Friday, 5 April 2013

Summer Sunglasses & Handbag Wishlist...

Here comes that time of year where I want to buy buy buy for summer... Unfortunately, here in the UK, the weather has been atrocious; snow snow snow! It's April for crying out loud - let me get my flip flops out!! Nonetheless, the shops have brought out their summer collections eeeek! River Island and Topshop as well as Miss Selfridge and loads of other high street stores have amazing collections for summer this year which has got me oh so excited! Two things I am majorly lacking in preparation for summer 2013 are sunglasses and a good handbag or beach-bag...  Maybe both ;). I've always had trouble finding that perfect pair of sunnies that suit my round face shape and don't leave tan lines! I also want that perfect bag for going out and about and one for the beach for when my girls and I hit the beaches of Zante in June (just 10 weeks away now!). So, I've had so many sunglasses and handbags catching my eye recently I thought I'd ask for your advice! Check it out...

So, here is my list of favourite high street sunnies this season! You can tell I'm in the pink mood haha - love me a bit of pink. I think this colour really suits my pale complexion and blondeness. Plus it also looks fierce with a tan ;). Out of this bunch I think my favourites are Number 1 from River Island as they are a bit quirky but still do the job and will go with everrrything! What do you think? 

Here are the handbags I am in love with at the moment haha. I absolutely love my handbags and wish I cold increase my collection without breaking my bank :( I've had my eye on Number 3 River Island multi colour panel bag for months now as it's just so cute! However this bag wouldn't serve as a beach bag too... I'd be worried it wold get ruined. I love Number 4 Miss Selfridge bag as I really need a funky bag for my nights out which is small and can go across my shoulder. However, my favourite bag here is Number 1 River Island bag because, well... JUST LOOK AT IT! It's beautiful! The perfect beach bag and day bag - all in one really! But I really do not have £100 to spend on a bag -.- This is why I love Number 2 Accessorize tote bag as its white colour makes it look so fresh and clean and makes me all excited for holiday haha. The size of the bag is perfect for a towel, a magazine and a water bottle! I think I'll be getting this one... What do you reckon?

Have you lovely readers had your eye on any summer accessorize yet this season? Let me know! Happy Summer shopping <3

x Abster x


  1. The Accessorize bag is really pretty. I've been seeing some great sunglasses around recently, especially in Primark! xo

    1. There are some fabulous accessories out there at the moment! Oh Primark have some hilarious ones it at the mo! My best friend and I spent like n hour in there the other day just trying all the cocktail and icecream ones on! So funny :L xxx