Sunday, 10 February 2013

25 Facts About Me...

So I have been seeing loads of these posts trending around the blogasphere and it's time for me to hop on the band wagon! Here goes, 25 things you didn't know about your blogger :D...

1. I'm lactose intolerant - no chocolate, milk, cheese, yogurt for this girl. How do I live? I have a lot of Soya and Goats produce ha! 2. I used to play cricket for the county girls team. 3. I dislocated my shoulder doing a forward roll in my garden and I had to have six month of physio. 4. My middle name is 'Sky'. 5. When my brother and I were little we would play 'homeless people' - we would just sit in cardboard boxes and not say anything for hours - strange. 6. I have never broken any bones apart from, I'm pretty sure, I broke my little toe trying to wrestle my best friend. 7. I really like playing Call of Duty - haha! 8. I have an addiction to playing with the silk labels inside my clothes - H&M are the best ones! 9. I absolutely love to read; the last book I read was The Help by Kathryn Stockett. 10. I'm Grade 7 on the Flute.
11. My greatest ambition when I was little was to be a mermaid - reasonable! 12. The best holiday I've ever been on was to Thailand where I got to ride elephants and feed them. 13. My lucky/ favourite number is 5. 14. I want to move to London by 2015 to start my (hopefully) acting/ performing career. 15. I have a serious girl crush on Mila Kunis.16. I'd love to have two kids when I'm older, a boy and a girl. 17. Whenever I watch the winter olympic Ice Skating I get so jealous and wish I'd learnt as a child. 18. I will hopefully pass my driving test around April time and would love to get a white Renault clio as my first car (£12,000 - I WISH!) 19. One thing I have learnt never to take for granted is my family; they are the people who will ALWAYS be there. 20. I work on Friday's & Saturdays as a Waitress and I love my job! 21. I am listening to 'Over' by Drake at this precise moment in time. 22. (I've hit a brick wall of facts now... Oh I know!) My favourite actress is Anne Hathaway. 23. My fave food is either pizza, risotto orrrrrr a good roast dinner - sorry I can't chose. 24. My favourite clothes shop is either River Island or Topshop - literally cannot chose. 25. I always used to wish I was other girls in my year at school, want their hair, their body, their popularity, their lives; but now, I'm so very glad I'm me.

Well there you have it lovely bloggers, 25 facts I'm hoping you didn't know about me! 
Have a go at one of these posts for yourselves - so much fun <3

x Abster x


  1. I'm slightly lactose intolerant! It's a sad life. Choclate almond milk is a great alternative to regular chocolate milk though :D

    Steph // fun size beauty

    1. Hehe it's like a permanent diet though - can't complain! Oh wow I need to try that <3 Thanks hun xx

      Abbie xox