Friday, 4 January 2013


This post may be a few days late but I have been giving it some thought for the first few days of the new year. Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR bloggers <3

I have seen a trend in blogger's making lots of new year's resolutions this year which is fabulous to see. I always make at least two resolutions but normally only find myself sticking to one. However, this year I am going to set myself a few more to really push and make 2013 the best year of my life so far. After all, I turn 20 this year and end my teenage years. Scary. Let's go...

Life Resolutions
Pass my practical driving test
Save more money
Learn to play the guitar
Run 10k without stopping
Get my first professional, paid, acting job
Learn to really cook

Blogger Resolutions
Post at least 25 new nail designs
Get a new camera and improve my picture taking skills
Get to 100+ followers
Keep passionate about blogging; always find time!

Beauty Resolutions
Find my perfect foundation
Accessorize more
Stop touching my spots - let them be.
Don't neglect my cuticles

Uni Resolutions
Stay driven and motivated - when I lack inspiration, look harder
Meet more people
Stay on top of everything from start of term
Never let anyone bring me down

Unrealistic (but I keep hope) Resolutions
Lose that last bit of weight I've battled so hard to over the years
Land a movie role
Be happy all year

There you have it bloggers, my resolutions for the year. A hefty bunch aren't they. I think the ones I will put all my effort into are Passing My Driving Test, Getting My 1st Professional Acting Job & Reaching 100+ Followers

Happy New Year Bloggers <3
Good luck with all of your resolutions! Watch this space for any progress ;)

x Abster x

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