Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Models Own Additions...

Just call me spendthrift. I seriously need to control my addiction to nail polish. Naa, I'm only joking - I saved up over the past few months of working hard and have treated myself to some new Models Own polishes. My lovely girl Charlotte from Charbuckss sent me a link to Models Own new SplashPolish bottles when they were first announced for release a few months back. She knows me so well and we always send each other exciting new products and when they are going to be released - she understands my addiction ;). When I returned home for summer and put all my polishes back on their racks I needed something to fill up my Models Own rack so popped online and BOOM... Check out what I had delivered yesterday... Pause for excitement....

Ahhhhh! So much beautifullness in bottles. Oh god I am so sad. Anyway, this SplashPolish collection was £20 (a cheeky £4 per bottle rather than the normal £5 for Models Own)... I think my favourites of the collection are Aqua Splash and Pink Paradise. I don't know why the Orange doesn't have a label on the bottom :( Remaining anonymous are we?! The flecks of glitter are amazing and make the colours so funky and original to any other polish brand and product out there at the moment. Models Own even popped in a free mini Buff and File because I'm such a good customer ;). I am MORE than excited to try some of these colours out (exactly what I'm going to do after this post)!! But, it doesn't end there.. Oh no it doesn't.

Yup, check out these bottles of beautifulness. As you know I already own a pink, white, black and silver version of nail art pens from Models Own but as of late Models Own have decided to temp me with a new 5 colours of the Artistix range. This range of new polishes is a must-have for nail art-ers. I love the collection so whacked em all in my basket. £20 for the collection saving me £2 per bottle to the normal £6 for nail art pens. I saved myself £10 people... Be proud! Paha. Anywhoooo, this range of colours will totally open up my nail art options and give me loads of new inspirations and possibilities with my creative nail art juices. Mwah ha haaaaaaa watch this space my beauties!

What do you think of the new additions? Anything of the nail polish and nail art market catching your eye at the moment? It seems to be a real trend on the high street!

Loads of love to you all and thank you for reading!

x Abster x 

Blogger Holiday Buys...

So it's that time of year where I am all excited about going on holiday! However this year is different; I'm excited wayyy earlier than normal and I'm going away with my best friend for the first time ever. We're 19, it's about time! We're off to Zante in Greece to have fun in the sun for a week. Yesterday we hit the shops to get all the bits and bobs (clothes wise) we needed for our hols. The high street at the moment has some fantastic holiday bargains and I snapped up some lush stuff to whack straight into my suitcase. EEK...

My first purchase of the day was in Topshop - woop! I noticed these gorgeous high-waisted white shorts which will be perfect with a cute crop if we're off out exploring for the day or off out in the evening with a statement necklace! These shorts are so versatile and super comfy. Denim in the heat is not so fun as it just gets way too hot but these shorts are a really thin denim/ cotton material which stays tight and fitted but cool too! You can pick these up for £28 (with NUS Card they were £25.20). Also, the benefits of white for a pale one like me is they will make me looks loads more tanned!! Woo. 

The next place we hit was Primark. Now Primark I find really hard to shop in sometimes because I have no idea where to start. I really wanted to look for a bargain bikini and some accessories and BOOM I found the perfect number for just £10. I already have 2 bikinis to take which are both pink themed so I wanted a different colour which, again, wouldn't wash me out too much. I don't want to be looking too pasty on that beach! For £10 I was like YU HUH!! It's even got a bit of pink in to feed my addiction hehe. 

The next stop was New Look. This shop is perfection for picking up the much needed crop tee and some essential accessories. I really wanted some colourful crops and tubes to go with my skirts and shorts. I want to maximise my tanning this year haha as we're only there for 7 days I need to whack this pasty skin out so crops and tubes are the perfect solution to not walking around in your bikini all the time. I picked these two up for just £8 with my student discount. Seriously, you need some staple tops to go with anything? New Look is your place! 

Here, I also picked up some accessories. You're going to laugh at me but I lost my new sunglasses in the transfer from Uni to back home. I don't know how but they must have literally jumped for freedom out of the car because I cannot find them anywhere!! So, I bought the exact same ones from New Look haha because they were so perfect and went with everything and suited my face shape so well. £4.99 didn't leave me too out of pocket. I also picked up this gorgeous 'Illuminati' symbol chain and some cute beaded bracelets - holiday must have! This Phone holder was from Primark and will be perfect for nights out when I want to keep my euros and phone safe and protected! 

The final shop we purchased from was, of course, River Island. I bloomin' love this shop. I finally got myself a maxi skirt! About time and all... The belt that comes with this high-waited maxi is gorgeous too - aztec! Only £25 for this holiday and overall summer season essential. I'm going to be wearing this on the plane - max comfort! I also picked up this cute hot pink crop tee for just £10. I love the colour and with a tan this will look sooo good with my white shorts or even my new maxi skirt! Eeek I'm so excited... Haha.
There you have it! My holiday shopping spree! When I got back I put all of this lot straight in my suitcase... I've still got 2 weeks to wait paha but that made me feel like it was even closer! I'm so excited!! Are you off anywhere this year? Has your summer shopping begun?

x Abster x

Friday, 24 May 2013

#33 Nails...

What's this? Abbie posting another nail design just two days later - Oh yeah baby! I have way too much time on my hands now I've finished Uni. I'm loving the comfort of home and being in my girly, cosy boudoir.  I took my inspiration for this new design from my room actually! Take a look at my third Cath Kidston design...

I love MODELS OWN. I'll let you into a little secret - I've ordered some more and there will be a post about my newbies very soon - EEK. Anyway, I love this design and I am pretty damn proud of it. I hope you like this one my lovelies! I used a mixture of Models Own polishes for this one - all gorgeous and strong colours! They work so well together too. Let me show you how I did this one... All it takes is some imagination, patience and creativity - ooo and some lush polishes ;)

Of course I started with my bible base coat and then went along whacking on random block colours, 2 pink, 2 white and one feature blue. Then, just go crazy and gradually build up your design - I didn't know what I wanted to do when I set out and started on the design. I had so much fun with this design because you really can just go a bit crazy and do whatever you want! I knew I wanted some dots, flowers and girliness and that I got! 

Even my puppy approved! 

x Abster x

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

#32 Nails...

Happy Wednesday to you my lovelies! I haven't done a new nail post for far far far too long now as I've had no time to just sit, come up with a new design and carry it out perfectly whilst having enough time for them to dry properly - nightmare. Now I'm back home from Uni I have lots of time before I start working this summer to paint my nails and get back to blogging my life away ;). Happy Abbie! Today I wanted something that would go with my outift tomorrow night as I'm off out with my best friend to catch up with some of my friends from home. I'm wearing my red, suede, high-waisted, River Island shorts and my mesh sleeved, black, Topshop crop with black tights and black heels. I wanted to highlight my red shorts by painting my nails red but wanted a little extra sparkle; check it out...

I used my Lasting Finish base and top coat along with my Raspberry Barry M polish. I got a load of glitter pots at Christmas time from my fabulous Secret Santa! This is the first time I've used them! They do tend to go everywhere so get yourself a newspaper or magazine to rest on when using glitter! I used my fan brush to apply the glitter with a touch of water to get them to stick from the pot onto my nail. 

I started with my bible base coat and whacked on my Barry M Raspberry - gorgeous colour, no? When this was then dry I popped on a top coat, even on my feature nail as this would then by slightly sticky for my glitter to adhere to. 

I then started with the silver glitter and covered half my nail with this. I then put another top coat on and allowed this to just set until it was slightly sticky. I then popped some red glitter just on the top quarter of my nail to add a gradient glitter effect.

After another top coat - ta dahhh! I love the subtle effect of glitter - eye catching and fabulous! 

x Abster x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Additions To My Addiction...

Ahh! Recently I've been so damn busy with Uni (I've had 3 different shows in a row) and have been banning myself from shopping and spending money. Also, in the process I have kind of abandoned you guys and I'm so sorry but it's all over now and summer is here! You'll be seeing a lot more of me now, hehe. Also, I'm now typing to you on a brand new laptop - EEK! My lovely parents treated my to a new pc after mine almost spontaneously combusted owing to my crazy amounts of nail pictures on my hard drive ;). It was probably all the Sims 2 games to be honest... Anyway! After a month and a bit of not spending any money except to eat and live, I have managed to save a load of money for my holiday (4 weeks to go!!) and have a very healthy bank balance. I'm rather proud of myself! Yesterday after work I went into Superdrug and woops... I couldn't resist. Barry M have some incredibly beautiful new polishes out at the moment. Models Own do too but I couldn't bring myself to spend £5 a bottle when I'm skimping so much at the moment. So, Superdrug have a fab offer on at the moment '3 for 2 across all cosmetics and lashes'! Try and resist that one... Yep, it's bloomin' hard. I spent a good 10 minutes just stood at the Barry M stall trying to decide which 3 polishes to treat myself to and TA DAHHH... 

Gorgeous no?... Just £7.18 with the deduction from my NUS Student card... I tried out each colour when I got them because I couldn't resist... The first I tried out was Gelly Papaya. This colour is so cute! Perfect for summer... I am so into pastel/ coral colours this season. The Gelly polishes are amazing as you don't need a top coat to get that amazing shine - just one coat! The next one I tried out was my Textured Ridley Road polish; this colour is adorable and minty! The textured polishes are very strange - I'm not sure if I like them or not but the colours are irresistible  The texture makes your nails feels a bit like sandpaper. But check that colour out... The final purchase of the day was this amazing sequin effect polish! I've had my eye on these polishes since they were released! The effect is amazing and this shows the polish on my bare nail - imagine it with a base colour of Navy Blue or Gold - Ooooo yeah! 

It is slightly ridiculous how much nail polish excites me but you know... Welcome to my new additions to my now collection of over one hundred polishes! Wooo - it'll only keep growing. Hope you've had a fabulous week my lovely and let me know if you've got any new polishes to add to your collections or any you've got your eye on at the moment or even any you want me to test out for you!

x Abster x