Monday, 4 March 2013

#29 Nails & More Blogger Buys...

Hello lovelies :) This week you catch me with the flu... today I've finally stopped after weeks without a day off. I've been in bed all day and finally torn myself away from my duvet to make myself some beans on toast and finally pop a blog post up for you! Commitment ;) 
This week I've combined two of my favourite posts; nails and buys! Here goes... So, I felt really inspired by the sunny weather this week with my nail design as I wanted something pastel, fun and sparkly. 

You will have seen me go through this design many times before as I totally love the gradient blend design! It's so fun how you take a foundation sponge, your favourite polishes and some shimmery top coat and create a gorgeous blend design! I've had quite a few comments this week about this design. Check back on my earlier nail posts to find out how to do this design - it's super easy. I used some of my favourite polishes in this design. I am addicted to pastel shades! 

Also, over the weekend I had crazy long shifts at work. On a Saturday I'll normally work 11-3 and then 5:30 -11:30. During the 2.5 hour break I get I can't really justify going all the way home and coming back again so I always go for a little wonder around the shops in Cheltenham and set myself up in Starbucks with a Vanilla Soya milk and ginger snap biscuit with my current book. Haha, what an exciting life ;) This weekend I really needed to buy some new bits...

Firstly, Superdrug was calling me! I totally love Superdrug especially because I can get 10% off everything with my student discount - no brainer! Also, their prices are normally really great and they often have some awesome discounts on pretty pricey brands. This week I'm heading out on Wednesday night with my uni bunch (hopefully I'll have recovered from this flu by then - fingers crossed) so I needed to get myself some new lashes! I must have lashes on when I go out as I feel they just finish off the perfect look! I have quite short and fair lashes naturally so on a night out falsies give a finally oomph to any look! Eylure are my fave brand for lashes as they last for night after night after night! My last pair I think I could about 7 nights worth out of them! Crazy! I never go for too thick as I think it would make me look a bit strange but these 'Naturalites' are perfection. Just under £5 with my student discount makes me very happy :) 

A while back you'll have seen my Maybelline Fit me! Powder Review and I've only just finished the product - lasted me months! So, I've re-purchased - a re-purchase from this mrs. Never-satisfied-with-same-old-same-old is a big deal but this powder is fantastic! This time I went a few shades darker as the last was probably a little to light for even my pale skin! 
Another re-purchase was my must-have concealer which I haven't cheated on in nearly 3 years now! Collection 2000's lasting perfection concealer is to die for! I'll never look back ;).

Last but not least is my clothing purchase for Wednesday night! I have some lovely black high waisted shorts already but wanted a new top and necklace! New Look didn't disappoint and have such a lovely collection of really cheap, good quality tops for going out in at the moment. I forget how good New Look is sometimes! This pink crop is so comfy and a perfect fit. The colour is so nice, it's not quite hot pink but I'd say has a hint of salmon in there - perfect for this blondie! I also wanted a statement necklace that would tie my pink top in with my black shorts, tights and heels! I love it! I can't wait for Wednesday now! Getting ready is one of my favourite parts of going out haha, is that sad?

Any new purchases recently?

Have a great week!

x Abster x


  1. loving your nail art! blue/purple make for such a great combo for spring!

    1. Thank you sweet!! Yeah I totally love the colours :) hard to match with my wardrobe though! Thanks for being such a great follower!!

      Abbie xox