely want an even coverage as the blush mousse really does apply instantly and blends in really easily! For £4.49 I am honestly so shocked at how good this product is! Not only does both the foundation & the blush leave a weightless, baby smooth finish, it also helps the appearance of my dark circles under my eyes as it reflect the light! I am one very happy blogger right now!

After testing this throughout the day today I've found the foundation AND the blush have lasted 7 hours so far without any change. This is awesome because, as you all well know, it is super hard to find beauty products which are durable. I honestly recommend this to you guys, especially eczema sufferers as you can see how well my patchy skin has evened out without even the use for concealer on top! Let me show you the range you have to chose from for both products...

There you have it foundation & blusher loversssss... My review & I hope this helps out anyone who has seen these products and wondered how good they truly are!

Loads of love, as always x

x Abster x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beauty Products Exposed...

This is the kind of post I love; except when it's me exposing what's in my bathroom cabinet, shower and hair products! So this is kind of a spring clean out but half a year late... I am actually shocked at how much stuff I have collected. I even took all these pictures after having a major clear out of my cosmetics and products... Craziness. I really am a beauty product hoarder; there are a lot of us out there! I dread to think the amount of money I've spent in total on all this stuff haha! First of all I attacked my bathroom cabinet & couldn't get rid of the following...

So this is the bottom shelf of my bathroom cabinet.. First thing you may notice is the sheer crazy amount of make up wipes I have in preparation for a nuclear war.. Pah! I got the Garnier ones on an offer for buy one get one free and my mum also bought me some tea tree ones thinking I needed some. Basically I have a 75 day supply! What whaaaaat. Anyway, next you can see a load of cotton buds and pads - girl can never have enough of these ;) Also, you've got to have your Veet! I swear by this stuff - it's amazing & lasts so much longer than shaving! Another thing to note is baby oil - best moisturiser out there by far - I pop some of this on after I've showered and my skin is baby smooth the next day.

Next is my top shelf - a whole load of moisturisers live on this shelf, all Garnier I must add! I am addicted to Summer Body Light as it gives me such a nice glow & saves me from being pasty wastey in the winter. I've also got my Clinique cleansing routine which I found may be the cause of some of my spots at the moment. After spending a good £30 on the two big bottle I'm quite annoyed that it may be the cause of my breakouts... :( Has anyone else found this? I've also got a good stash of face packs for the emergency relaxation sessions!

Here you see my shower organiser! Lucky you, ey! So I am a serious addict when it comes to having two of the things you really only need one of... Classic Abbie. So here I have a Radox & a Dove shower gel. Ya know sometimes I just want to mix things up, okay!?  Also, you can see my colour condition bottle from my Garnier colouring set where I recently died my hair to top up it's blondness as I was going dull and a little yellow. Also, I've got MEGA Shampoo from Aussie - this stuff smells amaaaazing - tutti frutti and fabulous! Next to this I have a little bit of Straightening shampoo from Herbal Essences. On the bottom shelf you can see my new additions - my Volume Herbal Essences which are fabulous and orange scented! Yum! 

Ahh Hello! Well what a lot of pink I do see... Okay, yep I'm also a pink addict & once again you see the whole problem I have with buying two of things I only need one of... Well to be honest in this case I kind of have 7 products that may all do similar things... NO! They are all amazing and so worth the money. From left to right: My Elvive Conditioning Spray is one of the products I own where people actually notice a difference. My mum and my sister said to me last week 'Abbie how have you got your hair so shiny?' All because of few sprays of this amazing stuff on towel-dry hair! Next I bought this got2b plumping mousse from Savers for literally like £2. This shop is so underrated and you can get so many amazing products for so so little - Revlon lashes are going for like £3 in there. Anyway, this stuff is pretty good, sometimes it makes my hair a little sticky if I don't blow dry it to death but the stuff really does hold and gives me great volume. Give Me Texture is fantastic and works perfectly when I curl my hair to keep my curls tight! The middle product you see is MY FAVE! I use a few sprays of this every time my hair is wet from washing it. This Amplifying Blow Dry Spray does exactly what it says on the tin. I recommend it! This Plump it Up Back comb Spray is AMAZING also! I use a little of this every time I go out to add a little plump to the crown of my hair. The next product is new to my collection and is seriously lush - it adds real texture to my hair and kind of separates my layers to make it look more wavy and a little more messy with added texture. But of course, last but not least, the best hairspray at budget cost out there I reckon. This ultimate hold hairspray is fantastic and really does its job well on a night out! Most of these products I only use when getting ready for a night out because my hair lacks so much volume and texture. VO5 is amazing when it comes to real hair care on a budget!!

Gosh, that's a whole load of beauty in one post hehe!

Have you got a secret behind those bathroom cabinet doors ;)?

x Abster x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Fit & Fabulous...

Recently I've been noticing a growing trend in the blogasphere about weight loss, fitness and dieting. Since the start of my teenage years I have really struggled with my body image. At the age of 14 I finally found out I was lactose intolerant so my weight began to drop off once I cut out dairy products as my body reacted terribly to them and was basically shutting down my digestive system, causing me to put on weight. It was a stage in my life I was so self-conscious and has, to this day, left me quite body conscious and I am quite strict with myself when it comes to what I eat and my exercising; although I always give myself breaks and enjoy my food else what would be the point of living?! Anyway, I wanted to help some of you out with your weight loss journeys and share with you some hints and tips about staying happy whilst you get to that goal weight. It's so important to not let it rule your life and to do this because you want to be a healthier you, not because you feel pressured into it by society, family or even the image you see in the mirror. It must be for YOU. Here goes :)


When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, believe it or not, 80% is what you eat and 20% is how active you are. I've heard so many people (I've been a culprit of this myself) say 'I've just ran 5k I can eat what I want now!" No no noooo no no. My boyfriend is a personal trainer in the army and is pretty obsessed with all things fitness & health but he's really opened my eyes into bad habits people have when it comes to the big battle between food vs. exercise. They have got to work in harmony and not against each other. Just by cutting down on sugar, unnecessary carbohydrates (like switch white bread for wholegrain) and bad saturated fats (grease filled foods) and eating natural foods, you will straight away feel so much healthier and start to see a difference in your body without even exercising more. 

Also, I went through a tough patch where I limited myself to 1,500 calories a day and had to get to the gym at least 4-5 times a week to burn an extra 500 calories off. Your body goes into starvation mode when fed less than 1,200 calories a day. This is really bad as it means your muscles aren't getting the right nutrition & your body will start to store fat from anything you eat as it doesn't know when it will next be fed. This is why statistics show people will put on over 2 stone by yo-yo dieting throughout their lifetime. It really isn't about how little you eat in a day, it's about WHAT you eat. Let me show you some of my favourite snacks at the moment...

Dried Mango

This stuff is heavenly. Now, I'm one of these people who bloomin' loves her sweet stuff. After a big meal I'll always be like 'grr I need something sweet to top this off'... This stuff is perfect! A handful of dried mango gives you the sugar kick but these sugars are natural so are broken down so much easier by our bodies in comparison to manufactured sweeteners or artificial sugars which our bodies where not designed to cope with. 

Green Tea

I absolutely LOVE green tea. This stuff is scientifically proven to boost weight loss and speed up your metabolism meaning you can process food much more efficiently without it turning to fat stores on your body. Also, green tea is known to lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce cholesterol, prevent tooth decay & slow down the deterioration of alziemers & parkinson disease sufferers!! I mean come on, why wouldn't you drink it?! Ok, ok, I know, at first it is a bit of a new taste which many people don't like - it's got quite a woody after taste but I powered through that and now I actually find myself craving it. I have about 2-3 mugs of the stuff a day. Not only is this getting me to drink more water but I'm filling my body full of greeny goodness!


This is one of the most disputed, argued about and discussed topics out there. In my opinion you cannot exercise wrong. Just get up and go, get that heart beat raised and sweat it out! I have always been quite active as I have danced since I was 3 years old but in the recent years I've wanted to increase my fitness and sculpt my body using other means of exercise. I've tried so many things! I took up running for a while but my asthma means I really struggle to breath in the winter months, cycling bores me, swimming - I mean, where's my iPod?!? - yawn! My kind of thing is an energetic aerobic activity or something like pilates where I can feel my core always working and I can barely move my arms and legs afterwards. That way I feel like I've accomplished something haha. For example, tonight I'm trying out Body Maxx for the first time at my local gym. This class is based around the use of hand weights and aerobic activity meaning you add extra resistance to all movement, toning your entire body whilst getting a cardio blast, calorie burner. 

Another form of exercise I recently discovered is Tabata. This Japanese technique of short bursts of intense exercise separated with 10 sec rest bites is scientifically shown to increase fitness much faster than other forms of exercise as your heart is under quick, intense bursts of cardio meaning your heart has to adapt and quickly increase the fitness and agility of your body.  Now, you should always change up your workout to shock your body into never getting used to a certain thing, but this Tabata sequence I have stuck to religiously; I am so puffed out after 12 minutes it's ridiculous. I feel like I've been on a 40 minute run. This says it will take 20 minutes but by cutting out the rest between sections you get a serious workout in just 12 minutes of your time. You'll need to fit in another 20 minutes to shower afterwards though I tell you now!! 
There is so much out there guys! Pinterest is a seriously great place to get some fitness and health inspiration. Just type in 'health' or 'workout' in the search bar and tonnes of images come up with new workout ideas, inspirational quotes and loads more to help every individual with their own weight, health and lifestyle mission!  Also check out Cassie, the inventor of Blogilates; she is so funny and it's like working out with a friend. 

I am only a click of the mouse away if any of you need any motivation, advice or just someone to talk to about all this stuff. I honestly understand how impossible it all feels sometimes but you just have to find a way that is YOU and makes you totally happy. 

Loads of love, as always.

x Abster x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Birthday Blogger Wishlist...

So, it's my 20th birthday in a months time now - scary how old I will be... Half way to 40 and all that... Oh joy! I thought I'd fill you in on what I have asked for to give my mumma some hinters for my big ol' two zero. This birthday I am kind of dreading for some reason; I guess I don't really like growing up too much! Then again, the independence and life you get to experience when you get older makes it all worth while. Let me show you what I'm asking for... 

Here you have it :)

It's quite sparse this year as I have asked for things that are kind of costly and don't want to look like a spoilt brat to my lovely folks! 

1) Panasonic DMC-SZ3EB-W 16MP 10x Zoom Camera - £99.99
I flippin' love this camera & seriously need a new one as mine is totally busted now. I need it for blogging, slipping in my handbag and taking with me everywhere I go just in case there is a piccy moment! Love the design and that it's white - very versatile for every season and every outfit and every handbag ;) Haha!

2) Jack Wills Gym Bag - £44.50
I really need a big ol' bag that I can take to London with me when I go to Pineapple or when I go to the gym (haha, if that everrrr happens). These bags are so sturdy and pack so much in them - exactly what I need! They do this also in pink but I prefer the navy as it goes with more and looks a little more classy I think. 

3) Authentic Black Vans - £45
Yep - I've officially thrown out my old black Vans and asked for a new pair - a good half a year too late should I say! I ran the other pair into the ground haha. At my old job my boss said to me 'Abbie, do you even own another pair of shoes?' because all I wore were my Vans. They are the comfy-est, most versatile pair of shoes I'd ever had and I NEED ANOTHER PAIR. 

No doubt my lovely parents will spoil me rotten with lots of other bits because they are so dang nice to me hehe but these things Abster needs in her life haha!

Is it any of your birthdays soon?

x Abster x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

MORE Blogger Buys...

I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to shopping... Actually no, I just bloomin' love it. I've recently been vehicle-less as my license had just run out for my Vespa so I had to re-take my basic training last week. You have to do this every two years which is a bit of a bummer. But I finally have my beautiful pink Vespa back and I'm lovvvvving life again. It's really tough going to Uni and having independence and freedom and coming back home and feeling as though that has gone a bit. My Vespa gets me out and about without having to rely on my lovely parents as I always feel bad asking them constantly to take me places. This year is very much about me going to Drama School and moving to London hopefully after X-mas. Finding and keeping your independence is very tricky. Anyway, I popped into town on my Vespa to go and get myself a yoga mat and woooopsie... Of course I fell into Superdrug... It's like a magnet that I can't pull myself away from... hehe ;)

Let's start off with the thing I actually went to town for... Ha! I needed to get myself a yoga mat because I am now starting to get back into my pilates and dance after having 5 weeks of rest owing to my two torn ligaments in my ankle - I was given crutches but only used them for a day - most annoying things ever in the world. Anyway, I popped into every shop I could think of that would sell mats and Argos was the only one to do so! Thankfully they had a great choice & of course I went for the pink one ;). This mat also came with a free (normally £4.99) shaker - bargain! 

On my way out of town there is a very well places Superdrug store. Why couldn't they have hidden it away, out of site, out of mind?! Nope... I was drawn in there! I thought to myself 'Welll I do kind of need some more shampoo and conditioner...' So down the hair care isle I headed only to find that bloomin' Herbal Essences was on offer!! Save me! If you've read my blog before you will know I have a head of hair that lacks any sort of volume and getting this volume is tough!! So when I saw 'volumising' on these beautiful bottles, I snatched them up! I tried them last night and actually saw a major difference. Usually I'll pile on a load of VO5 products before blow drying but instead I tried it without any products. I noticed a real bounce in my hair and I had some volumeee!! Bingo.

And of course, Abbie wouldn't be Abbie if she didn't go and look at the Barry M stall... And perhaps purchase a few polishes... Oh and a new lipgloss. Wow - I have a problem. Anyway, 

You likey? I have needed a new white polish for absolute yonks because my other one I have had for years and has eventually glooped up. Re-purchasing colours actually hurts me, haha, because I would much rather spend the money on a new colour but nope... These things must be done! I also bought Mushroom as I have quite a light beige but needed a darker brown especially for the autumn as I love my neutral colours for my designs around this time of year - beautiful colour this one, very sophisticated. I also snapped up another of the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polishes which I bloomin' adore. I love this colour, gorgeous foresty green. Superdrug have STILL got their 3 for 2 on all Barry M polishes. 

 I also thought I'd mix things up and try and add a pale pink lip gloss to my make up collection. If I'm totally honest - £4.49 was not worth it at all. I found the gloss really gloops on your lips and you get that nasty line between your mouth and lips... I do not recommend! If any of you lovely readers out there have a solution to this problem that would be so great; it's a beautiful colour it's just not great quality! 

Have you guys bought anything recently that has changed your routine or helped with a skin problem? 

Loads of love, as always!

x Abster x