Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Blogger Buys...

Hello lovely readers! So Abbie's been spending again... Woopsie! I thought I'd share my purchases with you... As I do ;) My first item on the shopping agenda was a new outfit for last week of semester's celebrations tomorrow night! My first stop was Miss Selfridge - their collection at the moment is to die for! I have never really liked Miss Selfridge as they have some great items but sooo expensive however with my lovely NUS card a student I get a lush 10% off! I don't have many items with exciting patterns on in my wardrobe so I went out of my comfort zone with this play suit but I actually love it! I'll make sure I pop a picture up of the finished look tomorrow night.

My next stop - let's guess shall we ;) River Island! This top is obviously pretty simple but I fell in love with the colour and the fit - I want to wear this one with skinny jeans and plimmies! Lounge about days! Only £14! 

Anotheeer thing I've purchased recently is this hair treatment which is supposed to make my hair growwwwwww! My hair will never grow past a certain point and that's exactly what it says on the tin! Boots gave me this puppy for £7.49 - pretty pricey BUT during the first few tries of the product my hair is feeling so much healthier and thicker. I'm going to continue to use it everyday until I see some growth then just once a week! Have any of you tried this stuff?

Any new purchases recently? Anything you recommend for hair growth?

Lots of blogging love!

x Abster x

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