Sunday, 3 February 2013

Spring Wishlist...

Happy February fabulous bloggers! February has started off quite nicely for me as I've book a holiday to Zante with my lovely Perri & Hannah for June and I am so excited! So, this month needs to be a month of saving so no shopping for me :( Welcome to a month of constant wishlists and nail designs haha whilst I pass my non-shoppable time. Here goes the first of many wish-lists....

There you have it! This wishlist is definitely killing me :( I want all of it! Let me break it down for you:

1.Flower Skater Dress - River Island - £40: I love this dress. I think it would look gorgeous with my brown leather jacket and some brown boots - perfect for that weird weather between winter and spring!

2. Blue and Beige Handbag - River Island - £40: Isn't it pretty :'). I love the colour and shape of this bag - it would look gorgeous this spring and just the right size to use it for class too!

3. Baby Blue & Flowery Bikini - River Island - £41: River Island has really caught my eye this season - take a look at their website! As I said, I've just booked my girly holiday in the sun for June time so need to keep hitting that gym (Where I'm off to after this post, hehe) and get myself a few new bikinis. I'm going to stick with pastel colours as they work really well with my complexion plus strapless is always good for avoiding tan lines!

4. White & Pink Gillet - Superdry - £94.99: By far the most costly item on here - youch. But look at it! Beautiful no? I imagine myself skiing in this haha. Or with a nice big jumper, jeans and boots!

5. High topped sneakers - Nike - £70: I'm in love with these. I don't know if you have seen these about - they have become quite popular. I absolutely love the colours Nike have chosen for their new range of sneakers. This colour is definitely my fave. I want themmm!

6. Mirrorball Hot Stuff polish - Models Own - £5: I love Models Own polishes. Their Mirrorball collection is fabulous and the pink Hot Stuff is to die for. I wish glitter polishes would come off easier though - can be such a pain!

7. Porcelain Foundation - Bobbi Brown - £30: I neeeed a new foundation. My BB Cream is 1. Running low and 2. Makes my skin look a bit yellow - not hot! I said in my new years resolution post that I really want to find my perfect foundation this year. If that is Bobbi Brown's foundation I'm a bit stuffed as the price is wild, but I can wish :D.

Let me know what's on your spring season wishlist lovelies and wish me luck with saving! <3

x Abster x

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