Tuesday, 9 April 2013

London Shopping Haul...

Well, today bloggers you catch me in a fantastic mood... Why is that? Well... My wonderful mumma took my sis and me shopping in London today and spoilt us rotten. We hit the shops hard and have I got a purchase filled post for you lovelies! My mission as we set out this morning was to find myself some black skinny jeans, new shoes (my Vans have a hole in -.-) and some funky bits and bobs to jazz up my wardrobe. Lets just say I was more than successful. I hate those shopping trips where you come away feeling disappointed... This was not one of those! Let's take a look at what I got...

Firstly, we hit New Look on Oxford Street; here I found my perfect black skinny jeans - super-soft may I add ;) A lovely girl I know gave me a friends and family 25% discount voucher for New Look for this month, May and June! So these jeans came to just £14.99. Shaaaamazing. I am so excited to team these bad boys with a cute tee and heeled boots for a smart, sassy look whilst the weather is a little cold still. Another item I got from New Look was this gorgeous coral shirt. The fit is to die for and hugs all the right places. The colour is gorgeous, I was worried it would wash my pale complexion out but I was wrong & with a tan this shirt will look perfect with some gorgeous sandals and high waisted denim shorts! Just £10 as well... New Look didn't stop there as I finally found my perrrrfect sunglasses! My last post saw me trying to fin my perfect pair of sunglasses for my upcoming summer of craziness and I found these for a mere £4.99 - with 25% They were under £3.50!! Music to my ears. The first shop was a major success!

The next shop was River Island and here I grabbed a black pinafore skirt and khaki green high-wasited shorts! All for £30 - not too shabby for River Island's normal prices. My mum picked out the gorgeous pinafore which will really jazz up my spring/summer wardrobe as I have so many tops that will go so well with this little number. I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear this cutie - for just £20 my mum said I had to have it! Love her ;) Next, the sales racks at RI are amazing at the moment. In a previous post you would have seen my gorgeous red suede shorts from RI which I paid £20 for. The same pair but in khaki green and for just £10! Tooooo good. 

After our splurge we headed to Topshop - but of course ;). Anyone who has never experienced Topshop on Oxford Street has not lived. On entering the store you are greeted with a map, yes a map, to guide you round the colossal store full of amazingness. It is literally my heaven! Here, I didn't actually pick out that much stuff can you believe. Topshop is so very quirky and there are loads of things I wish I could pull off, I guess I'm not daring enough I reckon. Maybe one day I can force myself into a bright yellow plaid skirt and orange flowery bralette but not quite yet. This gorgeous dress caught my eye in white originally but as I saw the navy blue I knew this would suit my blonde hair and pale complexion much more. Also this colour will highlight my summer tan ;). For £20 (£18 with student discount) it was a must-have. Here, I also grabbed some bits from the Barry M stand. A new lipstick in 121 Red! I really want to try out the whole blonde hair, blue eyed, red statement lips thing on a night out soon! I also got me a new eyeshadow to wear daily as my last Rimmel London pale pink has just run out. I love wearing a pale pink eyeshadow as it brightens my eyes! I also got a new nail polish. My regular readers will know how excited I will be about this hehe as it's a new Barry M Gelly in Grapefruit! Eeeek happy days! 

The last shop we hit before our feet began to fall off was of course Primark.
This store has so much to offer in terms of low budget fashion. I found so many pairs of shoes I liked in other stores but all for way too much money; whenever this happens I always end my shopping trips in Primark for this reason - normally I can find what I've been missing for soooo cheap! So, here I managed to bag myself a load of black tights (much needed as I've ripped holes in most of my other pairs - over use :P),
some frilly socks for summer skirts - cute look ;). The accessory department of Primark is second to none as you can get some seriously lovely outfit additions for ridiculously low prices. I got myself two fashion scarves to pop around my jackets and dresses this coming season just to add a bit more colour and texture to my outfits. I also managed to get some black plimsoles and some gorgeous black creepers. WOOOO. Ridiculous excitement. I walked out of Primark a very tired but happpppy lass with many exciting wardrobe additions. 

I think we can all say that was a very successful day of shopping... I am stupidly excited to try out all my new outfits and accessories. I'm so grateful to my gorgeous mum for spoiling my sister and me rotten! I'm a very lucky gal with a serious addiction to fashion, hehe! I hope your pre-summer shopping is going really well; post some links below to your recent shopping hauls so I can check out what trends you are loving so far this year! Happy shopping xxxx

x Abster x


  1. Definitely a successful day shopping, you picked up some great bits! :) xo

    1. Thank you honey! I'm dead pleased with my purrrrchases ;) xxxx

  2. That black pinafore skirt is perfection and a bargain at it's best!
    - Style Served Fresh

    1. Thanks James <3 I love it - goes with so much! Perfect with a snuggly jumper as well in this weather xx