Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Blogger Holiday Buys...

So it's that time of year where I am all excited about going on holiday! However this year is different; I'm excited wayyy earlier than normal and I'm going away with my best friend for the first time ever. We're 19, it's about time! We're off to Zante in Greece to have fun in the sun for a week. Yesterday we hit the shops to get all the bits and bobs (clothes wise) we needed for our hols. The high street at the moment has some fantastic holiday bargains and I snapped up some lush stuff to whack straight into my suitcase. EEK...

My first purchase of the day was in Topshop - woop! I noticed these gorgeous high-waisted white shorts which will be perfect with a cute crop if we're off out exploring for the day or off out in the evening with a statement necklace! These shorts are so versatile and super comfy. Denim in the heat is not so fun as it just gets way too hot but these shorts are a really thin denim/ cotton material which stays tight and fitted but cool too! You can pick these up for £28 (with NUS Card they were £25.20). Also, the benefits of white for a pale one like me is they will make me looks loads more tanned!! Woo. 

The next place we hit was Primark. Now Primark I find really hard to shop in sometimes because I have no idea where to start. I really wanted to look for a bargain bikini and some accessories and BOOM I found the perfect number for just £10. I already have 2 bikinis to take which are both pink themed so I wanted a different colour which, again, wouldn't wash me out too much. I don't want to be looking too pasty on that beach! For £10 I was like YU HUH!! It's even got a bit of pink in to feed my addiction hehe. 

The next stop was New Look. This shop is perfection for picking up the much needed crop tee and some essential accessories. I really wanted some colourful crops and tubes to go with my skirts and shorts. I want to maximise my tanning this year haha as we're only there for 7 days I need to whack this pasty skin out so crops and tubes are the perfect solution to not walking around in your bikini all the time. I picked these two up for just £8 with my student discount. Seriously, you need some staple tops to go with anything? New Look is your place! 

Here, I also picked up some accessories. You're going to laugh at me but I lost my new sunglasses in the transfer from Uni to back home. I don't know how but they must have literally jumped for freedom out of the car because I cannot find them anywhere!! So, I bought the exact same ones from New Look haha because they were so perfect and went with everything and suited my face shape so well. £4.99 didn't leave me too out of pocket. I also picked up this gorgeous 'Illuminati' symbol chain and some cute beaded bracelets - holiday must have! This Phone holder was from Primark and will be perfect for nights out when I want to keep my euros and phone safe and protected! 

The final shop we purchased from was, of course, River Island. I bloomin' love this shop. I finally got myself a maxi skirt! About time and all... The belt that comes with this high-waited maxi is gorgeous too - aztec! Only £25 for this holiday and overall summer season essential. I'm going to be wearing this on the plane - max comfort! I also picked up this cute hot pink crop tee for just £10. I love the colour and with a tan this will look sooo good with my white shorts or even my new maxi skirt! Eeek I'm so excited... Haha.
There you have it! My holiday shopping spree! When I got back I put all of this lot straight in my suitcase... I've still got 2 weeks to wait paha but that made me feel like it was even closer! I'm so excited!! Are you off anywhere this year? Has your summer shopping begun?

x Abster x

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