Friday, 24 May 2013

#33 Nails...

What's this? Abbie posting another nail design just two days later - Oh yeah baby! I have way too much time on my hands now I've finished Uni. I'm loving the comfort of home and being in my girly, cosy boudoir.  I took my inspiration for this new design from my room actually! Take a look at my third Cath Kidston design...

I love MODELS OWN. I'll let you into a little secret - I've ordered some more and there will be a post about my newbies very soon - EEK. Anyway, I love this design and I am pretty damn proud of it. I hope you like this one my lovelies! I used a mixture of Models Own polishes for this one - all gorgeous and strong colours! They work so well together too. Let me show you how I did this one... All it takes is some imagination, patience and creativity - ooo and some lush polishes ;)

Of course I started with my bible base coat and then went along whacking on random block colours, 2 pink, 2 white and one feature blue. Then, just go crazy and gradually build up your design - I didn't know what I wanted to do when I set out and started on the design. I had so much fun with this design because you really can just go a bit crazy and do whatever you want! I knew I wanted some dots, flowers and girliness and that I got! 

Even my puppy approved! 

x Abster x


  1. I love everything about this design. I love the white dots on the pink; such a great colour combo! And I love the little flowers, that base colour on your ring finger is absolutely gorgeous, might just have to buy it :)

    1. Thank you so much! How lovely!! I love a good girly Cath Kidston design! The colour is gorgeous isn't it! Models Own have some beautiful colours especially in their pastel range! Thanks sweetie xx