Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mascara Review & Blogger Buys

Hello once again my lovely readers. I hope you had a fantastic week last week and have started this last week of March with a smile and a perfect mani. My mani wasn't so perfect so I whacked on a plain old coat of Barry M Rasberry - definitely not plain, a gorgeous colour! Going for the simple look this week, no patterns. Boring for you guys, I know, but I've got plenty more in store for you lovely ones. This week I have returned home after my 2nd semester at Uni. I physically cannot believe how quickly this term went. Just 5 more weeks after Easter and I'll have finished my first year! My first day back my lovely family and I popped to town for a much needed coffee and catch up. My mum also treated me to a new mascara! I've just run out of my Maybelline Scandaleyes - great mascara but a little clumpy and smudgy  I wanted something new to test out. I chose Bourjois' Queen Attitude Mascara Volume - £8.49 and wanted to give it a go so here are my results!

First thing I noticed was how lovely the shape of the bottle is, really easy and nice to hold and use. The brush is ever so thin with very few bristles... Wasn't sure what to make of this until I whacked it on! Here, you can see my before (left) and after (right) shot. I really love how the mascara is light and easy to apply! I used about 3 strokes on my top and only 1 on my bottom lashes and hey presto! After the whole day the mascara really held its shape and length and didn't go bitty or fall onto my cheeks. I think I've found a new must have mascara! Sometimes it really is rewarding to go out and try new products! I'm so happy with this purchase, I recommend!

My start of my visit home has been spent exercising, doing Uni work, spending quality time with my family, friends and gorgeous puppy, shopping and baking! My favourite past times for sure! Yesterday I made my signature oats and chocolate cookies - these cookies are so chewy and just plain LUSH! They are so easy to make, take about 10 mins prep time and 15-17 min cook time...
Another thing I've spent doing is taking my playful pup out for long old walks and taking lots of pictures of him... It's kind of sad, I know but he's just so damn cute!

You know he's cute! You know it. 

And ONCE AGAIN I went shopping. Anyone who reads this needs to realise I don't actually have an addiction, I promise. I work very hard for my money and have lots of savings I don't touch... I'm not going bankrupt don't worry. Now that's covered... Yes, I am slightly addicted to nail polish and yes I've been at it again, adding to my collection. I think I now own roughly 90 polishes... WOOP! Check these new babies out... 

Check it ouuuuuut! I'm ridiculously excited about these new purchases.  The blogasphere is going mad about Barry M's new Gelly Hi-Shine polishes. They really are fantastic and with just one coat you get a perfect coverage and illusion of a top coat all in one stroke! Don't get me started guys... I'll go on about this all day. But, I now own another 3 Gelly polishes! How do you like these colours? I also grabbed the new texture effect pink polish from the shelf. I was very torn between the blue, green and pink but let's face it... This girl loves her pink! I also saw the pink shimmer and Indigo from Barry M and had to have them. With 10% student discount (story of my life) my day was complete :D!! But, it doesn't end there: I'm off out on Thursday night with my gorgeous best friend and the girls from my old sixth form - I cannot wait! I needed some new tan though as I've just run out. I'm a paley waley naturally and a little colour on my arms and legs really makes me feel so much more confident and slimmer, in fact! Superdrug had this lovely Garnier self-tan for £4.29! I'm not the rightful owner ;) I will post a product review of this puppy once I try it out on Thursday - watch this space! 

I hope your Easter shopping is going fabulously! Post some links below of any new blogger buys you want me to see! <3

x Abster x 


  1. This mascara sounds amazing I have never tried it but eager to give it a go as it gives your lashes such good length. I also love your River Island tee in the last post did you get that in the sales? x


    1. It really is worth a try & thank you sweetie! The river island tee is fab isn't it! The colour is gorgeous and the fit is perfect, it hangs to make you look slimmer and is so comfy! I didn't, it's £14.99 normal price! Xxxx