Monday, 18 March 2013

#30 Nails...

First off I'll start with apologizing for being non existent for two weeks! I've been ridiculously busy and had to work every night 5-1ish at the restaurant as it has been the famous Cheltenham Gold Cup Week where filthily rich folk go to bet their lives away on horses then drown their sorrows in as much alcohol as possible. It's been a draining week but it's over and this week is my final week at Uni before I go home for Easter! So I'm all yours again now lovelies! As you can bet, my nails were a STATE after such a busy week so I sat and repainted yesterday...

 Another Aztec design for you! I really wanted to incorporate a load of different, fun colours along with the fabulously random, creative design that is Aztec. This design allows you to go wild and any thing you do works! I used 4 different Models Own colours in this design and my Salmon Pink from Rimmel London. Also, my detailing pens work wonders and helped with the lines and dots in the design. If you don't have any of these pens yet - get some! This design is so easy but just takes an accurate hand and patience. Start of with your choice of colours and just go wild with whatever you want! It's one of those designs you don't need to pre-plan but just add layers to as you go! It's one of my fave designs to do as it's so creative and fun!

Give it a go and I hope you like this one guys <3

Have a fabulous week!

x Abster x