Thursday, 18 July 2013

Catch Up...

Eee byyy gummm I've abandoned you lot for almost a month; disgraceful. My life has been non-stop since I got back from my holiday (which was amaaaazing btw)... I've been working every day at the moment to save up for summer and for the crazy year ahead of me attempting to move to London and make my way in the world! So, let me catch you up on my holiday...

I'm going to start with saying oh my goodness me Zante is honestly so awesome. We spent most of our days in the blistering heat (averaging about 38 degrees throughout the week) and a day at the Water Park! Our nights were packed with things to do. We went to paint parties, awesome bars, clubs and beach clubs. Beyond awesome! It felt like one long, fun-packed, sun-kissed, sleepover with my bestest girl! 

 We had such an amazing time and are already saving to go away next year!

In other neeeeeewwwwwwwws, check out my nails this week.

I'm ashamed with how much I have been slacking on the nail and blog front recently but this girl is back and is planning a huge make over for so keep popping by my lovlies for the new look!

Loads of love 

x Abster x