Friday, 4 January 2013

Season of Sales...

Tis the season to go shopping fa la la la laaa la laa la laaaa!

Happy Season of Sales lovely bloggers! See, the joy of Christmas is never quite over as we've hit one of my favourite times of year - the January sales. I dove straight in to the sales on the 2nd of January this week. Not too shabby! However, this year's sales have slightly disappointed me as I walked into some of my favourite stores and found nothing. Although, Topshop. SHAAAA-MAZING! I spent a nice amount of time searching through the racks of sale items, displays of shoes, bling and bits & bobs and I came out with this lot...

(As well as a cheeky visit to Cath Kidston - who's sale by the way is insanely fabulous)
The prices of all of these lovely bits and bobs were slashed like crazy = HAPPY ABBIE. I also got student discount on top of the sale price :o. Craziness. 

The first thing that caught my eye were my beloved wellington boots. How gorgeous are they?! Any guesses on the price... this one will really shock you... £25? Naaa.... £20 Nope... £15 Still Nooope... £6.30!!!!! 

Tell me about it... A deserved silence there to let you soak that in. Hehe. Anyway, yesterday I treated my feet by wearing these bargain boots out for a muddy walk in the countryside with some relatives of mine. I love it. Haha! One of my best buys ever I do believe.

The next to jump into my basket was this lush baggy T. I am seriously loving the baggy tee, skater skirt or jeans, boots or vans look at the moment. The diamond skull design sold this one to me! I love the detailing and the colour. I also LORRRVE the price - £18! Lubly jubly (£16.20 with student dis).

Joining this lovely bunch are these gorgeous 'peace' leggings. Last year I used to think I looked awful in leggings as they hide no sins. But, after being brave and adopting the style I am hooked. I love the comfort, ease and style of leggings and for £12.00 (£10.80 with student dis) these were a must-have! The variety of colours in the multi-coloured detailing means these leggings will go with soooo many things already in my wardrobe! Wooop :)

At the moment I am loving woolly dresses with tights as they let you stay girly and warm in winter. Perfect. Shopping with my mum is always fabulous as she can always be relied on to pick out something lush that I never would have spotted. This lovely black woolly dress was her find! I love the detailing on the arms as it looks a bit like my nanny might have knitted it. Love that! Hehe. For £25 (£22.50 with student dis) this little number climbed straight into my basket rather willingly.

Something I feel a lot of my outfit choices lack is accessorizing - rings mainly. What other time would be more perfect that sale season to up my collection of rings and start to introduce them into my everyday look! I must have stood at the jewellery section of Topshop for about half an hour deciding on rings paha. I also demolished my fingers from having to pull off endless amounts of rings far too small for me. At one point my teeth had to be used. Sorry Topshop. These final selections cost just £7 altogether (£6.30 with student dis). I haven't taken my pinky ring off yet! I love it.

So that concludes my scout about in Topshop but the buying was not over as we saw 'Cath Kidston - SALE'. Music to my ears. Look what I came out with and for only £12! This lovely wash bag was on my Christmas List this year but was out of stock online at £6 more. See what waiting gets you :)

Inside is two separate compartments, one I will use for my make up when I travel home from uni or on holiday etc and the other will be used for my toothbrush, make up wipes etc. I always find myself travelling with a ridiculous amount of wash bags, all too small to fit anything. This is what I have needed and its Cath Kidston... Gorgeous!

So blogger beauties, all of my buys totted up to a graaand total of £74.10.
Wow, I hadn't added that up until just then :o I'm so pleased with that! Bloggers, get yourselves in those sales and style-ify that wardrobe for the year whilst it wont burst your bank. HAVE FUN and let me know your best buy of the sales so far!

x Abster x 

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