Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Clinique Trail Update & Foundation Review...

I'm now into my second week of using my Clinique starter kit.The kit has been really great and easy to use as I'm not one to stick to a skin care routine when I wake up and before I go to bed. The steps are really simple and really relaxing. I'll talk you through what I do...

Step One: Liquid Facial Soap Mild
With this product I use a pea sized amount on the palm of my hand and add a little bit of warm water to create a bubbly lather and then wash my face with the liquid and wipe off with a clean flannel and warm/hot water - hot enough to feel my pores opening. Just this product leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth! I then dry my face.

Step Two: Clarifying Lotion Dry to Combination
This lotion is the best toner I've ever come across. I use this with a cotton pad and put about a 50 pence sized blob on the pad and swipe across my face just once as that's all you'll need. Straight away I feel my pores opening and my skin feels amazing! 

Step Three: Dramatically Different Moisturizer
This moisturizer is from the Gods! I've never had such soft skin in my whole life - maybe even as a baby ;). With this one all you need is an almond size blot on your palm and circle into the skin with your fingers (make sure you've washed your hands first to not spread excess oils which can cause spots). 

The three steps are so quick and simple yet make a major difference. So far I am really please with the overall quality of my skin and I felt like my pores are less visible however I have seriously broken out - I don't do this much and not to this extent which worries me that my skin doesn't like the products. However I've had a crazy stressful time recently so that could be a contributing factor. I'm going to keep going with the trail until the bottles run out and there is loads left in them as you can see from the pictures! Give it a go girls - you'll see the difference. 

My next thing to share with you is my new purchase. After a bit of a dramatic week I wanted to treat myself to a really fabulous foundation. As I said in my New Year's Resolution post I really want to find my perfect foundation this year and I think I may have found it :o!! I walked into Boots to have a look and a beautician stopped me and asked if I needed help so I said 'I need some good foundation...'. She then told me that I will not find what I'm looking for (perfect coverage, cover up, dark circle remover etc) in a highstreet brand or 'drugstore' brand as she called them. She then pointed me in the direction of the Lancome stand and tested out some of this beautiful stuff on my skin to find out my shade. 

As you can see the bottle comes with concealer too which is awesome BUT for £36.00 it should be flipping awesome! So, I waited until I was back to Uni to try it out in the morning after my skin care routine.

From this picture you can see my natural 'no-make-up-ed' self (I am really insecure about having no make up on as you can see I have really bad dark circles that don't go away no matter what I do but I've broke my insecurity to share this with you guys - it's kind of liberating :) Hopefully you all don't think I'm too hideous haha!) Anyway, the second picture shows how amazingly well the Lancome foundation and concealer make my face the perfect canvas for the rest of my make up. I am so pleased with this purchase. The foundation is amazing, so lightweight and airy and covers my dark circles with the help of this amazing concealer! I also noticed how well it covered my spots and blotchy skin as well as minimizing my pores. The foundation also gives a lovely glow! I'm so happy with this purchase and I hope you think it's a gooden too! Sometimes it really is worth investing in a good brand as I've probably wasted so much more money than the cost of this product on trying out countless amounts of 'drugstore' foundations in the past. 

Have you found any products recently that you will never be able to live without? Let me know!

x Abster x


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