Monday, 25 February 2013

#28 Nails...

Welcome to the start of a new week my lovelies! The last week has been awful for me, I've had a stressful one with a lot of change but it's time for me to pick myself back up and get going, starting with a new nail design for you! This week I fancied revisiting an old design and using new colours and shades! What do you think? 

This design is called Fishtail as the design looks like the fishtail plaits we girls do in our hair! I love the effect! All your doing is layering paint over to make an even, perfect manicure! The use of different colours is so fun and effective - give this one a try! 

To start off with I gathered the paints I wanted to use which included all Models Own paints, hehe! I used my new BooBloo for my block colour and Top turquoise and Sterling Silver for the fishtail design. Pop that base coat on girls and then a block colour of your choice. 

After this has touch dried you can start your design. This time I chose my thumb nail and normal feature nail for the design as it jazzes my manicure up a bit more but isn't too overwhelming. I started swiping each colour across each other, letting them air, then repeating the process - check it out...

After repeating and repeating this your design will be done done done :) Pop on a top coat and there you have it!!

Hope you like this one lovelies and have a fabulous week!

x Abster x

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