Monday, 14 January 2013

Blogger Buys...

Another Happy Monday to you! How is the bleak and rainy month of January treating you? Some places have had a lot of snow in England but unfortunately just as I got back to cold, wet uni, it snowed in my hometown. Sad face. But, thankfully I still had a bit of Xmas money and last months wages to spend on myself! The next few months are going to see me saving my life away so why not one last treat? Before I came back to uni I ordered some nail displays and more Models Own polishes and they came today! Major excitement...

You can see my new polishes here; I got 3 more nail art pens in Pink, Silver & Black and 6 new polishes, 2 Hedkandi in Beach Party & Balearic Cool. My other four polishes are: Beth's Blue, Jade Stone, Bluebelle & Pink Fever. I LOVE THEM. I've really wanted to be able to have my nail polish collection on display instead of hidden away in boxes. They now take pride of place on my shelf at University. 

The day after I got back to Uni we went shopping and for a coffee in town which was so great to have a chance to catch up after a month apart. We also saw the Les Miserables movie that's just been released and Oh My it's amazing! I've never sobbed at a film like that before. Go see it! But, of course, I went shopping... 

The first place I hit was Topshop! I really wanted to find a nice little dress to wear out tonight for our 'welcome back' night out. But, instead I came across this little number which will be perfect with some high-waisted shorts and tights!

The next shop we went to was Accessorize. I got a gift card from my Aunt & Uncle for Xmas so was looking forward to getting something with it. I walked in and was struck by one of the best sales ever in life, ever. Accessorize are doing a 70% off sale of some amazing products: jewellery, bags, purses, hair accessories, you name it! I got 2 necklaces, a ring and two keyrings for just £8.30. Crayzayy.  

My two keyrings have gone on my Uni keys for my campus halls. Number 5 is my lucky number and I love the pastel and gold decider key ring. 

Another shop we went to was, of course, River Island. As soon as I walked in I picked up this gorgeous top which I've had my eye on for a while now and there amazing dungarees! Perfect with a big jumper and my vans! Their sale is also very promising and I picked up these gorgeous gladiator sandal heels for just £15! I'm wearing those out tonight too! 

All in all a very successful shopping trip and a really great day with my Uni friends. Bring on tonight! How is your January Sales shopping going? Any amazing finds? Send me a link!

x Abster x


  1. Thats an incredible nail varnish collection, I thought I had a lot


  2. Aww thank you! Sadly, it's my pride and joy haha! <3

    Abbie xox

  3. Sweetie, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Awards, please check my blog for further info!
    I love your blog btw!

  4. How lovely of you!! Thank you so much honey xxx
    I'll be sure to check it out xx

    Abbie xox