Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Models Own Additions...

Just call me spendthrift. I seriously need to control my addiction to nail polish. Naa, I'm only joking - I saved up over the past few months of working hard and have treated myself to some new Models Own polishes. My lovely girl Charlotte from Charbuckss sent me a link to Models Own new SplashPolish bottles when they were first announced for release a few months back. She knows me so well and we always send each other exciting new products and when they are going to be released - she understands my addiction ;). When I returned home for summer and put all my polishes back on their racks I needed something to fill up my Models Own rack so popped online and BOOM... Check out what I had delivered yesterday... Pause for excitement....

Ahhhhh! So much beautifullness in bottles. Oh god I am so sad. Anyway, this SplashPolish collection was £20 (a cheeky £4 per bottle rather than the normal £5 for Models Own)... I think my favourites of the collection are Aqua Splash and Pink Paradise. I don't know why the Orange doesn't have a label on the bottom :( Remaining anonymous are we?! The flecks of glitter are amazing and make the colours so funky and original to any other polish brand and product out there at the moment. Models Own even popped in a free mini Buff and File because I'm such a good customer ;). I am MORE than excited to try some of these colours out (exactly what I'm going to do after this post)!! But, it doesn't end there.. Oh no it doesn't.

Yup, check out these bottles of beautifulness. As you know I already own a pink, white, black and silver version of nail art pens from Models Own but as of late Models Own have decided to temp me with a new 5 colours of the Artistix range. This range of new polishes is a must-have for nail art-ers. I love the collection so whacked em all in my basket. £20 for the collection saving me £2 per bottle to the normal £6 for nail art pens. I saved myself £10 people... Be proud! Paha. Anywhoooo, this range of colours will totally open up my nail art options and give me loads of new inspirations and possibilities with my creative nail art juices. Mwah ha haaaaaaa watch this space my beauties!

What do you think of the new additions? Anything of the nail polish and nail art market catching your eye at the moment? It seems to be a real trend on the high street!

Loads of love to you all and thank you for reading!

x Abster x 


  1. Ooooh I love the look of mermaid tears! I bought 'Hedonist' the other week and it smaashed :( It was so beautiful haha.
    Sam xx

    1. I know right!! What an amazing name too :P xx oh god that happened to my Jade Green - so so sad!! I actually nearly cried... £5 wasted :( xx

  2. Oh my goodness, the Splash Polishes look amaaaaazing! xo

  3. the nail polishes look amazing!


  4. The polishes and nail art pens look great! x