Friday, 30 August 2013

Blogger Buys...

Well, what a disgrace I have been recently. Over a month and a half of no blogging at all! I  must start with saying sorry for abandoning you all but I'm back now! I've been quite ill recently and have been frantically trying to sort my life out haha so Abstermac is back owwwwn! 

I have been cheeky recently and been a bit of a spendthrift... I have a whole lot of shopping to catch you up with! Let's start with, of course, my fave - nail polish! Let me show you the new additions...

So, yeah I splashed out and bought myself 6 new colours! One thing that I don't usually do is buy quite bright colours as I love my pastel tones however, the sun was shining, I was feeling summery so there ended up 6 polishes in my basket. I must say though, they look fab on my nail polish display! Really liven it up!

My favourite out of this bunch probably has to be the Pomegranate or maybe the sour apple confetti effect! The Coral and Mint Green take a good 3 coats for an even, block coloured coverage as they are quite watery. The Sour Apple confetti is awesome and looks really good over the Guava! Superdrug have a 3 for 2 on all Barry M products at the moment so go grab yourself some summery shades before the season is over!

What has been your must have nail polish shade this summer?

Loads of love

x Abster x


  1. Oh my god. I'm not even kidding, I'm loving every single one of those nail colours!!:) I've been especially loving mint-green over the summer!:)
    love your blog hun, followed you!
    Be amazing if you could check out mine?

    1. How sweet of you!! Thank you so much <3
      I just checked your blog out and wowza - I love it & am now a follower!

      Loads of love x

  2. Any shade of blue :) Loving the barry m jellies at the moment and cant wait for the new matte ones to come out

    1. I found out about those today!! Sooo excited xx