Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Clinique Trail Update & Foundation Review...

I'm now into my second week of using my Clinique starter kit.The kit has been really great and easy to use as I'm not one to stick to a skin care routine when I wake up and before I go to bed. The steps are really simple and really relaxing. I'll talk you through what I do...

Step One: Liquid Facial Soap Mild
With this product I use a pea sized amount on the palm of my hand and add a little bit of warm water to create a bubbly lather and then wash my face with the liquid and wipe off with a clean flannel and warm/hot water - hot enough to feel my pores opening. Just this product leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth! I then dry my face.

Step Two: Clarifying Lotion Dry to Combination
This lotion is the best toner I've ever come across. I use this with a cotton pad and put about a 50 pence sized blob on the pad and swipe across my face just once as that's all you'll need. Straight away I feel my pores opening and my skin feels amazing! 

Step Three: Dramatically Different Moisturizer
This moisturizer is from the Gods! I've never had such soft skin in my whole life - maybe even as a baby ;). With this one all you need is an almond size blot on your palm and circle into the skin with your fingers (make sure you've washed your hands first to not spread excess oils which can cause spots). 

The three steps are so quick and simple yet make a major difference. So far I am really please with the overall quality of my skin and I felt like my pores are less visible however I have seriously broken out - I don't do this much and not to this extent which worries me that my skin doesn't like the products. However I've had a crazy stressful time recently so that could be a contributing factor. I'm going to keep going with the trail until the bottles run out and there is loads left in them as you can see from the pictures! Give it a go girls - you'll see the difference. 

My next thing to share with you is my new purchase. After a bit of a dramatic week I wanted to treat myself to a really fabulous foundation. As I said in my New Year's Resolution post I really want to find my perfect foundation this year and I think I may have found it :o!! I walked into Boots to have a look and a beautician stopped me and asked if I needed help so I said 'I need some good foundation...'. She then told me that I will not find what I'm looking for (perfect coverage, cover up, dark circle remover etc) in a highstreet brand or 'drugstore' brand as she called them. She then pointed me in the direction of the Lancome stand and tested out some of this beautiful stuff on my skin to find out my shade. 

As you can see the bottle comes with concealer too which is awesome BUT for £36.00 it should be flipping awesome! So, I waited until I was back to Uni to try it out in the morning after my skin care routine.

From this picture you can see my natural 'no-make-up-ed' self (I am really insecure about having no make up on as you can see I have really bad dark circles that don't go away no matter what I do but I've broke my insecurity to share this with you guys - it's kind of liberating :) Hopefully you all don't think I'm too hideous haha!) Anyway, the second picture shows how amazingly well the Lancome foundation and concealer make my face the perfect canvas for the rest of my make up. I am so pleased with this purchase. The foundation is amazing, so lightweight and airy and covers my dark circles with the help of this amazing concealer! I also noticed how well it covered my spots and blotchy skin as well as minimizing my pores. The foundation also gives a lovely glow! I'm so happy with this purchase and I hope you think it's a gooden too! Sometimes it really is worth investing in a good brand as I've probably wasted so much more money than the cost of this product on trying out countless amounts of 'drugstore' foundations in the past. 

Have you found any products recently that you will never be able to live without? Let me know!

x Abster x

Monday, 25 February 2013

#28 Nails...

Welcome to the start of a new week my lovelies! The last week has been awful for me, I've had a stressful one with a lot of change but it's time for me to pick myself back up and get going, starting with a new nail design for you! This week I fancied revisiting an old design and using new colours and shades! What do you think? 

This design is called Fishtail as the design looks like the fishtail plaits we girls do in our hair! I love the effect! All your doing is layering paint over to make an even, perfect manicure! The use of different colours is so fun and effective - give this one a try! 

To start off with I gathered the paints I wanted to use which included all Models Own paints, hehe! I used my new BooBloo for my block colour and Top turquoise and Sterling Silver for the fishtail design. Pop that base coat on girls and then a block colour of your choice. 

After this has touch dried you can start your design. This time I chose my thumb nail and normal feature nail for the design as it jazzes my manicure up a bit more but isn't too overwhelming. I started swiping each colour across each other, letting them air, then repeating the process - check it out...

After repeating and repeating this your design will be done done done :) Pop on a top coat and there you have it!!

Hope you like this one lovelies and have a fabulous week!

x Abster x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

#27 Nails...

This week I'm seeing a huge difference in the weather! The sun has been shining and it's beginning to really heat up - Spring is on its way people! This served as my inspirations for this week's nail design! I've had quite a few nice comments about this 'bunny' design...

I love all the different, girly detailing on this design - it's so much fun and was really fun to do! I used my new Pastel Pink Models Own polish and my two pink and white Models Own Nail Art Pens to create this design, that is all! Let me show you how it's done my lovelies...

As you all know by now the key to  perfect manicure is that bottom and top coat - locks in your hard work and preserves it and protects it from chipping! I then let this dry and painted my block colour on. This new paint is so beautiful I'd wear it just plain but not for you guys ;)

The next step is to add the tricky detailing - this takes time and patience! Take a look and just copy the shape of each design...

You should end up with this look at this stage! 

All that's left to do is add some more detailing to jazz up the design! I used my nail art pens to create varied dot detailing...

 I also used my Models Own black Nail Art Pen to add eyes on to the bunnies :)

I hope you like this one! I really do :D Gets me all excited for Spring and Summer! Can't wait to see the end of Winter, too cold!

x Abster x

Monday, 18 February 2013

Blogger Buys & Product Trail...

Hello lovely bloggers; I hope your week has been fandabulous. I've had such a good week this week with pancake day and valentine's day with my best friend. My flatmate made over 70 pancakes over 2 and a half hour for everyone in our flat. I had 5 and a half pancakes and thought I was going to explode. My best friend came up to Uni to stay as well which was THE best. We went to Nandos on valentine's day and went to see Wreck it Ralph at the cinema - such a cute film! So a fab week in the life of moi. So, the whole thing about me not shopping this month... Woops.

Today I saw my sister after 5 weeks and, of course, we shopped until we dropped! It was so lovely to see her and take her shopping - I treated her to a Jack Wills shopper bag which she loved and is going to use as her school bag! However, this meant I was tempted to spend and spend I did. I bought Perri's birthday presents (unfortunately I can't tell you what they are because she reads this, haha) and I treated myself to two new Models Own polishes in Pastel Pink and Blooboo - Models Own are buy one get one half price in Boots at the moment. I couldn't resist!

I also bought these gorgeous red, suede, high-waited shorts from River Island and wore them on Wednesday night out with my best friend. I love the fit these shorts have and I can't wait for summer so I can wear them without tights haha!

As we walked into Boots I spotted Clinique's promotion they are doing at the moment. Their signature range of skin care has alwaaays been on my wish-list as they work wonders. For just £20 Clinique are doing a 'starter' pack for your skin for a month trail. So far I've been using them for a few days before I put my make up on in the morning and before I go to bed. I've notices a massive difference in the hydration of my skin. All my blemishes, I must say, have erupted but I think that's my skin being cleaned out! Hopefully that wont last long but I'll keep you posted on my Clinique trail!

Have you made any purchases so far this month? Any awesome skin products?

x Abster x

Monday, 11 February 2013

Nails #26... Special Edition!

It's that time of year again for romance; I hate the amount of single people who hate on Valentine's Day every year - you don't have to be alone, grab your best friend and head to Pizza Hut or something! Also, paint your nails, send someone you like a secret card, make them feel special! Get involved then you wont feel so alone - it's all about the lorrrve! Also, pancake day is tomorrow, celebrate that instead ;) I can;t be with my boyfriend for Valentine's Day this year but I've send him a card in the post and we're giving each other our presents when I see him in two weeks time. Exciting! For now, my lovely best friend is coming to Uni and we're heading out on the town and to Nandos on Valentine's Day! I can't wait to see her. So, here is a special edition nail design for you loved up bloggers - valentine's day theme... What do you think?

For this design I used my Barry M Bright Red - one of my very favourite polishes of mine. The colour is so vibrant and sassy. I also used my silver and white Models Own Nail Art pens for the kisses and hugs and love hearts. This design is one of those really simple ones that just takes a steady hand. 

All you need to do is whack on a colour coat, leave to dry, and add the detailing to your feature nail. Take your time with this part and be patient. It's pretty simple yet so effective and perfect for this time of year :D

What have you lovely bloggers got planned for this week of pancakes and lorrrrve?

x Abster x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

25 Facts About Me...

So I have been seeing loads of these posts trending around the blogasphere and it's time for me to hop on the band wagon! Here goes, 25 things you didn't know about your blogger :D...

1. I'm lactose intolerant - no chocolate, milk, cheese, yogurt for this girl. How do I live? I have a lot of Soya and Goats produce ha! 2. I used to play cricket for the county girls team. 3. I dislocated my shoulder doing a forward roll in my garden and I had to have six month of physio. 4. My middle name is 'Sky'. 5. When my brother and I were little we would play 'homeless people' - we would just sit in cardboard boxes and not say anything for hours - strange. 6. I have never broken any bones apart from, I'm pretty sure, I broke my little toe trying to wrestle my best friend. 7. I really like playing Call of Duty - haha! 8. I have an addiction to playing with the silk labels inside my clothes - H&M are the best ones! 9. I absolutely love to read; the last book I read was The Help by Kathryn Stockett. 10. I'm Grade 7 on the Flute.
11. My greatest ambition when I was little was to be a mermaid - reasonable! 12. The best holiday I've ever been on was to Thailand where I got to ride elephants and feed them. 13. My lucky/ favourite number is 5. 14. I want to move to London by 2015 to start my (hopefully) acting/ performing career. 15. I have a serious girl crush on Mila Kunis.16. I'd love to have two kids when I'm older, a boy and a girl. 17. Whenever I watch the winter olympic Ice Skating I get so jealous and wish I'd learnt as a child. 18. I will hopefully pass my driving test around April time and would love to get a white Renault clio as my first car (£12,000 - I WISH!) 19. One thing I have learnt never to take for granted is my family; they are the people who will ALWAYS be there. 20. I work on Friday's & Saturdays as a Waitress and I love my job! 21. I am listening to 'Over' by Drake at this precise moment in time. 22. (I've hit a brick wall of facts now... Oh I know!) My favourite actress is Anne Hathaway. 23. My fave food is either pizza, risotto orrrrrr a good roast dinner - sorry I can't chose. 24. My favourite clothes shop is either River Island or Topshop - literally cannot chose. 25. I always used to wish I was other girls in my year at school, want their hair, their body, their popularity, their lives; but now, I'm so very glad I'm me.

Well there you have it lovely bloggers, 25 facts I'm hoping you didn't know about me! 
Have a go at one of these posts for yourselves - so much fun <3

x Abster x

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

#25 Nails...

Hello again lovelies! This week is going so well for me :) Had my second driving lesson yesterday and it was awesome. I'm so excited to pass and get a car! This week I've had a very simple nail design on but it's time for a new one for you all... Take a look at this one lovelies <3...

Cath Kidston inspired once again ;) I have a serious obsession with this woman and her beautiful products. What do you think of this design? I'm quite happy with it and I love the colours and how well they work together! Here are the polishes I used...

To get started with this design pop on a base coat, let this dry and chose your block colour; paint away! Once this is touch dry, use either a brush or a pin (if you have a nail art pen, use this) and pot on some evenly spaced dots...

The next steps are pretty easy to be honest they just need patience and a steady hand. I then got my No. 7 Pink and put three dots on my feature nail. I let this touch dry again and then applied some random baby pink to make the flowers have texture and colour. The next step is to add some leaves! Take any green polish and carefully give each flower two randomly placed leaves. 

And there we have it lovelies! Pop on a top coat and your nails are Cath Kidston fabulous!

Send me some of your attempts of Cath Kidston designs!

x Abster x

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Spring Wishlist...

Happy February fabulous bloggers! February has started off quite nicely for me as I've book a holiday to Zante with my lovely Perri & Hannah for June and I am so excited! So, this month needs to be a month of saving so no shopping for me :( Welcome to a month of constant wishlists and nail designs haha whilst I pass my non-shoppable time. Here goes the first of many wish-lists....

There you have it! This wishlist is definitely killing me :( I want all of it! Let me break it down for you:

1.Flower Skater Dress - River Island - £40: I love this dress. I think it would look gorgeous with my brown leather jacket and some brown boots - perfect for that weird weather between winter and spring!

2. Blue and Beige Handbag - River Island - £40: Isn't it pretty :'). I love the colour and shape of this bag - it would look gorgeous this spring and just the right size to use it for class too!

3. Baby Blue & Flowery Bikini - River Island - £41: River Island has really caught my eye this season - take a look at their website! As I said, I've just booked my girly holiday in the sun for June time so need to keep hitting that gym (Where I'm off to after this post, hehe) and get myself a few new bikinis. I'm going to stick with pastel colours as they work really well with my complexion plus strapless is always good for avoiding tan lines!

4. White & Pink Gillet - Superdry - £94.99: By far the most costly item on here - youch. But look at it! Beautiful no? I imagine myself skiing in this haha. Or with a nice big jumper, jeans and boots!

5. High topped sneakers - Nike - £70: I'm in love with these. I don't know if you have seen these about - they have become quite popular. I absolutely love the colours Nike have chosen for their new range of sneakers. This colour is definitely my fave. I want themmm!

6. Mirrorball Hot Stuff polish - Models Own - £5: I love Models Own polishes. Their Mirrorball collection is fabulous and the pink Hot Stuff is to die for. I wish glitter polishes would come off easier though - can be such a pain!

7. Porcelain Foundation - Bobbi Brown - £30: I neeeed a new foundation. My BB Cream is 1. Running low and 2. Makes my skin look a bit yellow - not hot! I said in my new years resolution post that I really want to find my perfect foundation this year. If that is Bobbi Brown's foundation I'm a bit stuffed as the price is wild, but I can wish :D.

Let me know what's on your spring season wishlist lovelies and wish me luck with saving! <3

x Abster x