Monday, 29 April 2013

Favourites of Mine...

Hello again you lovely ones. Again, I must start with appologising for being so distant as of late but the previous two weeks and the next three weeks are all assessments for me at Uni. I'm performing in three different shows so my life is busy busy busy at the moment. But, as of the 20th of May I will have officially finished my first year and be home bound for some homely T.L.C. I cannot wait! 

All of my shows require me to wear no nail polish... I KNOW RIGHT. So I've decided to do a post about a few of my favourite things at the moment; from food to fashion I'm going to let you in to the life of me and what I love! 


Now, anyone who knows me well will know I absolutely adore food and the way to this girl's heart is most definitely through her stomach. I went through an awful amount of torment with food as a teenager owing to the whole 'picture perfect' size zero image that all girls wanted to have. Now I have embraced who I am and my weight and just bloomin' adore food. Here are some of my very favourite things to munch on...

Pepper and houmous have become my much needed snack! Since I've been travelling to and from theatres this term I have really needed to pack food with me as it's much more cost effective and I don't end up eating a load of rubbish. Another thing I have re-discovered my love for is Egg Mayo! Best sandwich filler ever. Some people hate this stuff but nope - me likey! A guilty pleasure of mine are Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Chips - I'm an addict. I've loved these ever since I was about eleven when my best friend and I used to buy a bag every Friday night together and munch our way through them to some cracking chick flicks.They'll always be my fave crisps I reckon. Also, I am a real lover of breakfast - I have to set my day up right and Blueberry Wheats are stonkingly good. Again, these have been a long-term fave of mine for many years now haha. 


I am a serious shorts and tights girl... My mum always comments if I buy a new pair of shorts because I do, seriously, have way too many pairs. Even in winter I own those shorts with some woolly tights and my Vans! I just think they are so comfy, versatile and non-restricting. I also think my legs have become cold-resistant haha. My fave pair of shorts I own have to be my River Island denims and my River Island candy-stripped pair! I can't chose. Both are so gorgeous, comfy and such a great fit. 


Being at University you start to find yourself slip away from television and programs you are addicted to before coming. Especially without a TV in halls of residence. However, iplayer, itvplayer and 4od are a god send. I have to admit my favourite program at the moment is, but of course, Made in Chelsea. I am addicted to the glamour, drama and pretentiousness of the show and am an avid watcher (it's on tonight actually to my DELIGHT!)... Sometimes a hard day at Uni is saved by a bit of reality TV. I always find myself going 'oooo' out loud when something kicks off on the show haha! 

Another show I am glued to is, funnily enough, MasterChef. Not only does the show remind me so much of sitting at home watching it with my lovely dad, but I absolutely love how dramatic cooking can get! It's hilarious how tense it can get. The final is coming up this week and it's making my life look slightly more prosperous at the moment haha. Are there any weird programs you are into at the moment? 

Nail Polish

This is a very tricky one, as you all will know... However I've been giving this a lot of thought lately and I have officially narrowed down my favourite Barry M polish and my favourite Models Own... The two cannot be compared, I can't chose between my two favourite brands so nerrrr. 

My favourite Barry M polish has got to be Bright Red. Just look at that colour! It has to be my most shockingly gorgeous colour that carries such sophistication with it. I love the finish it gives and is enough, purely, as a block colour on its own. Totally love this polish.

My fave Models Own has to be the beautiful Beth's Blue. The colour is a cross between a grey-ish blue and a pastel blue - not quite falling under either category. I adore the colour and am wearing it right now as I type this all out ;). I think the colour works perfectly for every single season of the year and is so versatile with my wardrobe. 


Yep, you may not have guessed but I have recently turned into a serious book worm. Since coming to Uni I have just so gotten into reading. I've always got a book on the go and have read dozens of books since getting my fab Kindle Fire HD for Christmas. I think my favourite book I have read since Christmas... Ahh now this is seriously tough... it's got to be A Thousand Splendid Suns bu Khaled Hosseini. This author is beyond amazing - he had me crying, laughing and really wanting to act upon the mistreatment of Middle Eastern women. The book completely opened my eyes to the third world and really educated me. It had such an impact on me I actually wrote to Hosseini's agent just to express my gratitude. I got a lovely reply and told the author was touched with what I said. Boom ;)

At the moment I'm reading This Perfect World by Suzanne Bugler. I've hardly been able to put it down. It's about a woman who bullied this girl when she was a child and how her perfect world now is shattered by the news of how her past victim of torment is now in hospital owing to her. It's a seriously good and quite easy read - one for the beach ;)


Now you all know how addicted to make-up I am - as unhealthy as it is. I am quite insecure about my naturalness so tend to never leave the house (unless I'm going for a run) without any make up on. However if I had to chose three things from my make up bag to keep and chuck the rest away then I would have to narrow it down to my Collection 2000 Lasting Finish Concealer - this is the best concealer in the world - end of story. My Rimmel London Gel Liner for those cat eyes ;) and my Maybelline Fit Me Powder. I could live with those three haha.


Whenever someone asks me who my favourite band/singer/song is I always go 'errrrr I have no idea'... I always have music playing wherever I am. My dad has sometimes wondered if my right headphone is glued to my ear but it's like having a soundtrack to your life haha. I love a good strut down the shopping center feeling like I'm in my own movie - don't we all ;) Although, at the moment I am pretty addicted to two albums...

Justin Timerlake's new 20/20 Experience is phenomenal - it's like all his old stuff with new twerks and twists - amazing. He's such a talent. Also, I've been glued to Ne-Yo's Red album. I bought this in HMV a few weeks back just as a random purchase and WOW. I love a bit of old school R&B and this album is the definition of beautifulness. I could listen to it on repeat all day. Both of these artists wrote their whole albums as well as performing them - makes them all the better!

I better stop rambling now else this will be the longest post ever in history haha. I hope you've enjoyed finding out a little more about moi. Let me know some of your favourite things at the moment! Lots of love beauties <3

x Abster x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

#31 Nails...

Time for a new nail design I reckon... I'm so sorry I haven't posted a funky new design for ages now! I'm hoping once I finish uni in 5 weeks I'll be nail mad once again whilst I have the time - yay! I cannot wait for summer; I've got 5 weeks of intensive rehearsal for 3 different shows until I'm back home for a long, hopefully, sunny summer! So this week I thought I'd try a brand new design involving block colours and some silver patterning to give myself a sophisticated yet still very Abbie-fied manicure! Take a look :)

For this design I used two of my essential Barry M's the black and white which are both running very low now! I also cracked open my new lilac Gelly Barry M and used two of my favourite Model's Own pastel colours along with my silver detail pen! I wanted to use a few different colours for this design to jazz it up a bit. I really could have done with using silver nail tape for the patterning in between colours however I need to invest in some for really precise designs! Let me show you how this design is done - it's super easy you just need time for each section to touch dry and then a steady hand for the detailing!

First off we always start with our base coat as I've said time and time again haha! Then I used my White Barry M to coat each nail and let this dry.

After this had touch dried I gently swept across my chosen feature colour and let this dry! My Gelly polish needed two coats as it's quite transparent.

Then, pop on the black tip! This really makes the design pop out! I let this dry before adding my silver detailing. This just needs a steady hand and don't rush! This separates the block sections and adds detail and completes the look well!

Let this all dry and then pop on a shiny top coat! This finishes the nail design with an extra shine and glamourous edge!

You can jazz up this design by using more shocking colours like reds or bright blues. I like the subtlety of pastel colours when using such statement colours as white and black! I hope you like this one my lovelies <3 more to come soon! Promise ;)

Hope you have a fabulous week!

x Abster x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

London Shopping Haul...

Well, today bloggers you catch me in a fantastic mood... Why is that? Well... My wonderful mumma took my sis and me shopping in London today and spoilt us rotten. We hit the shops hard and have I got a purchase filled post for you lovelies! My mission as we set out this morning was to find myself some black skinny jeans, new shoes (my Vans have a hole in -.-) and some funky bits and bobs to jazz up my wardrobe. Lets just say I was more than successful. I hate those shopping trips where you come away feeling disappointed... This was not one of those! Let's take a look at what I got...

Firstly, we hit New Look on Oxford Street; here I found my perfect black skinny jeans - super-soft may I add ;) A lovely girl I know gave me a friends and family 25% discount voucher for New Look for this month, May and June! So these jeans came to just £14.99. Shaaaamazing. I am so excited to team these bad boys with a cute tee and heeled boots for a smart, sassy look whilst the weather is a little cold still. Another item I got from New Look was this gorgeous coral shirt. The fit is to die for and hugs all the right places. The colour is gorgeous, I was worried it would wash my pale complexion out but I was wrong & with a tan this shirt will look perfect with some gorgeous sandals and high waisted denim shorts! Just £10 as well... New Look didn't stop there as I finally found my perrrrfect sunglasses! My last post saw me trying to fin my perfect pair of sunglasses for my upcoming summer of craziness and I found these for a mere £4.99 - with 25% They were under £3.50!! Music to my ears. The first shop was a major success!

The next shop was River Island and here I grabbed a black pinafore skirt and khaki green high-wasited shorts! All for £30 - not too shabby for River Island's normal prices. My mum picked out the gorgeous pinafore which will really jazz up my spring/summer wardrobe as I have so many tops that will go so well with this little number. I absolutely love it and can't wait to wear this cutie - for just £20 my mum said I had to have it! Love her ;) Next, the sales racks at RI are amazing at the moment. In a previous post you would have seen my gorgeous red suede shorts from RI which I paid £20 for. The same pair but in khaki green and for just £10! Tooooo good. 

After our splurge we headed to Topshop - but of course ;). Anyone who has never experienced Topshop on Oxford Street has not lived. On entering the store you are greeted with a map, yes a map, to guide you round the colossal store full of amazingness. It is literally my heaven! Here, I didn't actually pick out that much stuff can you believe. Topshop is so very quirky and there are loads of things I wish I could pull off, I guess I'm not daring enough I reckon. Maybe one day I can force myself into a bright yellow plaid skirt and orange flowery bralette but not quite yet. This gorgeous dress caught my eye in white originally but as I saw the navy blue I knew this would suit my blonde hair and pale complexion much more. Also this colour will highlight my summer tan ;). For £20 (£18 with student discount) it was a must-have. Here, I also grabbed some bits from the Barry M stand. A new lipstick in 121 Red! I really want to try out the whole blonde hair, blue eyed, red statement lips thing on a night out soon! I also got me a new eyeshadow to wear daily as my last Rimmel London pale pink has just run out. I love wearing a pale pink eyeshadow as it brightens my eyes! I also got a new nail polish. My regular readers will know how excited I will be about this hehe as it's a new Barry M Gelly in Grapefruit! Eeeek happy days! 

The last shop we hit before our feet began to fall off was of course Primark.
This store has so much to offer in terms of low budget fashion. I found so many pairs of shoes I liked in other stores but all for way too much money; whenever this happens I always end my shopping trips in Primark for this reason - normally I can find what I've been missing for soooo cheap! So, here I managed to bag myself a load of black tights (much needed as I've ripped holes in most of my other pairs - over use :P),
some frilly socks for summer skirts - cute look ;). The accessory department of Primark is second to none as you can get some seriously lovely outfit additions for ridiculously low prices. I got myself two fashion scarves to pop around my jackets and dresses this coming season just to add a bit more colour and texture to my outfits. I also managed to get some black plimsoles and some gorgeous black creepers. WOOOO. Ridiculous excitement. I walked out of Primark a very tired but happpppy lass with many exciting wardrobe additions. 

I think we can all say that was a very successful day of shopping... I am stupidly excited to try out all my new outfits and accessories. I'm so grateful to my gorgeous mum for spoiling my sister and me rotten! I'm a very lucky gal with a serious addiction to fashion, hehe! I hope your pre-summer shopping is going really well; post some links below to your recent shopping hauls so I can check out what trends you are loving so far this year! Happy shopping xxxx

x Abster x

Friday, 5 April 2013

Summer Sunglasses & Handbag Wishlist...

Here comes that time of year where I want to buy buy buy for summer... Unfortunately, here in the UK, the weather has been atrocious; snow snow snow! It's April for crying out loud - let me get my flip flops out!! Nonetheless, the shops have brought out their summer collections eeeek! River Island and Topshop as well as Miss Selfridge and loads of other high street stores have amazing collections for summer this year which has got me oh so excited! Two things I am majorly lacking in preparation for summer 2013 are sunglasses and a good handbag or beach-bag...  Maybe both ;). I've always had trouble finding that perfect pair of sunnies that suit my round face shape and don't leave tan lines! I also want that perfect bag for going out and about and one for the beach for when my girls and I hit the beaches of Zante in June (just 10 weeks away now!). So, I've had so many sunglasses and handbags catching my eye recently I thought I'd ask for your advice! Check it out...

So, here is my list of favourite high street sunnies this season! You can tell I'm in the pink mood haha - love me a bit of pink. I think this colour really suits my pale complexion and blondeness. Plus it also looks fierce with a tan ;). Out of this bunch I think my favourites are Number 1 from River Island as they are a bit quirky but still do the job and will go with everrrything! What do you think? 

Here are the handbags I am in love with at the moment haha. I absolutely love my handbags and wish I cold increase my collection without breaking my bank :( I've had my eye on Number 3 River Island multi colour panel bag for months now as it's just so cute! However this bag wouldn't serve as a beach bag too... I'd be worried it wold get ruined. I love Number 4 Miss Selfridge bag as I really need a funky bag for my nights out which is small and can go across my shoulder. However, my favourite bag here is Number 1 River Island bag because, well... JUST LOOK AT IT! It's beautiful! The perfect beach bag and day bag - all in one really! But I really do not have £100 to spend on a bag -.- This is why I love Number 2 Accessorize tote bag as its white colour makes it look so fresh and clean and makes me all excited for holiday haha. The size of the bag is perfect for a towel, a magazine and a water bottle! I think I'll be getting this one... What do you reckon?

Have you lovely readers had your eye on any summer accessorize yet this season? Let me know! Happy Summer shopping <3

x Abster x