Wednesday, 22 May 2013

#32 Nails...

Happy Wednesday to you my lovelies! I haven't done a new nail post for far far far too long now as I've had no time to just sit, come up with a new design and carry it out perfectly whilst having enough time for them to dry properly - nightmare. Now I'm back home from Uni I have lots of time before I start working this summer to paint my nails and get back to blogging my life away ;). Happy Abbie! Today I wanted something that would go with my outift tomorrow night as I'm off out with my best friend to catch up with some of my friends from home. I'm wearing my red, suede, high-waisted, River Island shorts and my mesh sleeved, black, Topshop crop with black tights and black heels. I wanted to highlight my red shorts by painting my nails red but wanted a little extra sparkle; check it out...

I used my Lasting Finish base and top coat along with my Raspberry Barry M polish. I got a load of glitter pots at Christmas time from my fabulous Secret Santa! This is the first time I've used them! They do tend to go everywhere so get yourself a newspaper or magazine to rest on when using glitter! I used my fan brush to apply the glitter with a touch of water to get them to stick from the pot onto my nail. 

I started with my bible base coat and whacked on my Barry M Raspberry - gorgeous colour, no? When this was then dry I popped on a top coat, even on my feature nail as this would then by slightly sticky for my glitter to adhere to. 

I then started with the silver glitter and covered half my nail with this. I then put another top coat on and allowed this to just set until it was slightly sticky. I then popped some red glitter just on the top quarter of my nail to add a gradient glitter effect.

After another top coat - ta dahhh! I love the subtle effect of glitter - eye catching and fabulous! 

x Abster x

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