Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blogger's Christmas List...

I feel like I've completely deserted you lovely bloggers over the past week and I'm so sorry. I had assessment week at Uni and it was crazy! Now, it's all over and everyone has gone home for Christmas except me :( I'm all lonely here because I had to stay to work and for my driving theory test which is tomorrow. So scared. I popped into town today and got myself a nice little French Manicure to de-stress. Hehe! In other neeeews, I've done allll my Christmas shopping! A whole 9 days early - yay me! So, in my loneliness I thought I would catch up with you and share with you what I sent to Santa (cough cough a.k.a. Mumma) this year in the form of my Christmas list. Please don't think I'm expecting all the things I've popped down on here! This is just to help my mum (SORRY! I mean Santa) out. Let's have a little looooksie shall we?

There we have it! My 2012 Christmas wish list. What do we think?

I'll give you a run down where everything is from:

1. These gorgeous boots have featured before on this blog in my Autumn Wishlist. They, for the time being, reside in River Island but I'm hoping they'll soon be living in my house. 

2. This is a to die for Cath Kidston wash/travel bag. I love it! 

3. Jack Will's Hoodies always call out to me when I go into that store. Kills me. They are quite costly but, having tried on some of my friend's, they are so snug and perfect for this season. I'm not quite sure which colour I like best though. It's definitively between the red and the navy. 

4. This BEAUTIFUL Ted Baker purse is the most expensive item on my wish list this year. I'm utterly in love. Doubt this will be sitting under the tree for me though. Maybe it's something I can save up for!

5. WHAT DO WE HAVE HEREEE? Really that shocked? More polishes! These colours I have specifically picked out and named on my list, hehe! 

6. More Vans - what can I say... I love them. They are THE comfiest shoes I've even worn (once broken in that is). 

I'm so excited for Christmas this year. It's so awesome being able to come home for almost a month and catch up with my lovely family etc. I can't wait to see everyone and give lots of presents and see such beaming smiles! Christmas is my very favourite time of year. I've got so much planned for when I return: shopping days, secret santa meals, trips to London and Winter Wonderland with my boyfriend. Ahhhhhh! Hope you all are just as excited as me <3

Love you all and thank you for reading!

x Abster x


  1. The River Island boots are gorgeous, but what's up with that price tag! xo

  2. Tell me about it! They are to die for but the money is silly... I'm hoping on Santa ;) xx