Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Blogger Buys...

We are edging closer and closer to CHRISTMASSS! I am too excited... It's not right for a nineteen year old to be more excited than a three year old. Meh, I love it! Also, I PASSED MY DRIVING THEORY! I'm so relieved... The test was stupidly confusing but I some how managed to bag it! Phewf, so that started my Christmas holidays off to a very promising start! So, today was my first whole day back home from University so I decided to spend it shopping with my  gurrrl Perri who I haven't seen for a month. Catching up was THE best. Once again, Topshop didn't disappoint and along with River Island gave me four new pieces for my wardrobe = Happy Abbie! Let's show you what I bought...

This lovely number I got from River Island. At £30 I was pretty happy! I love the colours and don't own a shirt like this at all. It's thin material is lovely as it feels really airy. I love the detail on the collar too! I really want to wear this with some leggings, my vans or some heeled boots and a big cozy jumper where the collared detailing can pop over the top! Bit of extra accessorizing. ME LIKEY!


 This next baba was the first thing that struck me when I walked into Topshop today. Don't you just loveee it? I've fallen in love with casual dressed and tights with my blazer at the moment. I think they are perfect for keeping girly in winter. Topshop have the most gorgeous collection of casual dresses on the high street, I think. 

At £28.00 it was a no brainer PLUS  I get 10% discount with my student card so it was actually £25.20. WOOP!

I'm planning on wearing this number on Thursday when I visit London with the boyf to go to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. If you get the chance to go one Christmas I totally recommend it! It's totally magical and very romantic! I cannot wait!

This next addition to my wardrobe is something I really have never picked out before. BUT, I have had my eye on baggy t-shirts recently cos they look so darn good tucked in to my denim shorts and skirts. 

This one can go with beige, khaki, black and brown! Insanely versatile and for £22.00 I was one happy bean! (£20 with student discount - even better :D)

I have seen the most gorgeous dungarees in Topshop which I need to hunt down in London when I go. They have a skirt attached instead of shorts and would piece together with this top so perfectly!! Watch this space!

Last, but definitely not least, is my SALE item! Reduced down from £48 to £25 is this beautiful blue knit! This is exactly what I wanted to wear over my new shirt with some leggings! Perfect winter warmer! 

I was staggered when I saw how much of a price reduction was put on this lovely jumper! Yay!!

I'm really happy with my purchases today and the whole bunch came to roughly £95 which really isn't that bad for what I got! Which item is your fave and is there anything you've got your eye on at the moment?

Merry Christmas my lovelies <3 

x Abster x


  1. Good buys Abbie, I particularly like the khaki baggy tee - might be hunting that down soon!!

    Just went to Winter Wonderland a few days ago, it was so good!! Went there on a double date (Shaun and I, Katie and Jack), it was so romantic and fun - make sure you go on the ice-rink!!

    I hope you have a great time there!! :)

    Rose xxx


  2. Thanks honey - I love the khaki tee as well - it's so comfy and I find myself wearing it allll the time!
    We had a lovely time in Winter Wonderland - shame we didn't go ice skating but it was booked up online :(.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas xxx

    Abbie xox

    1. Aww bless :),
      Glad to hear but oh well there is always next year!!
      My Christmas has been good thanks, hope yours was as well xxx