Saturday, 26 January 2013

#24 Nails & 50 followers!...

First of all Happy Weekend! Next week is February - can you believe how quickly it's gone? It'll be Christmas again in no time. This week has been pretty exciting as I've been looking at cheap holidays with my girlies for a week away in summer! Bring it on. Also, we hit 50 followers yesterday so thank you so much to all of my loyal readers - I love you! This week I have either been very inspired to constantly be re-painting my nails or I've had a little too much time on my hands. Either or, I've got another design for you lovelies today which I know you're going to love. I am soooo pleased with this one!

You likey? I love this design and am so pleased how it turned out. Again, this one needs a steady hand especially for the hand you can't see ;) Although I am pretty pleased with my left hand's work. I'm becoming ambidextrous with nail painting hehe. Let me show you which colours I used and how to do this design for yourself...

First few steps are really simple; base coat, dry, chose your colours for your blocking ( I chose my baby pink and Beth's Blue) and paint away, allow these to dry for a little while.

Next, I used my Jade Stone (Models Own) for the strip underneath the black aztec nail design. I kept this the same across all the Beth's Blue nails but I used Beth's Blue across the baby pink nail to switch things up a bit ;)

After this comes the detailing - in other words the frustrating part! I started by using my Models Own black detail pen (these pens have changed my life haha). I drew two lines at the top and bottom of the stripe and then did my zig-zags across. Then, I put some white dots in each section and drew a white line underneath each nail element. I then topped it all off with a series of black dots in a line under the white line.

I then popped on a top coat and tahhh dah! Here's the devastating part - I was in my kitchen at University painting my nails - to be sociable haha. As I was taking all my paints back to my room, clever girl as I am, I was obviously holding too many and my gorgeous Jade Stone Models Own polish smashed everywhere... I stood there like :o for a long time. I then used up half my blooming nail polish remover trying to get the paint off the kitchen floor whilst mourning over my loss of that gorgeous Models Own paint! That was the first time I'd used it aswell. Thankfully, I've saved a little bit of the paint as the bottle smashed just at the top. Bit of drama for you ;) Haha!

Hope you like this design bloggers! It was worth all the drama :P

Have a lovely weekend!

x Abster x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

#23 Nails...

So, January is slowly coming to an end, thankfully! All this snow has been such a nuisance. As beautiful and picturesque as it is, all my lectures are cancelled and I can't get to work. Awful. But, the sun is shining today and the snow is melting meaning no more missing favourite lessons. Ever since coming back to Uni it's been a little stressful and weird getting back into routine but this week has zoomed so far and been a great one! I've been given loads of new assignments that I've cracked straight on with to not make the 'last minute' mistake. One of my essay questions is about Legally Blonde the Musical - I definitely am in the right place! More to the point my lovelies, here is another nail design for you. Valentine's Day is coming up soon, unfortunately I wont be able to spend it with my boyfriend BUT my beautiful best friend is coming to stay so we are going for a romantic Nandos ;) I want to try out some new designs over the next few week starting with love heart design...

I really like the girly, fun and colourful aspects of this design but I think a selection of different colours would work better. What do you think?

Here are the paints I used - falling in love with Models Own, their paints are beautiful and so easy to apply! 

Let me show you how this one is done - it's quite a simple technique but needs patience and a steady hand. I found myself going 'arrrrrg' a lot when my love hearts started looking like crazy blobs. Don't fret - blobs can turn into love hearts easily ;)

Chose yourself an array of colours and just start piecing together the design, one colour at a time. Eventually it will build up!

There you have it! Pop on your top coat and you've got it! :D

Have a fabulous rest of your week bloggers! Let me know your plans for Valentine's Day this year! 

x Abster x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

#22 Nails...

Well it's about bloomin' time I did another Nail post. I've been slacking on the nail front with just putting on block colours. I have been trying out my new Models Own colours and I literally have fallen in love with Beth's Blue. It's beautiful! But, after a week of not posting I owe you lovely ones a treat and here it is :) A new girly design that took me quite a long time to do haha. What do you think?

I really enjoyed this design - took a while but was really fun! I got to use my black nail art pen that I hadn't yet used from Models Own. I also used my favourite baby pink from Collection 2000 and my Barry M White. 

I also used my nail art brushes, again, for the first time and WHAT a difference they make!! So much easier to create detail with much more accuracy. Love them. So, let me show you how this design is done...

Of course we start off with out base coat and then add our block colours to the nails we want. I used my baby pink on all nails bar my normal feature nail.

Next, I used my Models Own White detail pen to create little bows on each finger apart from my white feature nail where the little poodle will go :D.
Now, I whacked out my new Models Own black pen and added the detailing. This was really hard because it came out so fast! 

 Next, I had to start on the poodle detailing. For this I used my baby pink to stay in theme and one of my thin brushes to get an accurately drawn little poodle! This bit was scary haha. But hey! I think it went well :) Just take your time with this part.

My final steps were to add the black detailing onto Mr. Poodle and add dots around him! I also popped on a top coat once I'd let the paint dry a bit. How do you like the final effect? I'm not sure if I feel the black dots take over a bit... What do you think? 

Here is a little picture of early in the week when I painted my nails with Models Own's Beth's Blue - maybe my new favourite polish I own. I love the colour! Comment below to tell me which of your own polish colours is your favourite at the moment!
Hope you like this one lovelies :)

x Abster x

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Liebster Award...

Thank you to the lovely Nicoleta who nominated Abstermac for a Liebster Award! It's lovely to know you guys are enjoying my blog and thank you to all my followers. I've seen lots of posts about these awards recently and love how each blogger nominated then nominates 11 other of their favourite bloggers with under 300 followers. It's a real confidence boost. 

The rules of the award are really simple, all you have to do is:

List 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you asked.
Chose 11 bloggers with less than 300 followers to nominate
Ask 11 questions to be answered by those who were nominated by you
Let the bloggers know you nominated them
Link the blogger than nominated you

EASY! So here goes...

Nicoleta asked me the following questions:

1. If you were not you, who or what would you like to be?
This is tough because I actually quite like being me, is that weird? Erm... I guess I'd want to be a really successful west end performer. Maybe one day ;)

2. Who was your childhood hero?
My Dad, he's always been my inspiration.

3. Which was the last book you read?
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini - Read it nowww! It's amazing and has changed my view on the third world and the war.

4. What are you favourite qualities in a man?
Mmm... He's got to make me laugh. But, I need sensitivity and loving-ness. I am very lucky to be able to say my boyfriend does all these things, he's wonderful! 

5. What is your quote?
'Never stop training, always keep bettering yourself.'

6. If you could offer a new born only one piece of advice, what would it be?
Always focus on what makes YOU happy. Your happiness is key, don't let anyone effect this too much. Listen to yourself, you'll always know what's best for you.

7. If you were to leave to an island and you allowed to pack only 3 things with you, what would you pack?
My Phone with decent signal.
A camera to capture my experience
A solar powered radio or iPod - I need music.

8. Which is the beauty product that you can't leave without?
Concealer - I need to hide some things... BUT I need nail polish in my life. Please let me have two :)

9. Name your style icon.
I really can't think of one. I love Pixie Geldof's sense of indie fashion with shirts and jumpers and funky shorts but I also love The Saturday's styling. I don't really rate their music but they always look amazing. 

10. What do you admire most?
Confidence and the ability to not let what anyone says to get to you. Being your own person no matter what is thrown at you.

11. If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
I'd die happy if I could just perform one song to a sold out audience in a West End theater with my family, boyfriend and friends in the audience. Perfect.

Now it's time to nominate some bloggers that I follow and love! I've decided to nominate the following 11 brilliant bloggers -

And, my lovelies, here are your 11 questions ;)

1. How did you and your best friend meet?
2. What is you greatest passion in life?
3. What is your favourite item of clothing?
4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
5. What's your favourite song lyric?
6. Where's the one place you want to go in the world most?
7. What was the last film you watched?
8. What's your favourite memory of 2012?
9. What's your perfect fancy dress theme?
10. What is your favourite cosmetic brand?
11. Which part of you do you feel you take best care of?

Have fun answering these questions and thank you to my loyal followers for the award! 

x Abster x

Monday, 14 January 2013

Blogger Buys...

Another Happy Monday to you! How is the bleak and rainy month of January treating you? Some places have had a lot of snow in England but unfortunately just as I got back to cold, wet uni, it snowed in my hometown. Sad face. But, thankfully I still had a bit of Xmas money and last months wages to spend on myself! The next few months are going to see me saving my life away so why not one last treat? Before I came back to uni I ordered some nail displays and more Models Own polishes and they came today! Major excitement...

You can see my new polishes here; I got 3 more nail art pens in Pink, Silver & Black and 6 new polishes, 2 Hedkandi in Beach Party & Balearic Cool. My other four polishes are: Beth's Blue, Jade Stone, Bluebelle & Pink Fever. I LOVE THEM. I've really wanted to be able to have my nail polish collection on display instead of hidden away in boxes. They now take pride of place on my shelf at University. 

The day after I got back to Uni we went shopping and for a coffee in town which was so great to have a chance to catch up after a month apart. We also saw the Les Miserables movie that's just been released and Oh My it's amazing! I've never sobbed at a film like that before. Go see it! But, of course, I went shopping... 

The first place I hit was Topshop! I really wanted to find a nice little dress to wear out tonight for our 'welcome back' night out. But, instead I came across this little number which will be perfect with some high-waisted shorts and tights!

The next shop we went to was Accessorize. I got a gift card from my Aunt & Uncle for Xmas so was looking forward to getting something with it. I walked in and was struck by one of the best sales ever in life, ever. Accessorize are doing a 70% off sale of some amazing products: jewellery, bags, purses, hair accessories, you name it! I got 2 necklaces, a ring and two keyrings for just £8.30. Crayzayy.  

My two keyrings have gone on my Uni keys for my campus halls. Number 5 is my lucky number and I love the pastel and gold decider key ring. 

Another shop we went to was, of course, River Island. As soon as I walked in I picked up this gorgeous top which I've had my eye on for a while now and there amazing dungarees! Perfect with a big jumper and my vans! Their sale is also very promising and I picked up these gorgeous gladiator sandal heels for just £15! I'm wearing those out tonight too! 

All in all a very successful shopping trip and a really great day with my Uni friends. Bring on tonight! How is your January Sales shopping going? Any amazing finds? Send me a link!

x Abster x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

#21 Nails...

It's a new year so it's time for a new nail design! I feel like I've lacked a heck of a lot of inspiration lately. But, after Christmas I have some new paints and a fabulous Models Own white detail pen! My room is Cath Kidston themed so I have been living in my inspiration recently and it hit me today whilst my nails were looking awful and chipped... A CATH KIDSTON THEME! Floating around the blogasphere has been a lot of Cath Kidston designs but I thought I'd put my own spin on things and go for girly, flowery pastels. What do you think? 

Firstly I gave myself a re-file and buff as I have neglected them slightly over the Christmas period. They feel so much better now and a base coat made them look all fresh! My next step was to chose the designs for each finger. I only started painting my block pastel blue and pastel pink on three fingers as I wasn't sure what to do with the other too just yet, haha. I started with my spots and lines on my middle and index finger then got cracking with my feature nail.

Next, I worked on my feature nail adding bit by bit, outlining using my Models Own white detail pen. Then, slowly adding colour after each layer touch dries. I used a dark pink for the flower bud, green for the leaves and added a spec of white to each flower to give it dimension. 

 After this, I added more white spots around the design and on the block colour to give it a more Cath Kidston-y feel to it!

For the next step I had to make my bloomin' mind up about which colour to paint the other two nails... I chose pink - shock horror. Not only that it's preeeetty but it evened out the design symmetrically. For the thumb nail I chose to do a similar design to the feature nail to give the design a little more 'wow-factor' - if you can call it that... haha. I used three flowers this time on a pink background. I love how it came out! I also decided to do white line on my pinky nail which rounds of the design nicely! 

What do you think of this one lovelies? It's probably one of my favorites just because it's so pretty and girly! Have a go and let me know how you get one. Go ahead and develop your own Cath Kidston design, send me a link!! Good luck and just keep calm and keep a steady hand! Just be creative!

x Abster x

Friday, 4 January 2013


This post may be a few days late but I have been giving it some thought for the first few days of the new year. Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR bloggers <3

I have seen a trend in blogger's making lots of new year's resolutions this year which is fabulous to see. I always make at least two resolutions but normally only find myself sticking to one. However, this year I am going to set myself a few more to really push and make 2013 the best year of my life so far. After all, I turn 20 this year and end my teenage years. Scary. Let's go...

Life Resolutions
Pass my practical driving test
Save more money
Learn to play the guitar
Run 10k without stopping
Get my first professional, paid, acting job
Learn to really cook

Blogger Resolutions
Post at least 25 new nail designs
Get a new camera and improve my picture taking skills
Get to 100+ followers
Keep passionate about blogging; always find time!

Beauty Resolutions
Find my perfect foundation
Accessorize more
Stop touching my spots - let them be.
Don't neglect my cuticles

Uni Resolutions
Stay driven and motivated - when I lack inspiration, look harder
Meet more people
Stay on top of everything from start of term
Never let anyone bring me down

Unrealistic (but I keep hope) Resolutions
Lose that last bit of weight I've battled so hard to over the years
Land a movie role
Be happy all year

There you have it bloggers, my resolutions for the year. A hefty bunch aren't they. I think the ones I will put all my effort into are Passing My Driving Test, Getting My 1st Professional Acting Job & Reaching 100+ Followers

Happy New Year Bloggers <3
Good luck with all of your resolutions! Watch this space for any progress ;)

x Abster x

Season of Sales...

Tis the season to go shopping fa la la la laaa la laa la laaaa!

Happy Season of Sales lovely bloggers! See, the joy of Christmas is never quite over as we've hit one of my favourite times of year - the January sales. I dove straight in to the sales on the 2nd of January this week. Not too shabby! However, this year's sales have slightly disappointed me as I walked into some of my favourite stores and found nothing. Although, Topshop. SHAAAA-MAZING! I spent a nice amount of time searching through the racks of sale items, displays of shoes, bling and bits & bobs and I came out with this lot...

(As well as a cheeky visit to Cath Kidston - who's sale by the way is insanely fabulous)
The prices of all of these lovely bits and bobs were slashed like crazy = HAPPY ABBIE. I also got student discount on top of the sale price :o. Craziness. 

The first thing that caught my eye were my beloved wellington boots. How gorgeous are they?! Any guesses on the price... this one will really shock you... £25? Naaa.... £20 Nope... £15 Still Nooope... £6.30!!!!! 

Tell me about it... A deserved silence there to let you soak that in. Hehe. Anyway, yesterday I treated my feet by wearing these bargain boots out for a muddy walk in the countryside with some relatives of mine. I love it. Haha! One of my best buys ever I do believe.

The next to jump into my basket was this lush baggy T. I am seriously loving the baggy tee, skater skirt or jeans, boots or vans look at the moment. The diamond skull design sold this one to me! I love the detailing and the colour. I also LORRRVE the price - £18! Lubly jubly (£16.20 with student dis).

Joining this lovely bunch are these gorgeous 'peace' leggings. Last year I used to think I looked awful in leggings as they hide no sins. But, after being brave and adopting the style I am hooked. I love the comfort, ease and style of leggings and for £12.00 (£10.80 with student dis) these were a must-have! The variety of colours in the multi-coloured detailing means these leggings will go with soooo many things already in my wardrobe! Wooop :)

At the moment I am loving woolly dresses with tights as they let you stay girly and warm in winter. Perfect. Shopping with my mum is always fabulous as she can always be relied on to pick out something lush that I never would have spotted. This lovely black woolly dress was her find! I love the detailing on the arms as it looks a bit like my nanny might have knitted it. Love that! Hehe. For £25 (£22.50 with student dis) this little number climbed straight into my basket rather willingly.

Something I feel a lot of my outfit choices lack is accessorizing - rings mainly. What other time would be more perfect that sale season to up my collection of rings and start to introduce them into my everyday look! I must have stood at the jewellery section of Topshop for about half an hour deciding on rings paha. I also demolished my fingers from having to pull off endless amounts of rings far too small for me. At one point my teeth had to be used. Sorry Topshop. These final selections cost just £7 altogether (£6.30 with student dis). I haven't taken my pinky ring off yet! I love it.

So that concludes my scout about in Topshop but the buying was not over as we saw 'Cath Kidston - SALE'. Music to my ears. Look what I came out with and for only £12! This lovely wash bag was on my Christmas List this year but was out of stock online at £6 more. See what waiting gets you :)

Inside is two separate compartments, one I will use for my make up when I travel home from uni or on holiday etc and the other will be used for my toothbrush, make up wipes etc. I always find myself travelling with a ridiculous amount of wash bags, all too small to fit anything. This is what I have needed and its Cath Kidston... Gorgeous!

So blogger beauties, all of my buys totted up to a graaand total of £74.10.
Wow, I hadn't added that up until just then :o I'm so pleased with that! Bloggers, get yourselves in those sales and style-ify that wardrobe for the year whilst it wont burst your bank. HAVE FUN and let me know your best buy of the sales so far!

x Abster x