Sunday, 19 May 2013

Additions To My Addiction...

Ahh! Recently I've been so damn busy with Uni (I've had 3 different shows in a row) and have been banning myself from shopping and spending money. Also, in the process I have kind of abandoned you guys and I'm so sorry but it's all over now and summer is here! You'll be seeing a lot more of me now, hehe. Also, I'm now typing to you on a brand new laptop - EEK! My lovely parents treated my to a new pc after mine almost spontaneously combusted owing to my crazy amounts of nail pictures on my hard drive ;). It was probably all the Sims 2 games to be honest... Anyway! After a month and a bit of not spending any money except to eat and live, I have managed to save a load of money for my holiday (4 weeks to go!!) and have a very healthy bank balance. I'm rather proud of myself! Yesterday after work I went into Superdrug and woops... I couldn't resist. Barry M have some incredibly beautiful new polishes out at the moment. Models Own do too but I couldn't bring myself to spend £5 a bottle when I'm skimping so much at the moment. So, Superdrug have a fab offer on at the moment '3 for 2 across all cosmetics and lashes'! Try and resist that one... Yep, it's bloomin' hard. I spent a good 10 minutes just stood at the Barry M stall trying to decide which 3 polishes to treat myself to and TA DAHHH... 

Gorgeous no?... Just £7.18 with the deduction from my NUS Student card... I tried out each colour when I got them because I couldn't resist... The first I tried out was Gelly Papaya. This colour is so cute! Perfect for summer... I am so into pastel/ coral colours this season. The Gelly polishes are amazing as you don't need a top coat to get that amazing shine - just one coat! The next one I tried out was my Textured Ridley Road polish; this colour is adorable and minty! The textured polishes are very strange - I'm not sure if I like them or not but the colours are irresistible  The texture makes your nails feels a bit like sandpaper. But check that colour out... The final purchase of the day was this amazing sequin effect polish! I've had my eye on these polishes since they were released! The effect is amazing and this shows the polish on my bare nail - imagine it with a base colour of Navy Blue or Gold - Ooooo yeah! 

It is slightly ridiculous how much nail polish excites me but you know... Welcome to my new additions to my now collection of over one hundred polishes! Wooo - it'll only keep growing. Hope you've had a fabulous week my lovely and let me know if you've got any new polishes to add to your collections or any you've got your eye on at the moment or even any you want me to test out for you!

x Abster x

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